Daycare and Preschool

The wheels on the bus go round and round, but not if there isn’t gas in the tank.  Check out these big ideas to fuel fundraisers for little ones. 

A Daycare Fundraiser that Works for Everyone

When your daycare is looking for an easy daycare fundraising idea that will also benefit the families and community, try pizza cards! You can raise money for field trips, classroom supplies, teacher appreciation week, or whatever expense you have coming up. And with a pizza card daycare fundraiser everyone wins?

Coming Up With Great Preschool Fundraiser Ideas

Coming up with just the right preschool fundraiser ideas is not as easy as it seems. For most preschoolers (and parents of preschoolers), this will be their first experience with fundraising, so you want to be careful to choose something that will leave them with a good impression of the fundraising process. So how do Read More »

Daycare Fundraisers That Really Work

If you are trying to raise funds for your daycare, you probably want something that will please parents and children alike. Things like Welch’s Fruit Snacks cover all your bases as far as daycare fundraisers are concerned.

Daycare fundraising

Daycare Fundraising Ideas

Preschools, childcare centers, daycare centers, kindergartens, and early childhood programs all require great daycare fundraising ideas that are profitable, easy to understand and age-appropriate. The fact of the matter is that most daycare fundraisers are handed off to the parents and not the students or children.

Daycare Fundraising Ideas for the Whole Year

When it comes to fundraisers, timing is everything. Even with the best group, the greatest daycare fundraiser, and the most enthusiastic customers, your daycare fundraising idea will be useless if you have bad timing. Fundraising programs work with different seasons; finding the right time and season to do a specific fundraiser will help your group raise the most money possible.

Getting Parents Involved with Preschool Fundraising

Preschool fundraising takes a little creativity. Because the children are not old enough to buy or sell fundraising products, the responsibility remains with the parents. Although parents are willing to do just about anything for the betterment of their child’s education, it is best to keep the fundraising simple. A great preschool fundraiser, that keeps Read More »

Is Daycare Fundraising Necessary?

Why is daycare fundraising necessary? Parents are already paying tuition for their child’s education, why should they be expected to pay for extras as well? My mother has been the director or our church daycare for several years. During the course of the year, there are a few different fundraisers that are offered to parents Read More »

Lots of Preschool Fundraising Opportunities

Are you a parent with a child in preschool? If so you are aware of how hard it is to run a successful and educational preschool program. It requires great teachers, new and exciting supplies, and child safety alarms on everything. It also requires an enormous amount of funding. Lots of Fundraising Opportunities for Preschools Read More »

Preschool Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to fundraisers, timing is everything. Even with the best group, the greatest fundraising program, and the most enthusiastic customers, your preschool fundraiser will be useless if you have bad timing. Fundraising programs work with different seasons; finding the right time and season to do a specific fundraiser will help your group raise Read More »

Preschool Fundraising Letters

Parents and teachers of preschool children would agree that a healthy snack is a better snack. If your school is trying to raise a little extra money, consider selling Welch?s Fruit Snacks for your preschool fundraiser as an alternative to having a candy sale. Preschool fundraising can be a little tricky. The children are not Read More »


Raising Funding for a Daycare

When you are raising funding for daycare, there are many challenges involved, but there are also many rewards. If you are organizing the fundraiser, it is up to you to understand and take into account all the complexities of the undertaking, but luckily raising funding for daycare is not as complicated as it may seem on the surface.

Smencils: A Great Daycare Fundraising Idea

People always think that it is only elementary school-aged and older children and those participating in sports leagues who do fundraisers. But there is another huge group of kids that need to raise money that tends to be overlooked and that is kids who attend daycares or preschools.

The Newest Idea for Daycare Funding

There is a new daycare fundraising idea available called Dinner and a Movie card and it is sure to be the best daycare fundraiser that your school does this year!

The Newest Idea for Preschool Funding

There is a new fundraiser on the market called Money Savings Cards and it is sure to be the best preschool fundraiser that your school does this year! What is a Money Savings Card? A money savings card is a $10 card that your group sells to customers. When they buy the card they are Read More »

Thinking Through Preschool Fundraising

Preschool is a starting ground for many children. Here they learn many new things that will help them as they move into their elementary school years. There is a lot that is required for a preschool to run as successfully as it should. That is why coming up with a preschool fundraiser idea is a Read More »

Top Preschool Fundraising Ideas

If you’re organizing this year’s preschool fundraiser, you’ve probably already looked at some fundraising ideas for preschool. This may be a bit disheartening at first because sometimes fundraisers can appear to be about things like chocolate, or cookie dough. But fundraising isn’t all about fatty snacks, so if you’re looking for fundraising ideas that will Read More »

Why Having a Daycare Fundraiser is a Necessity

Daycares, just as many other organizations do, need to raise money to help with day-to-day costs of running the facility. That is why having a daycare fundraiser is a necessity. This is not however what the parents of the children want to hear. Why? Have you ever seen a 2-year-old come up to your front Read More »

Why There is a Need for Preschool Fundraising

It may seem a bit odd that something like a preschool would have a need for fundraising. After all, isn’t that what the tuition fees are for? Unfortunately, the costs of running a preschool soar higher and higher every year, and tuition doesn’t usually cover things like updating playground equipment, replacing broken toys, or purchasing Read More »