About Us

The Business

EFIEasy Fundraising Ideas was established in 2000 by Howard Gottlieb in a spare room in his home. Howard had started and successfully built four other businesses in industries ranging from aerospace, restaurant equipment and retail before taking on fundraising.

After researching the fundraising industry he realized that very few companies offered much online help to groups needing to hold fundraisers. He learned that finding fundraising companies was limited to word of mouth or looking through yellow pages of local phone books. The fact was that only the largest fundraising groups were called upon by outside, high pressure, commissioned sales people. The vast majority of fundraising groups simply had to fend for themselves.

People, he realized, were going to the internet more and more to get the information they needed on fundraising. Late in 2000 he launched the first version of the Easy Fundraising Ideas website. Two major facelifts were performed  before the site you see was launched in 2020.

The new site has grown tremendously with more content on specific fundraising products and information of different fundraising programs. It offers more and more articles not only on fundraising specific topics but also on topics that effect fundraising groups. Over the next couple of years we estimate the site could contain hundreds of thousands of relevant articles that offer information and help to the demographic groups that are most likely to require fundraising.

As we continue to develop our website we will continue to offer the most tried and proven fundraising products and programs, add audio/visual tools to help in your decision making process, and build the most complete fundraising website in the world.