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From advice on coming up with fundraising ideas to how to keep your group motivated, find general information on fundraising here.

A Guide to Hershey Fundraising

You may think that Hershey fundraising is some of the most automatic and easy fundraisings out there, and that’s certainly true. But so many fundraising teams don’t take full advantage of all the ways they can use Hershey fundraising to their advantage, and that results in lower sales and profits than what they could have Read More »

A Hershey Fundraiser Fills in the Blanks

If you are interested in running a chocolate fundraiser for your school, sports team, charity group, or even church youth group, there are a lot of reasons why a Hershey fundraiser is the way to go. People respond to brand name items they recognize and have experience with, and Hershey is just about one of Read More »

ABC Fundraising Ideas 101

If this is the first time you are in charge of fundraising then you should learn the ABC's of fundraising ideas. So consider this article ABC Fundraising Ideas 101: A. The first thing to do before even beginning the process is to determine if your group members are motivated to do a fundraiser in the first place.

Are Calendar Fundraisers Things of the Past

A group called us the other day and wanted information on the best middle school fundraisers. They did not want to spend anything to get started so we went over the main brochure fundraisers including a calendar fundraiser. We have booked a ton of groups that chose to sell calendars this season so we were surprised Read More »

Battle of the Bands Fundraiser

Battle of the Bands Fundraiser

One of the most exciting money-making ideas is a Battle of the Bands Fundraiser. Live music is a huge draw for most people, giving you a broad audience, which translates to money for your cause. Once you have a venue and date, the most important part of a Battle of the Bands fundraiser is – Read More »

Becoming a fundraising distributor

Becoming a Fundraising Distributor

Fundraising is an incredibly fun business! You get to join hands with kids and adults to aid them in raising money for their organizations. This job offers good rewards and a higher level of job satisfaction. However, many individuals who’d like to be a part of the fundraising industry cannot start their business from scratch. Read More »

Best Fundraising Events in New York

Maybe it is because New York is such a populated city or such a diverse state, but we are asked quite often “What kind of fundraising events work best in New York?” Suggested New York Fundraisers When you think of the state of New York, or New York City you kind of figure that everything you Read More »

Best Girls Scout Fundraising Ideas

Best Girls Scout Fundraising Ideas

Believe it or not, Girl Scout cookies can actually be found in the dictionary. This is what the dictionary calls it: A Girl Scout cookie is one of several varieties of cookie. They were sold on neighborhood tours by Girl Scouts of the USA as a fundraiser for their organization. Cookies have become a worldwide Read More »

Building Excitement for Your Charity Fundraiser

The bottom line is obvious – charities need money to run, and sometimes they need quite a lot of money to continue on with their worthwhile activities. The cost of running a charity increases every year, while the economy continues to put all of us in a difficult position. While this all makes perfect sense, Read More »

Calendar Fundraisers Work Best in the Fall

If you are looking for a fall fundraiser you should consider selling calendars. Calendar fundraising has been very successful but of course, it works best in the late fall when people are considering replacing their soon to be out of date calendars. Obviously most people are not thinking about purchasing a new calendar a month or Read More »

Cartridge Fundraising Programs

Cartridge fundraising programs are a unique way for non-profits, businesses, youth groups, church groups, sports teams, schools, and other groups to fundraise for their needs or the needs of others. The best part of this type of program is that every fundraising group learns the importance of recycling cartridges for printers, photocopiers and other electronic Read More »

Changes in the Frozen Cookie Dough Industry

The frozen cookie dough industry has operated in pretty much the same way for years. It has been a fabulous fundraiser for many groups and continues to be. The problem, though, has been the dramatic increase in the price of the ingredients that go into the frozen cookie dough. They continue to go up and there Read More »

Cheap Fundraiser

If you are looking for a cheap fundraiser you need to define for yourself exactly what that means. Many people search for cheap and easy fundraiser ideas. We suggest, though, that people concentrate on profitability and affordability rather than cheap. Cheap and easy fundraisers may sound attractive but are not really the best criteria. Is Read More »

Cheap Fundraising Candy

So you want to find cheap fundraising candy. You can do that in a number of ways. But first, you need to define what cheap fundraiser candy is. Many people associate off-brand names and cheap fundraising candy. While the price is sometimes cheaper than name brands many fundraising specific candy lines are of high quality. The problem when Read More »

Getting started

Choosing a Fundraiser

The most important tool in fundraising is to choose the right fundraiser. While you and your group look over all of your options there are a few things to keep in mind before deciding which fundraiser will bring the most success. First, make sure that your fundraiser not only complements the experience of the seller, Read More »

Choosing the Right Team Fundraiser

When it comes down to it, playing sports is all about teamwork. You have to work together to reach a common goal. Fundraising works the same way. It takes everyone, working together as a team, to raise the money you need for various things uniforms, equipment, travel expenses, etc. Just like the members, a team Read More »

Coffee Fundraisers

After water, coffee may be one of the most common drinks consumed by Americans on a regular basis. Why not take advantage of America’s thirst for coffee by holding a coffee fundraiser? It is simple and usually requires no money upfront to get started. Your group uses coffee order forms or brochures showing the wide Read More »

