Libraries hold the key to knowledge. Use our library fundraising volumes to lock up the funds you need.

A Wealth of Library Fundraising Ideas

As you need to begin considering some library fundraising ideas for supplies, equipment, or even new facilities, everything can be confusing at first. Many libraries are relying more and more on fundraisers to help buy things, so when you’re coming up with library fundraising ideas, they need to be good ones. You don’t want to Read More »

An Easy Library Fundraiser

So you have a new library in town or maybe an old library and you need to raise money. Try the newest library fundraiser, Money Savings Cards. How does this fundraiser work? The Money Savings Card fundraiser is very simple. You purchase cards that your group will be selling for $10 each. You pay upfront Read More »

Coming up with Fundraising Ideas for Libraries

Let’s be honest: thinking up effective fundraising ideas for libraries is not the easiest task in the world. These days, just getting people in the library is challenging enough; getting them to show their generosity to help keep the library funded is another thing entirely. But that doesn’t mean that you should feel discouraged about Read More »

Getting the Public Involved in a Library Fundraiser

So many public libraries are struggling these days, but the ones that are doing better than most are the ones that can keep up with modern technology, and can offer the public computers, CDs, and DVDs, as well as books. But of course, these things cost money, and the best way to bring that kind Read More »

Hosting a Library Fundraising Event

Public libraries have always faced a challenge in a world where electronic media are becoming increasingly popular, and in the days where almost everything now is on the internet, a lot of libraries do struggle. Library fundraising, however, can help raise awareness and money for the myriad of things that libraries do for communities. It’s Read More »

Ideas for Library Fundraisers

Libraries are more in need of funding support than ever, and in order to get that money from the public, you will have to show them that the library is there for the things they need or could be with the adequate support. It’s not enough anymore just to have the most fantastic selection of Read More »

Library Funding

Library fundraising is so important. Because the library is not associated with the typical fundraising groups, cheerleading, sports teams, schools, etc ? it is often overlooked, but the funds have to come from somewhere! Just because library fundraising is not popular does not mean it has to be difficult though. There are lots of fundraising Read More »

Library Fundraiser Ideas that Give Back to the Community

Coming up with decent library fundraiser ideas is not tremendously easy. But the good news is, you already know that the library has a lot to offer the community, and all you have to do is find a way to show that to them by organizing a fundraiser that shows off the library’s best assets. Read More »

Library Fundraising

Public Library Fundraising from Several Angles

Libraries across the country do their best to have activities, events, and services that they offer, but of course, in order for this to work, the library needs money to provide adequate and modern facilities. If you need to start drawing attention both to what the library offers, and what it needs to continue offering Read More »

Raising Awareness for a Public Library Fundraiser

If you are in a position where you need to raise money for a public library fundraiser, the most difficult part of the whole process can be getting people’s attention and stirring up interest for the event. The best way to get people motivated about helping the library is to show off all the great Read More »

Read-A-Thon’s Are Natural Library Fundraisers

School libraries are easy targets for budget cuts these days. And that’s a shame. Not too long ago the school library was one of the greatest resources available to students. So many schools have now begun to research ways to raise money for their libraries. While there are many library fundraising ideas, holding a read-a-thon Read More »

Using Psychology for Libraries Fundraising

If your library’s facilities are in need of refurbishment and you need some money from the public to help upgrade computers or buy new fixtures, these are things that can cost a lot, and that can be worrying. Libraries fundraising may require a bit more work than other fundraising efforts, and if it’s you who Read More »