Fundraising Ideas

Easy Fundraising Ideas is the best online resource for fundraising ideas. We make choosing the best fundraiser easy by dividing fundraising ideas into categories. On this page we offer a broad range of ideas. Elsewhere on our site you can simply choose the most appropriate category and locate your specific type of group for different suggested fundraising ideas. If you prefer, please call us Toll Free for help 1-866-874-8383


School Fundraising Ideas

School fundraising is so common these days. But there is such diversity that a wide selection of fundraising programs have been created specifically for schools. We can help choose the best school fundraising idea for your group. Obviously school wide elementary school fundraiser will be different than a fundraiser held by a high school club. Click here to visit our School Fundraising overview and choose the best fundraising idea for your group.

Sports Fundraising Ideas

Do you need help choosing the best Sports Fundraising Idea for your group? We can help. We have divided the different sports related fundraising ideas into specific sports. On those pages we offer 3 suggestions you might consider. We have sports fundraisers that work for any sized group. Many don’t require any upfront money. Click here to visit our Sports Fundraising ideas overview page.

Church Fundraising Ideas

Church fundraisers are playing a larger role in many different areas of churches. We have a wide assortment of different fundraising ideas that are specifically designed to help church groups no matter how many people will participate in your fundraiser. Click on our Church Fundraising over page for more details. You’ll also find informative articles on church fundraising and ways to maximize yor results.

Cookie Dough Fundraising Ideas

Did you know cookie dough fundraisers are one of the absolute favorite fundraising products for just about every imaginable group? We offer the widest selection of cookie dough anywhere. We offer tubs and preformed frozen cookie dough, dry cookie dough mix and a program where tubs of cookie dough are actually shipped directly to your customer. Click here to visit our Cookie Dough Fundraising Ideas overview for details on all of our programs.

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Good elementary school fundraising ideas are extremely important for a few reasons. For a lot of kids and families it is the time when they are first introduced to fundraising. Additionally many elementary schools hold large scale fundraisers that include all of the students in the school. We have a wide selection of fundraising ideas that are perfect for school wide fundraisers and others than work well for smaller groups within the school.

Band Fundraising Ideas

Bands, especially high school bands, rely on fundraising as much as any school group. To fund band activities the need for tried and proven band fundraising ideas is more important than ever. That’s why we offer so many different options and fundraising ideas for bands to choose from. Whether you are looking for a presell fundraiser where you sell items like cookie dough or a direct sale item like candy we can help your band raise the money it needs.

Booster Club Fundraising Ideas

School sports teams and bands need more money than school budgets allow. That’s just a fact. Sometimes they need more money than time permits them to raise themselves. That’s where Booster Clubs come in. They can fill in the gaps and take the pressure off. That is one of the reasons we offer so many different fundraisers for Booster Clubs. Click here to view our Booster Club Fundraising Ideas.

Christian Fundraising Ideas

If you are looking for Christian Fundraising Ideas you should definitely not discount traditional fundraisers used by schools and sports leagues. However we do offer a couple of fundraisers that are designed strictly for Christian and faith-based groups such as our Journey of Faith Candle Fundraiser. But do not be afraid of cookie dough fundraisers or even candy fundraisers.

Coffee Fundraising Ideas

Have you consider Coffee as a fundraising idea? Lots of groups are very glad they did. It is one of those products that are extremely easy to sell and you make good profit margins. We offer 2 different coffee fundraisers. One is a no upfront cost brochure sale that includes tea and we also have a fun new coffee backpack program as a direct sale. Click here for more information on Coffee Fundraisers.

Cancer Fundraising Ideas

Cancer fundraisers are extremely common, extremely personally and extremely important. That’s why it is important to choose the right fundraising idea. Start your process by determining the amount of money you need to raise and how many people will be helping you. Armed with that information you can choose whether to hold a brochure type fundraiser or a direct sale like a candy fundraiser. Click here for more information on Cancer Fundraisers.

Football Fundraising Ideas

Football may have become the most popular spectator sport in the United States. It is no wonder so many kids and young adults want to play. But football is not inexpensive and it requires some different football fundraising ideas to raise the money to fund teams and leagues. We have great football fundraisers whether you are raising money for a league, for a team or even as an individual player.

Earth Friendly Fundraising Ideas

Many groups are looking for new fundraising ideas and have found Green Fundraising. We have a line called Go Green Fundraising. It is a presell or brochure fundraiser where all of the items you sell are earth friendly like plants, natural foods and more. There is no cost to start the fundraiser. So if you are looking for a new fundraising idea you might consider our earth friendly program.

Discount Card Fundraising Ideas

If you are looking for high profits than you might start by reviewing the different discount card fundraisers on our site. They offer the absolute highest profits. In fact you can make more than 90% profit. There are pizza cards, sandwich shop cards and custom discount cards so there are plenty of options to consider. Click here for information on our Discount Card Fundraisers.

High School Fundraising Ideas

High School is a great time for students. They are more involved than ever in clubs and sports and have developed passions for those organizations. It is also a time when participating in fundraising becomes crucial. Choosing the right fundraising ideas can mean the difference between success and failure. Click here for more information on different High School Fundraising Ideas.

Soccer Fundraising Ideas

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the United States. While not the most expensive it can still be very costly. We offer a great selection of soccer fundraising ideas that have been used successfully by all different sized groups from individual players to league wide fundraisers. You will find many options that do not require any upfront money and you will find other high profit fundraising ideas.

Candle Fundraising Ideas

Candles have been one of the top selling fundraising products for years. They remain a top seller because most American homes purchase candles. We offer the top candle fundraisers available. You will make 50% profit and can qualify for free shipping. As with most of our pre sell fundraising ideas we provide free sales materials so you can start your candle fundraiser with no upfront money.

Fundraising Ideas

The world of fundraising ideas can be confusing. We want to help you choose the best fundraising idea possible. That is why we offer fundraising ideas divided both by group type and by product type.

By offering fundraising ideas by group or product we hope you find it easier to identify what fundraisers will work best for your specific group.

You do not have to go it alone. Let us help your group start to finish.

Did you know that we help thousands of groups just like yours navigate their way through tried and proven fundraising ideas to determine the best way to raise the money you need with the least amount of effort?

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