Coffee Fundraisers Are Extremely Popular

Why not take advantage of America?s thirst for coffee by holding a coffee fundraiser? Coffee fundraising is simple and usually requires no money upfront to get started. Your group uses order forms or brochures showing the wide variety of gourmet flavors for your customers to choose between. Using the brochure, your group shows them to potential Read More »

Coffee Fundraiser

Coffee Fundraisers Are Great in the Winter

Coffee fundraisers are some times overlooked but they shouldn’t be. It has never been more popular and is a great option for any sized group. Unlike other brochures or pre-sell fundraisers coffee does not have an insurmountable minimum order requirement so even small groups can hold coffee sales. Our suggested program offers a variety of coffee Read More »

Coffee Fundraisers for Junior Leagues

If you are in charge of Junior League Fundraising we would suggest you try a coffee fundraiser. Coffee makes a lot of sense for groups that have fairly captive audiences and that have credibility within their audience. The odds are that members of the Junior League and their friends drink coffee or tea. It only makes Read More »

Coming Up with Good Non Profit Fundraising Ideas

As you get to the point that you want to start thinking about non-profit fundraising ideas for your group or organization, you may find that you really don’t know where to start. But of course, you’re going to have to learn how to come up with some good non-profit fundraising ideas at some point if Read More »

Deciding on the Best individual Fundraising Ideas

Individual fundraising ideas are not always the easiest things to come up with. After all, you are on your own with this one, doing your best to raise money for the cause you have chosen, and you this time you don’t have a team of fundraising volunteers backing you up. It’s all you, so you’ll Read More »

Different Types of Fundraising Discount Cards

Discount card fundraising is a great alternative to such fundraisers as selling cookie dough. There is no product to deliver at a later date and the return on investment tends to come at a much quicker pace. With a little research to discover the right discount card for your organization, you will find that discount card fundraising could very well be the fundraiser for you.

dinner fundraisers

Dinner Fundraisers Cook Up Cash

Who does not enjoy an appetizing dinner? That’s why holding spaghetti dinner fundraisers can be an amazing fundraising option. In this article, let’s gain some insights into organizing successful spaghetti dinner fundraisers. First of all, your dinner fundraisers need not be limited to spaghetti only. It’s just that spaghetti comes with an inexpensive price tag, Read More »

Direct-Sell Booster Club Fundraisers

Are people still buying your seat stomp-out-the-enemy cushions, your school-spirit pom-poms, or your stick-it-to-the-opponents plastic megaphones? No? Well, color me surprised?? The economy is in bad shape right now, and people are not willing to hand over their money unless they know exactly what they are getting in return, even for a booster club fundraiser. Read More »

Discount Cards

Discount Cards Fundraising Ideas

Have you ever considered having a discount fundraiser card created for your group and using that as your main fundraising idea? Custom Designed Discount Cards for Your Fundraiser Discount cards are one of the most profitable fundraisers used historically for school fundraising. The fundraiser discount cards are the size of a typical credit card. The front of the Read More »

Do You Want a Pre-Sale or Direct Sale School Fundraiser?

If you are in charge of organizing the fundraising effort for your school this year, you will have to make a series of decisions on how to go about things. One of the most important decisions is choosing whether to do a pre-sale or direct sale school, fundraiser. A lot depends on the nature of Read More »


Does a Fundraising Thermometer Help Raise Money?

The one thing many people fail to do in their fundraising effort is to inform their supporters about their efforts. We have learned that the more people know about you and what you do the more willing they will be to support your organization. Assuming, then, that you have done a good job at developing Read More »


Doing an Independent Skating Fundraiser

Skating is a demanding sport, both on the athlete, and on the pocketbook. Young skaters train incredibly hard to reach their goals, and it is heartbreaking when their dreams are threatened by a lack of money to support them in their endeavors. If you have a skater in your family who is really going places, Read More »

Easy Fundraising Ideas for Kids that Adults Will Love, Too

It’s not terribly difficult coming up with easy fundraising ideas for kids. After all, people by their nature love to help children out, especially when fundraising teaches them so many of the lessons they’ll need to learn for later in life. The trick, of course, is finding easy fundraising ideas for kids that won’t drive Read More »

Easy Fundraising Thermometer – Free For Your Website

Setting a goal and achieving it can seem like a daunting task. When the goal is to raise funds for a project or cause it can be even more intimidating. It doesn’t have to be if you think it through and plan it out. Start by asking yourself the following question: What steps do you Read More »

Easy Fundraising with Magazine Sales

If your group is looking for an easy and inexpensive way to do some fundraising, magazine sales are definitely something you should consider. Magazine subscriptions are a classic fundraising idea that has proven to work time after time, year after year. With magazines, you know ahead of time that you are offering your supporters something Read More »

Easy Non Profit Fundraiser Ideas

When the time comes around that you’re ready to decide on a non-profit fundraiser for your organization, you may be fresh out of good ideas. But since many non-profits receive little in the way of official funding, you’re going to have to come up with a brilliant non-profit fundraising activity sooner or later. After all, Read More »

Easy Quick Fundraising Ideas for Those Short on Time

Not everyone can take extra time off to run a fundraiser. You have a full-time job and a life at home, as well, and although you need to raise money to reach your group’s goals, it’ll have to be via something that doesn’t take up a ton of extra time. You don’t want to be Read More »

