Humane Society

No need to feel like you are chasing your tail.  We’ve sniffed out doggone good Humane Society fundraising tricks that will earn lots of treats. 

A Great Way to Boost Your Humane Society Fund

To keep your humane society fund from going to the dogs, consider selling the newest fundraising product & money savings cards! This new fundraiser is a brand new way for your group to raise money for the humane society. The money savings card fundraiser works similarly to the pizza cards. To raise money for your Read More »

Pizza Fundraising Cards

A Humane Society Fundraiser that Works!

One of the most successful fundraisers available is the pizza card fundraiser. With this program, your group sells a card offers that your customers 20 opportunities to get a Buy-One-Get-One-Free deal with your local pizzeria. The process is easy, and the results are high. The first step after deciding to sell pizza cards for your Read More »

Dog Wash Fundraiser Ideas

Dog Wash Fundraiser Ideas

Dog wash fundraiser ideas are great for non-profit organizations that help with animal care, animal protection, and for those folks who just love dogs. The purpose is usually to donate funds to a chosen pet charity, an animal in need, or to help support dog shelters within the community. The idea behind a dog wash Read More »

Enjoying Your County Humane Society Fundraiser

The county humane society fundraiser is one of the most important events on the humane society’s calendar because it can have a significant impact on the budget for the following year. That may sound scary, but it’s actually your opportunity to show that a fundraiser can both enjoyable and effective. All you have to do Read More »

Getting Ready for Your Humane Society Fundraiser

The humane society is such an important asset to the community, so when you are organizing a humane society fundraiser, you want to make sure you get everything right. But that doesn’t mean your humane society fundraiser has to be stressful or difficult – in fact, it’s probably a lot easier than you imagine. First Read More »

Humane Society Fundraising

Raising money for the humane society is an important task, and it may seem overwhelming at times. With the right knowledge of fundraising though, it does not have to be. The biggest step is deciding between a pre-sell versus a direct-sell fundraiser. A pre-sell fundraiser is a program that features brochures that are used for Read More »

Seasonal Humane Society Fundraisers

Fundraising is a seasonal process. There are several programs that are only offered during certain seasons, and others that work best during particular times of the year. When you are ready to start doing humane society fundraising, it is important to know the best timing, in order to make the most of your fundraising efforts. Read More »

Some Great Humane Society Fundraising Ideas

Sure, there are countless fundraising ideas out there, but which one’s are the best for the humane society? There is no single right answer for the best humane society fundraising ideas, but there are a couple of suggestions we can give for fundraising ideas that have worked well in the past for groups like the Read More »