Local Fundraising Company

Looking for a local fundraising company?  Many schools and groups look to a local fundraising company or independent fundraising representatives to help them reach their fundraising goals.  For many groups it is difficult to find the right local fundraising company.  A local fundraising company can be a great resource to help you organize and distribute products once your fundraiser is complete.  Unfortunately this often comes a cost reducing the amount of money the group keeps after the sale.  Easy Fundraising Ideas will help you prepare for your fundraiser, supplying full color fundraising brochures absolutely free!

We have helped thousands of groups raise millions of dollars to support their goals.  In business for over 20 successful years our fundraising consultants are happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our most popular fundraisers. We carefully choose and partner with the best, most reliable fundraising suppliers to offer you the highest quality products and the best service offered in the fundraising industry today.

Our customers come back year after year to raise the money they need for travel, uniforms, equipment, and competitions.  Our process is easy and can be completed 100% online.  Simply request more info to receive brochure samples or get started if you have decided on the best fundraiser for your group.  We ship brochures out the next day and they typically arrive in 2-5 business days.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA our local  fundraising company ships to all 48 contiguous states from Maine to California, Florida to Washington, and all states in between. Our fundraising scratch cards and pizza discount cards can be used locally in Hawaii and Alaska. Our fundraisers are all high profit.  We have the largest selection of 50% profit fundraisers in the market today.   As prices for fundraising products have continued to rise, we went on a search to find the most popular fundraisers all priced under $25. We offer fundraisers with no hidden fees or charges. Most groups can qualify for free shipping based on the total number of items sold.  Your final order can be placed and paid for online and typically will arrive within 21 business days. Let us show you how fundraising can be simple and easy. Give us a try!

Preformed Cookie Dough

Premium Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Featuring our BEST SELLERS!  We are thrilled to offer our most popular premium cookie dough fundraiser. The dough is shaped into perfectly portioned cookies.  When the cookie craving hits, just grab the number of cookies you want to bake. You don’t even have to thaw the dough. Convenient and delicious, people love this product and your group earns 40% Profit!

We offer 5 of the most popular cookie dough flavors in boxes of 36 cookie dough pucks. You will sell our Premium Cookie Dough for only $20 each. We offer 40% profit and free shipping for orders over 150 boxes. Best of all there is no cost to get started.

Cookie dough may be thawed and refrozen.  This is a popular cookie dough fundraiser across all types of groups!

candle fundraiser success

Earth Candle Fundraiser

A Earth Candle* fundraiser by Heritage Candles is a great way to raise money and be kind to our planet. Your group will offer a terrific selection of candles in the most popular scents. There is upfront cost and you make 50% profit on every Earth candle you sell. You can even qualify for free shipping. We provide free brochures for each member of your group and all the materials you need to have a successful Earth candle fundraiser.

Better Baking Fundraiser

Better Baking Fundraiser

Our Better Baking fundraiser is a great option for all types of groups. We offer 9 of the most popular baking mixes that appeal to everyone.  Our premium baking mixes are easy to use and taste great!  Everything you need to bake cookies, pretzels, cinnamon rolls, funnel cakes, and bread. Easy fundraising starts with a Better Baking fundraiser.  You will not be handling a frozen product.  The $15 price makes it a fun and easy fundraising idea.  Like our Candle Fundraisers, our Better Baking Fundraiser has a 50% profit for your group.

$10 Popcorn Fundraiser

Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser

Blow the lid off your fundraising efforts with our Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser. Offer your supporters gourmet bags of popcorn that come in eight scrumptious flavors.  This popcorn is gluten-free, MSG-free, and made with Non-GMO corn. Your group will make a 50% profit and can even qualify for free shipping.

Snackin' in the USA Fundraiser

Snackin in the USA Fundraiser

The Snackin in the USA fundraiser gives you 20 mouth-watering treats to choose from. All products are made from premium quality nuts and candies. It costs absolutely nothing to get started. Simply let us know how many participants you have and we’ll send 1 order-taker for each of them, at no charge.

coffee and tea fundraiser

Coffee Fundraiser, and Tea Too!

The popularity of coffee is undeniable. What was once just a morning ritual has become an all-day affair. Take advantage of this demand with a coffee fundraiser. Give your supporters their caffeine fix and perk up your profits.  You will sell 10 oz bags of freshly ground coffee for $20 each. There are seven great flavors along with a gift coffee tin. Even though there is no off-season for drinking coffee, coffee and tea seem to sell more easily in fall and winter.