Eight Tips To Keep Your Youth Group Alive And Effective

Start and End With Prayer – The bible teaches us that God blesses those who bless Him and He speaks to those who listen. The foundation and power of your group should be prayer. Group leaders should also get together and pray for direction and guidance. Remember, if we pray God will hear us. Select Read More »

Evolve Your Fundraising with an Online Magazine Fundraiser

If you have been looking for a way to have a fundraiser that can be accessed from the internet, an online magazine fundraiser is a natural choice. People can easily choose magazines that they want just by looking at the titles and descriptions – they don’t need to hold the actual magazine in their hands Read More »

Extra Benefits with a Fundraiser for Youth

Of course, if you are organizing a fundraiser for youth, your top priority is to make money for the kids. That is a given, but there are so many aspects to the fundraising process that you may not have thought about, and when kids are involved, the lessons to be learned are many, both for Read More »

Fair trade coffee fundraising

Fair Trade Coffee Fundraising

The focus on coffee quality is higher than ever before. In the past we may have just picked up whatever can was on sale at the grocery store. Now we are now aware of brews, roasts, flavors, and sourcing. This shift opens doors to several fair trade coffee fundraising ideas. Turns out, you can make Read More »

Fast and Easy Fundraising Ideas for Any Occasion

Some groups are lucky to have someone whose only job is to sort out the various fundraising efforts. Having a dedicated fundraising manager is a luxury for most groups, though, and if you’re like almost everyone else, you’re doing this on a volunteer basis in your free time. Therefore, it’s important to you that you Read More »

Plan of Action

Fast Pass Fundraising

Fundraising does not have to be a long drawn on process. In fact we are doing our best to expedite the entire process from start to finish. We call our new system Fast Pass Fundraising. So what is Fast Pass Fundraising? It starts at the very earliest stages of identifying the best fundraising ideas. Most groups Read More »

Fast Pass Fundraising at Easy Fundraising Ideas

Fast Pass Fundraising should mean exactly that. And the best place to be fast tracked through your fundraising process is here at Easy Fundraising Ideas! We were the first company that provided a secure online way to start your fundraiser. Nearly 10 years ago we created a system where you could submit your information online Read More »

Fire Extinguisher Fundraising

Fire Extinguisher Fundraising

One of the crucial issues for several families in the United States is home safety. While many think about different ways to tackle something, others try to apply it to fundraising. Can you consider a fire extinguisher fundraising? The answer for this is a ‘yes’ as well as a ‘no.’ If fire extinguisher fundraising sounds Read More »

Flexible Seating: A Popular Alternative

As with every time-period, the feel and style of churches change. Centuries ago, the common church was a simple, austere building with hard, wooden pews. Now in the day and age of technology and comfort, church leaders are learning to adapt to the culture. Church leaders are making an effort to create a welcoming and Read More »

Fresh Charity Fundraising Ideas

You probably already know that charities are always looking for better ways to raise money, for the new and improved charity fundraising ideas that will really give a boost to their profits. There are hundreds of viable fundraising ideas out there, but when the entire point of your organization is the fundraising itself, of course, Read More »

fried turkey fundraiser

Fried Turkey Fundraiser

Are you bored with the same fundraising ideas? We have a unique idea for you – a fried turkey fundraiser. Don’t worry if you have not considered this before.  Here are some crucial things you need to bear in mind, as well as various ways in which this fundraiser can be offered. First,  select the Read More »

Fun Fundraising Ideas for Kids to Try

Fundraising on its own is hard enough. There’s your supporters to think of, your product to sell, your monetary targets to meet, and of course your fundraising team to manage. What makes the equation so much more complicated is when your fundraising team is made up mostly of children. Kids don’t usually have much experience Read More »

Fun with Youth Fundraisers Ideas

A lot of extracurricular programs are in economic hardship these days, so to make sure that the kids get to keep doing all the things they love, it’s important to come up with youth fundraisers ideas that are effective and profitable. But when kids are involved, it’s important to have fun, as well, so you’ll Read More »

Fundraisers for Youth are Fun to Organize

The state of the economy is no secret, and of course, youth organizations are feeling the crunch just like everyone else. If you’re in charge of some kind of youth group, whether in association with a church, a sport, or another activity, you may be dreading all the stress and effort that you’ve heard come Read More »

Fundraising Extreme

If you are interested in doing a great deal of fundraising this year, you’re not alone. There are many groups throughout the world that focus on doing fundraisers month after month every year. Many might consider this fundraising extreme. No, there is nothing wrong with this, for many groups, especially those that are solely nonprofit, Read More »

Fundraising for Charity Can Be Easier than You Think

Are you worried about how to organize the fundraising for your charity fundraising team? If you need some help, you’ve come to the right place. Getting your team set for some quality fundraising for charity is easier than you think it is, but sometimes the apprehension of not knowing how do do it can make Read More »

Fundraising for Individuals Can Be Fun

You may be worried if you are helping to fundraise for individuals who are working toward a specific goal, and that’s definitely a normal way to feel. But bringing in money for people who need it is not as difficult as you might think, and sometimes the worrying is the worst aspect and can hold Read More »

