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Classic JROTC Fundraising Ideas

JROTC is a tradition in our schools and throughout the country. JROTC programs build character and turn out well-rounded and disciplined individuals. It’s also true that JROTC can help students build a career and plan for their adult lives after they graduate. There are so many benefits to the program, it’s hard to imagine our Read More »

Fundraising and Social Distancing

Easy and Fun JROTC Fundraisers

JROTC is important to so many students who are looking to get a head start on their careers, or who are simply dedicated to the self-discipline it takes to train in a military context. JROTC builds strength and character and can be a fantastic way for students to get themselves headed in the right direction. Read More »

JROTC Fundraisers that Work Well for Small Groups

Some schools have a lot of people involved in the JROTC program, and that’s fantastic, but there are quality JROTC corps on all ends of the spectrum. If you have a smaller group, it doesn’t change their need for funding, and that means they need for JROTC fundraisers is still there, as well. But what are Read More »

The Added Benefits of JROTC Fundraising

When it comes time to start thinking about JROTC fundraising, obviously your top concern is profit. You want to make as much money for the corps as you possibly can so that they can continue their work helping young men and women reach their goals. But a lot of times, the necessity of money can cast Read More »