Email Announcement - Easy Fundraising Ideas Email Announcement - Easy Fundraising Ideas

Email Everyone in your Group

Make sure that all of the parents, team members, students, or other group members know all of the information about your upcoming fundraiser. We have provided all of the information that you need into one easy and organized email. Just copy and past the information below into your email, add a personal touch and send it to all of your group members.

Copy and Paste the info in the box below or press the button to have it emailed to you:

We are starting a Fundraising Products For Success Fundraiser and we need your help. I will be handing out the sales brochure soon. If you would like to see the program we are doing please go to the following address:

We will be selling from: to so please make sure to contact as many people as you can during this period to make sure our fundraiser is a success. With your help this will be our best fundraiser yet.

Thank you for your help.