Fundraising for Individuals is All about Attitude

When you are fundraising with a group or working with a large fundraising team, you have a lot of advantages.? Sure, the number of people involved usually means that the monetary goals are higher, but also it’s nice to have the support of your peers, who are all in the same boat with you, and Read More »


Fundraising Ideas For Club and Youth Groups

If there is anything synonymous with fundraisers it would be club and youth groups fundraising. Why Do Youth Groups and Clubs Need Fundraisers? The simple fact of the matter is that many clubs and groups focused on youth are the most under-funded; therefore, they are the most financially needy of all groups. For many groups and Read More »

Fundraising Ideas for Individual Projects

If you’ve been trying to think of fundraising ideas for individual projects, then obviously you’re very motivated about what you’re doing, and you’re willing to go it all alone. But you’ll never be completely alone – we’re here to help you out with all the best fundraising ideas for individual efforts out there, things that Read More »

Fundraising Ideas for Organizations Needing Extra Help

If you are trying to get some extra money together to help your organization keep its head above water, this couldn’t be a more appropriate time for a fundraiser. Fundraising ideas for organizations needing a little boost are everywhere, but knowing which sorts of fundraisers will work well for your group can be tricky. There’s Read More »

Fundraising in Teams – Make Fundraising Fun!

Is fundraising with your team like pulling teeth? If your team is in a rut with raising money, then consider making it a competition. You know they respond well to competition, so give them something to work toward. First, pick a fundraiser. Find a team fundraiser that will be easy for everyone to sell. Cookie Read More »

Fundraising Software to Help Raise Money

The management of all financial ventures including fundraising is best handled these days with the proper software. Fundraising and management software has become commonplace in some areas of fundraising as candy is in others. Interested in Software for Your Fund Raising Venture The right software focuses on the management of donors, cash flow, follow up Read More »

Fundraising Software to Help Raise Money

There are many different types of groups needing to raise money. For many, fundraising software and fundraising software programs are tools that could and should be explored. Software Options If the solution to meet your needs is based on members making donations, you should spend some time exploring different software options including those that specialize in mail, email, or Read More »

Fundraising Success with Freezer Cookie Dough

Organizing your first fundraiser can be a difficult task, not so much in terms of actually doing it, but in getting over your fear of what will happen if it all goes wrong or if you don’t do as well as you hoped. Sure, you participated in plenty of fundraisers when you were a kid, Read More »

Fundraising with Coffee

Fundraising with Coffee

Quick. How many people do you know that drinking coffee? How many people sit in line at Starbucks waiting for their favorite drink? Thanks why Fundraising with Coffee makes so much sense. But what is the best coffee fundraiser? That depends on your group and who you are selling to. We offer two different coffee fundraising programs. Here are the Read More »

Fundraising with Discount Cards

Fundraising with Discount Cards

Have you ever considered fundraising with discount cards?  Discount cards are one of the most profitable fundraisers used most commonly for school fundraising. However, they work wonderfully for any money-raising endeavor. The fundraiser discount cards are the size of a typical credit card. The front of the card is custom-designed for your fundraising program. You Read More »

Getting Motivated

Do you feel like you’re the only one who is motivated when it is time to start a fundraiser? There are a few things you can do with your group before you start a fundraiser that will help with the overall success. First, pick a fundraiser with your group. Instead of deciding on one thing Read More »

Getting Motivated About Individual Fundraisers

We’ve all seen plenty of group efforts for fundraisers – schools, churches, just about every group out there do fundraisers at one time or another. But what if you are on your own, and need some individual fundraisers that can work for a group of only one person? This kind of project is becoming more Read More »

Good Ideas for Fundraising for an Individual

If you are an individual trying to start a fundraising effort on your own, we can most certainly help you out. We have a variety of activities and products that are perfect for fundraising for an individual, and whether you are trying to raise money for a trip, to help someone pay medical expenses, or Read More »

Great Charity Fundraising Letters

The key to many fundraising campaigns is how well you can distinguish yourself from other charitable groups competing for donations. That?s where great fundraising letters become critical to your success. Here are some tips to write great fundraising letters: This may sound obvious but make sure you clearly explain the problem or reason you are Read More »

Great Ideas for Fundraising Activities

Fundraising activities and events have been around for a long time. You were probably involved in some fundraising activities as a child; now as adults, we often find ourselves involved in our child’s fundraising efforts. Many times parents find themselves responsible for a fundraising activity when their kids get involved in little league or a Read More »

Green Non Profit Fundraising

Because of the downturn in the economy, many non-profit organizations are having to turn to fundraisers to cover the cost of continuing their activities. They are finding that donations or parent organization support are no longer enough to sustain the group. Meanwhile, the costs of everything are rising meaning that nonprofits are facing a dilemma, Read More »

Help From Fundraising Consultants

There are different types of fundraising consultants. The Association of Fundraising Consultants (AFC) has its members accredited to the highest professional standards available within the European Union. The association was established in 1990 by fundraising consultants who recognized the need to provide a European professional standard. Online Fundraiser Consulting Fundraising companies offer products and services Read More »

High Profit People to People Fundraisers

Students looking to participate in People to People Fundraisers are typically very motivated. After all, it is not an inexpensive program and many times even families who can afford the experience prefer to teach their kids a lesson of appreciation by making them have skin the game by raising some of the money. So what Read More »

Historical Perspective on Fundraising

I suppose the first known fundraising was reported in the Bible. Biblically, fundraising was called tithing and it was the way that priests, synagogues, and churches were able to operate without having other secular sources of income. Tithing is still the main fundraising tool for church groups as far as operational expenses are concerned. Most Read More »

Hosting a Rock Band Fundraiser for Your School

It’s no secret that kids love playing Rock Band, and a lot of them are really good at it! If they’re going to be playing those kinds of games anyway, then it makes sense to use that to your advantage when planning your school fundraiser. Holding a Rock Band fundraiser at your school can be Read More »

How Does a Magazine Subscription Fundraiser Work?

