Sound off here if your primary objective is to have a great JROTC fundraiser!

Classic JROTC Fundraising Ideas

JROTC fundraising is a great way to fill in gaps in available funding and to make sure that your school is not in any danger of having to shut the program down. A traditional program often does well with one of our classic JROTC fundraising ideas. Chocolate bars are a perennial favorite, and as you’re probably aware, chocolate never wanes in popularity. Do you remember the chocolate bar fundraisers from back when you were in school?

Fundraising and Social Distancing

Easy and Fun JROTC Fundraisers

JROTC fundraisers are a fantastic way for the training corps to band together toward a common goal, and bridge the gap between current funding and what is actually needed. When choosing JROTC fundraisers, you want to keep the mood light and fun. This is a great exercise in teamwork, and you want the corps to understand that every step they take helps them reach their financial goals, and benefits them directly.

JROTC Fundraisers that Work Well for Small Groups

Some schools have a lot of people involved in the JROTC program, and that's fantastic, but there are quality JROTC corps on all ends of the spectrum. If you have a smaller group, it doesn't change their need for funding, and that means the need for JROTC fundraisers is still there, as well. But what are your chances of making sufficient money from a fundraiser if you only have a small fundraising team?

The Added Benefits of JROTC Fundraising

When it comes time to start thinking about JROTC fundraising, obviously your top concern is profit. You want to make as much money for the corps as you possibly can so that they can continue their work helping young men and women reach their goals.