Mission Trips

When your desire to help reaches across the world, we are here to assist you in funding the journey.

Are Short-Term Missions Trips Worth It?

When you ask people to describe their view of short-term missions some will answer that they a waste of time and resources, are just an excuse for culturally insensitive ill-informed “tourists” to see the world. For many others, though the responses are only positive. They view them as life-changing experiences, and opportunities to serve God Read More »

Best Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

As you probably already know, the church is not just about going to services on Sunday and being. A ministry is so much more than that, and when the spirit within the church can’t be contained in those four walls anymore, it’s time to start branching out in the world and spreading the news. Mission Read More »

Brainstorming Fundraising Ideas for Mission Trips

Mission trips are rewarding, fun, and of course bring a tremendous amount to the communities they serve. But even if you are not going to a very distant destination, mission trips still cost money, and if there is not enough funding to cover the costs of travel, you may have to come up with some Read More »

Fundraising Ideas for a Mission Trip

If you are looking for some fantastic fundraising ideas for a mission trip, you are probably feeling a little bit anxious about how things are going to play out. It’s easy enough when there is enough money coming in from the congregation to cover all the costs of the trip, but these days that is very rarely Read More »

Missions Trip Fundraising Preparations

Missions trip fundraising is a complicated undertaking, even for small groups, and even if you’re just planning the simplest of trips. The fact is, there are still travel expenses to arrange, and daily living costs to think about. Plus, the list of missionaries doesn’t always stay constant – some people may have to drop out Read More »

Options for Mission Trip Fundraising

Mission trip fundraising is both fun and rewarding. The missionaries have their trip to look forward to, and this always turns them into an enthusiastic and determined fundraising team. Attitude is everything in fundraising, but it is also essential that you thoroughly research your options for mission trip fundraisers so that you choose an activity that suits your Read More »

Organizing Fundraisers for Mission Trips

If your church or organization is planning on having a fundraiser for a mission trip, you’re probably already aware that this is one of the most important fundraisers you will ever have. Taking the work and word of Christ out to the word in the context of a mission trip is a rewarding and enriching Read More »

Mission Trip planning

Planning Mission Trip Fundraisers

Mission trip fundraisers can be some of the most important fundraisings that your church does. Mission trips are essential to helping the world and spreading the message of God, and with a group of enthusiastic missionaries on your side, you’ve already got a good head start into having a successful fundraiser. But there’s more to Read More »

Raising Money for a Mission Trip

There are lots of folks searching for ways to raise money for a mission trip. With the economy suffering that is more true now than ever. There is no need, though, to not go on a mission trip. There are tons of church fundraisers designed for individuals that need to raise money. The best way Read More »

Selling Candles as a Mission Trip Fundraiser

When you are planning a mission trip fundraiser, there is no greater theme for what you are doing than “Journey of Faith.” This applies to the mission trip, of course, but also to the fundraising that comes before it, as you are putting your trust in God that all will go well for the trip preparations and that Read More »

Successful Fundraising for Mission Trips

Churches are more than just a place to pray – they’re springboards for spreading the word. Mission trips are one way that churches and other Christian organizations can help others and be examples for His glory, but the desire to go on a mission trip is not always enough to make it happen. Some churches Read More »

Things to Consider for Mission Trip Fundraising Letters

Many times your church may run small mission trips that only need a moderate amount of funding. Perhaps that money can come from the congregation, either through small donations, or maybe a candy fundraiser. But when you’re planning a more significant trip that will take a lot of funds, you may have to bring out Read More »

Writing a Mission Trip Fundraising Letter

If you are attempting to get some extra money together for your missionaries, there are lots of different ways you could go about it. Having an event at the church is one idea, and this can work well if you can count on decent attendance. There are also classic fundraisers like candy bars and cookie Read More »