Most people have seen a magazine subscription fundraiser before on a few occasions, and some have even been involved in one. But if you’re new to the world of organizing fundraisers, it’s possible you just don’t know how a magazine fundraiser would even work. It may seem complicated, with all the different types of magazines that are Read More »

How Long Should Summer Camp Last?

Many parents or group leaders plan summer camp activities without any thought for understanding the appropriate duration of the camp for different age groups. Some day camps offer short stays of two to four days and accept children as young as five, but most traditional summer camps with one week or longer durations typically set Read More »

How to Hold a Fundraiser for a Small Non-Profit

Most non-profits are small – they have no full-time staff, raise five (not six or seven) figures per year, and are volunteer-driven. Because these schools, churches, and smaller charities have no professional staff, they must rely on their supporters and volunteers to do their fundraising for them. If you’re helping a small non-profit hold a Read More »

Ideas for Youth Fundraisers

If your child is involved with sports, the church youth group, or an extracurricular activity, you’re probably here because you’re looking for youth fundraisers. These are not difficult to find, as so many activities associated with young people need the financial boost that youth fundraisers provide, and fundraising companies accommodate this need more than sufficiently. Read More »

Ideas for Youth Fundraising

If you are in the process of thinking of good ideas for youth fundraising, then clearly thing you will be most concerned about is profit, and how long it will take you to reach your goals. There are many ways that you can go about the process of planning out your fundraiser and coming up Read More »

Is a Magazines Fundraiser Right for You?

Your group needs money, that much is clear. You’ve crunched the numbers again and again and you just can’t seem to make ends meet. So you need to run a fundraiser to help boost your income into a reasonable range again. This is where we come in, providing you with a range of great fundraising Read More »

Is This Your First Youth Fundraising Experience?

No matter what activity your child is involved in, be it a church youth group or a sport or any other group activity, chances are you will be asked at some point to participate in youth fundraising. In fact, you may even have been asked to be in charge of organizing your youth fundraising effort, Read More »

Keeping a Positive Outlook on Charity Fundraising

It used to be that charity fundraising was a supplemental thing, that fundraisers were done as extra activities to boost the charity’s other sources of income. As the economy changes and governmental priorities shift, however, you may find that your charity now relies on charity fundraising more than ever for its money. Charity fundraising can Read More »

Popcorn Fundraising

Kettle Corn Popcorn Fundraisers

Have you ever been to a state fair and enjoyed the kettle corn? Most people think it is outstanding. That’s why you might want to consider a kettle corn fundraiser. There may be companies out there that sell kettle corn for fundraising. I am not sure. But I did find some recipes where you can Read More »

Magazine Fundraisers Are Still Relevant

Magazine fundraisers may seem like the oldest fundraising trick in the book. You were doing this fundraiser back when you were a kid in school, and the same old fundraiser is still around now. But before you dismiss this classic fundraiser as boring or old-fashioned, think about why magazine fundraisers are still around. It’s because magazines Read More »

Magazine Fundraising Could Be Your Magic Ticket

Magazine fundraising has been around almost as long as the modern fundraising itself. Magazines seem like such an obvious choice. After all, how many homes or offices can you think of that don’t have a single magazine subscription? Even in this increasingly digital age, there are new magazines coming out all the time, because people just Read More »

Magazine Sales Fundraiser Ideas for Any Group

Magazine sales fundraiser ideas are not new, but there is a new way to implement them. Online fundraisers are 100% virtual.  No money to collect, no orders to tally.  That’s not to say that the classic ideas have disappeared – they’re certainly still around. But the difference now is that you have a choice in Read More »

magazine fundraiser

Magazines Fundraising Made Easy

If you are thinking about what kind of fundraising ideas to consider for your school group, charity, or church group, it may be difficult to think of something that will cover all your bases. You want something that will appeal to young people, while not leaving adults out of the picture. You also have to Read More »

Making Fundraising Fast and Easy

Fundraising has become a way of life for nearly every school in America. The same can be said for just about any other organization that need to bring in extra money. There are lots of things that just cost money. Whether your group needs additional funds for special trips, to pay for equipment or to Read More »

Making Non Profit Fundraisers Fun

With the economy being what it is these days, fundraisers for non-profit groups have pretty much developed into a necessity in order to keep organizations functional and running smoothly. This means it is of utmost importance that your non-profit fundraiser is, well, profitable. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with it. In Read More »

Making Non Profit Fundraisers Fun

Organizing young boys is a challenge at the best of times, and when you’re trying to get Cub Scouts focused on a goal that involves raising money, they may not completely understand what is going on, and that can make your job even harder. So if you can find a way to get the Cub Read More »

Making the Most of Charity Fundraising Events

If you are involved in the organizing of charity fundraising events, you probably already know what a fantastic opportunity this is to raise some desperately needed money for a good cause. But are you really making the most of your charity fundraising events? Are you maximizing profits and coming out with the best financial situation Read More »

Maximizing Non Profit Organization Fundraising

When you are trying to get ideas together for your non-profit organization fundraising event, you may be missing out on all sorts of possibilities for additional fundraising opportunities. Whether your event is based around music performances, or popular speakers, or even a meal with dance, there are all kinds of non-profit organization fundraising ideas you Read More »

Maximizing Your Fundraiser Results

If you are holding a fundraiser we would like to make a suggestion that we feel confident will boost your results. Give Your Fundraiser Results a Boost with Incentives Many fundraising groups offer incentives to help drive up sales. The problem with most incentive programs is that they are geared towards rewarding the top seller. We believe Read More »

Flower Fundraisers

Multiple Fundraisers

When it is time to raise money for an organization, we naturally assume that the more fundraisers we produce, the better chance we have of making the largest amount of money. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case. A better mindset would be: The more effort we put forth, the better our result. The downfall Read More »

New Fundraising Ideas for Youth

If you have previous experience coming up with fundraising ideas for youth, then you already know how things can start to look very similar year after year.? When it becomes your turn to plan and organize, you might be looking for some new and fresh ideas.? Often the reason that people stick with their old Read More »

Nonprofit Fundraising Basics

The mission and the programs are the two most important priorities for nonprofit organizations; however, nonprofit fundraising comes in a very close third. Every nonprofit manager is aware of this fact. And even though there are constantly new fundraising methods, you should never forget the foundational fundraising techniques that provide the support for all other Read More »

Online Fundraising Malls – Do They Work?

Have you heard about Online Fundraising Malls and wondered if they would work for your group? Online fundraising malls are relatively new to the fundraising industry but the concept is so simple it does not make sense for every group to own one. Here’s why: 1. Most people shop online. The odds are you do Read More »


Parent Involvement with Fundraising

Parents of young children learn about fundraising very quickly as their kids enter elementary school. It does not take long before your student comes home with fundraising information. What you do with that information is more important than you think. Unfortunately, many parents simply take the fundraising packet and toss it in the trash. Other Read More »

Pencil Fundraisers – Try Smencils

Pencil fundraising might not sound exciting. But don’t jump to conclusions. There is a new pencil fundraiser that elementary school-age kids will love and you will make tons of money at the same time. You need to try a Smencils pencil fundraiser. What’s a Smencil? Smencils are pencils that are made from recycled newspaper. That Read More »

People to People Fundraiser

People to People Ambassador Fundraising

Our world is huge, in fact, it is enormous. It would be so easy to live in your little bubble where everything is the same and nothing ever changes. Experiencing new things, ideas and people can be very scary. In order for people to help others and realize what they have, they should be involved Read More »

People to People Fundraisers that Are Fun and Profitable

If you have a People to People student ambassador on your hands and you need to help them raise money for their trip, a fundraiser is pretty much necessary if you don’t think the money will magically come from somewhere else (which, let’s face it, it never does). You need to get the most financial Read More »

Pressure of fundraising

People to People Fundraising Ideas for Maximum Profit

When it’s time to finance a trip for your People to People student ambassador, obviously your main worry is how much money you can make, and when you can reach your goal. There are lots of ways to go about developing People to People fundraising ideas, but with a couple of starter ideas, you can Read More »

Photo Fundraisers

Photography fundraisers are an interesting way to raise money for schools while at the same not appearing to he holding a fundraiser. We have three kids. Although 2 are much older than the youngest the process is the same as always. We get a notice from the school that photo day is coming. We are Read More »

Picking the Right Fundraiser for Non Profit

As your organization progresses and grows, obviously you will be looking for new and better ways to set up fundraiser opportunities for your non-profit. This can cause anxiety if you don’t really know what sort of non-profit fundraisers you should be looking at. Obviously, you want the best one for your group and financial situation, Read More »

Plan Your Fundraising Strategies

The problem with many fundraising efforts is that there are no pre-planned strategies in place before the event starts. We find that organizations achieving success in their fundraising efforts made fundraising strategies their first priority. A Solid Plan Helps Produce Great Fundraising Results Good fundraising means you raise the resources your group needs. Great fundraising Read More »

Planning a Fundraiser for Individual Charity Work

Quite often you see teams of people raising money for charity, whether it be in the context of sports or some other type of event. The teams work together and have some sense of strength in numbers. But if you are on your own, trying to raise a sum of money for your favorite charity, Read More »

Planning Your Fundraising Campaign – How Nonprofits Raise More Funds Online in a Global Recession

Fundraising for your nonprofit or charitable organization should be a positive happy experience, right? It’s about helping a great cause – sending kids to a national competition, improving a community, finding medical cures, saving animals, and more. These are important issues in our lives, to the tune of over $1 trillion dollars a year in donations!

Planning Your Fundraising for Charities

Fundraising for charities may seem to be strictly about getting some much-needed cash in for the charity of your choice, but of course, it’s not as simple as that. There is quite a bit of planning and organizing involved in getting your fundraising effort off the ground, and some solid organizational skills are needed in Read More »

Poinsettias for Fund Raising

You can make lots of money using the sale of poinsettias for fundraising. In fact, did you know that poinsettias are the top-selling live plant sold in the United States?

QSP Magazine Fundraiser

If you’re looking for something similar to a QSP magazine fundraiser to help your group raise money, you might have been put off by all the hassle of having to sign up online and run your fundraising account through their site. This can be confusing if you didn’t want to do your fundraising online. You just want Read More »

Quick Profits with Fundraising Brochures

Brochure fundraising offers a profitable, easy, and risk-free way for groups to try their hand at fundraising without the need for money upfront to purchase fundraising products. One of the keys to strong sales is the fundraising brochure itself. Pre-sell Fundraising Brochures and Catalogs Easy Fundraising Ideas offers a wide range of fundraising brochures and Read More »

Readers Digest Fundraisers

We have had many people call and ask for details on Readers Digest fundraisers. Interestingly we do not have any information because there is no such thing. Readers Digest does own its own fundraising company called QSP. QSP offers a few different products to fundraising groups throughout North America. They are especially strong in Canada, Read More »

Recycled Pencils Called Smencils

The truth of the matter is that there are very few really fun and unique fundraising ideas. As the owner of a very busy online fundraising company, we hear from companies in all sorts of industries that feel like they have the next best thing in fundraising. The problem usually begins and ends with the Read More »

Safety Product Fundraisers

Everyone is concerned with the safety and welfare of their families. We want the peace of mind knowing that our children are safe, that we are prepared if something happens to our car while on the road and that our homes are not hazardous. It is possible to relieve those fears and make money with Read More »

School Fundraiser Companies Can Really Help You

So now that it’s time for you to start organizing your school fundraiser, you must be curious about what sort of school fundraiser companies are out there, and what they have to offer you in terms of products and expertise. Especially if this is your first experience on the organizing side of fundraising, you are Read More »

School Fundraiser Ideas for Fun and Profit

It doesn’t matter if you are a small group of people trying to raise a moderate amount of money for your school, or a large group trying to make more significant funds, because the issue is the same: you need some good school fundraiser ideas that will help you reach your goals. You’re in luck Read More »

Selecting Fundraising Ideas for Individuals

When you start to look at fundraising ideas for individuals, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Especially if this is your first time doing something of this caliber, you may feel overwhelmed at the range of choices available to you, and you may not know which ideas will suit your goals and Read More »

Setting Goals for Your School Fundraiser

You should always set goals before starting a school fundraiser. Many schools simply hold a fundraiser and hope for the best. But if you do not set clear goals and targets how do people know whether they have been successful? For some schools raising a couple of hundred dollars would be a success and a Read More »

Silly Fundraisers Can Raise Serious Money

Fundraising should be fun, right? Well, why is it that people would rather have teeth pulled than participate in another fundraiser? What the world needs are more silly fundraisers to make fundraising fun again. So how do you hold silly fundraisers? The best silly fundraiser we can think of is an amateur comedy night at Read More »

Fundraising and Social Distancing

Social Distancing Fundraising Ideas

With so many things up in the air these days,  we are hoping this helps you nail down safe social distancing fundraising ideas, while still having fun. Fundraising has traditionally been a hands-on, face to face experience. It’s a different world now, so we have to get out of that old box and into our Read More »

Staying the Course with Individual Fundraiser Ideas

It’s one thing to be involved with a group or a fundraising team, where everyone can rely on each other for support and help, and the responsibility is spread out across the entire team. There’s also the emotional support that team fundraising provides. But if you’re embarking on an individual fundraising effort, that’s an entirely Read More »

Summer Fundraiser Ideas

People may not really stop to think about it, but fundraising is really a very seasonal thing. The main fundraising seasons are usually in the Fall and Winter. That is when schools are in session, sports leagues are active, church groups have high attendance and most all other fundraising groups are active. The summer, though, Read More »

The Challenges of an Individual Fundraiser

When you start to consider the possibilities of an individual fundraiser, there are many challenges to be faced, but the rewards are even more substantial. As the sole participant and chief organizer of your fundraiser, it is your job to work out the ins and outs of the effort, but try not to worry – Read More »

Start Fundraising

The Cost of Fundraising

There are many types of fundraisers. No matter what type of fundraiser you and your group choose to start, there is one question that you must ask – how much will this cost? In fact, that is usually the most important factor when choosing a fundraiser – you need to choose a fundraiser that reflects Read More »

The Way to Go – Go Green Fundraising

You see it everywhere you go. Everyone is getting more and more “green” conscious. So why not let your next fundraiser show just how “green” conscious you and your group are. The Go Green Fundraiser offers a wide array of earth-friendly items, including healthy foods and organic products. One of the more popular items is Read More »

The Way to Go – Go Green Fundraising

You see it everywhere you go. Everyone is getting more and more “green” conscious. So why not let your next fundraiser show just how “green” conscious you and your group are. The Go Green Fundraiser offers a wide array of earth-friendly items, including healthy foods and organic products. One of the more popular items is Read More »

Thinking about Running a Magazine Fundraiser?

If it’s time for your group to start getting some supplementary income, a magazine fundraiser can be a great place to start. You already know how popular magazines are, both with individuals and with offices of all kinds. But from the other perspective, how can you know if a magazine fundraiser is the right way for you Read More »

Best Fundraising Ideas

Top 10 Fundraising Ideas

Lots of individuals and groups need to raise money. But what are the best fundraising ideas? Below we have created a list of our top 10 fundraising ideas for you to consider.

direct and pre-sell fundraisers

Unique Fundraising Ideas – Are There Any?

We’ve helped with people fundraisers for more than 10 years now and it’s truly amazing how many people start out their thought process so sure they need unique fundraising ideas if they are going to raise money. There will be none of those same old fundraisers for them.

Using Common Sense with Individual fundraising

If you are organizing an individual fundraising activity, perhaps to benefit a specific person in need or to help someone in your family, making the most profit possible is obviously your top concern. You also want to feel comfortable with what you are doing and for people to be responsive to you. So how do Read More »

Using People to People Fundraising Ideas to Organize Your Team

People to People is a fantastic cultural opportunity for student ambassadors to experience life as they have never known before, and might not get a chance to know otherwise. It’s an opportunity you don’t want them to miss, but of course, it doesn’t come for free. Most People to People student ambassadors will require some Read More »

Vintage Portrait Photography Fundraisers

What better way to savor a moment than by taking a picture? Many organizations today, such as schools, churches and sports leagues are all trying to find ways to raise money. By doing a portrait fundraiser the organization has the ability to raise money as well as have a lasting memory. Although selling fundraising candy Read More »

What are some Fundraising Ideas for Teams to do?

We often get asked about fundraising ideas for teams and which ones are the best and which ones are the easiest and which one raise the most money, etc. etc. What people, most of whom are in the same shoes that you are looking for a sports team fundraisers – are looking for is a one Read More »

What in the World Is a Scrip Fundraiser?

So you are interested in a scrip fundraiser, but you are not really sure how everything works? Well, here are a few details regarding scrip. What if I told you that you can go do your grocery shopping, rent a movie for the kids and order pizza and without ever spending a dime extra, you Read More »

What Is the Best Fundraiser?

When you are looking for the best fundraiser for your group, you need to define a couple of criteria that will greatly help you narrow down the field. First, do you want to use a brochure fundraiser that is typically free to start, or do you want to do a direct-sale where you buy inventory before the sale begins?

What You Need to Start a Cookie Dough Fundraiser

If you are thinking about running a cookie dough fundraiser for your school group, church, or sports team, you’ve come to the right place. We have a variety of cookie dough fundraiser ideas, ranging from mixes all the way up to pre-formed cookies that you just pop on a baking sheet. Choosing the right fundraiser is important, but Read More »

Which Non Profit Fundraiser Is the Right One?

If things are getting to the point in your organization where you need to start thinking about a non-profit fundraiser, you may be having a lot of stress about which non-profit fundraiser you should choose. Obviously you want the non-profit fundraiser that works the best, but how do you know which one that is? There Read More »

Which People to People Fundraiser Is the Right One?

If the time has come for you to start thinking about a People to People fundraiser for a student ambassador’s special trip, you may be spending a lot of effort worrying about which People to People fundraiser to choose. Obviously you want to make sure you raise all the money for the trip, but the Read More »

Why Hershey Fundraisers?

There are plenty of great candy and snack-based fundraisers out there, but if you’re going to narrow it down to one brand, in particular, there’s a lot to be said for choosing Hershey fundraisers. For one thing, Hershey is a brand that people know and recognize, and therefore you don’t have to do a lot Read More »

With Fundraising, Charities Win Every Time

If you’re in charge of your team’s fundraising this year, it’s likely you’re starting to think about what kind of fundraising you could do that wouldn’t bore your team to tears. Without fundraising, charities, for the most part, would not be able to continue their important work, but that doesn’t mean that helping them out Read More »

You Have Decided to Sell Fundraising Discount Cards

Choosing the right card can make all the difference in the world. One of the first questions or things to consider is whether you want to sign up for your own merchants or if you prefer to have someone sign up the merchants for you. Some fundraising companies have contracts with different types of merchants. If you choose to have the company sign up your merchant you should make sure they have an actual written contract from the merchant of your choice.

Youth Fundraisers Dominate Fundraising

Youth fundraising is the largest area of the fundraising industry. When you take into consideration fundraisers for youth groups, fundraisers for church youth groups, and fundraisers for youth sports, you can see why there are so many youth fundraiser ideas out there. And the above does not even include elementary school and other school fundraising needs. Read More »

Youth Fundraisers that Are Fun and Responsible

When you are looking at youth fundraisers, chances are you want to put some thought into which one you choose. After all, these are children we’re talking about, and you want to make sure that you choose a youth fundraiser that will be appropriate for them, and will send the right message. We have a Read More »

Youth Group Fundraising Organizational Tips

Considering the current state of the economy, fundraising has become a fixture in the budget struggles of many groups from all different kinds of causes.? Youth group fundraising is one of the most common types because the activities the kids get involved with always have multiple associated costs. Running a church youth group is not Read More »