Scouting out ways to subsidize your troop? Earn your money-making badge with our boy scout and cub scout fundraisers.

A Brand New Boy Scout Fundraiser

When your troop starts looking for a new fundraiser to try, tell them all about the best new program available: Dinner and a Movie Card. Dinner and a movie cards are sold just like pizza cards. Your group purchases the cards upfront and sells each one for $10, keeping the profits. Unlike the pizza cards, Read More »

Best Girls Scout Fundraising Ideas

Best Girls Scout Fundraising Ideas

Believe it or not, Girl Scout cookies can actually be found in the dictionary. This is what the dictionary calls it: A Girl Scout cookie is one of several varieties of cookie. They were sold on neighborhood tours by Girl Scouts of the USA as a fundraiser for their organization. Cookies have become a worldwide Read More »

Boy Scouts Fundraising by Season

There is a season for everything, including different fundraisers. Each fundraising has a specific time when it is at its peak. Timing is everything, and when you find the right timing for your next boy scout fundraiser it is sure to be a success. Fall: There are virtually no limits on the types of fundraisers Read More »

BSA Fundraising

BSA Fundraising is a major part of being able to continually offer young men the opportunity to participate in the Boy Scouts of America. Whether it is to cover the costs associated with meetings; refreshments, activity materials, a meeting place, or the costs to practice and then earn merit badges, every Boy Scout Troop has Read More »

Choosing the Boy Scouts Fundraiser that Works Best For You

It may seem daunting, the idea that the Boy Scouts can’t just sell cookies like the Girl Scouts. This means you have to think of your own fundraiser. Fear not, though, because the good news is that there is a wealth of Boy Scouts fundraisers out there, and that means there’s bound to be one Read More »

Choosing the Right Boy Scout Fundraiser

Is your troop looking for something new for your next boy scout fundraiser? How do you decide what will work for your group? There are a few things to consider when choosing the next fundraiser. Troop size: There are lots of programs out there made for various sized-groups. If you have just a few boys Read More »

Cub Scout Cake Bake

Cub Scout Fundraising Cake Bake

Putting your young boy in cub scouts is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for your son. Cub scouts teach boys about skills that they need to know that they might not learn in school. They teach skill such as first aid, CPR, and how to survive in the wilderness. Some Read More »

Different Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas

So you are searching through the web trying to find Boy Scout fundraisers that will work out for your group. Well, no need to search any further. If you can?t find what you need here, then fundraising is not for you! Different Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas There are a number of Boy Scout fundraisers offered Read More »

cub scout fundraiser

Fantastic Cub Scout Fundraisers

Oh, the Girl Scouts and Brownie troops have it so easy – they have a magic fundraiser already built into their national program. Girl Scout Cookies are such a staple of successful fundraising that you may be worried about how your little Cub Scouts can compete with something like that. But actually, Cub Scout fundraisers Read More »

Great Ideas for Boy Scouts Fundraisers

Wow, the Girl Scouts have it easy, don’t they? Their fundraiser is already built into the national program, and Girl Scout Cookies are such a phenomenal perennial success that it’s easy to feel like the Boy Scouts have a harder mountain to climb. But Boy Scouts fundraisers can be just as fun and successful – Read More »

Green Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas

Everyone knows how Girl Scouts raise money. In fact, there were not many stores we visited that did not have a table of Girl Scouts selling cookies. Boy Scouts, however, do not have a well known national fundraising program to use so troops appear to be more or less on their own. So, if you Read More »

Boy Scouts Fundraiser

How to Make your Boy Scouts Fundraiser Go Smoothly

Working with kids can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to get them organized for a common goal that some of them may not completely understand. When you have a Boy Scouts fundraiser to do, it can be difficult to get everyone on the same page and working in the right direction, but doing Read More »

Cub Scouts Fundraising

Making the Most of Cub Scouts Fundraising

Organizing young boys is a challenge at the best of times, and when you’re trying to get Cub Scouts focused on a goal that involves raising money, they may not completely understand what is going on, and that can make your job even harder. So if you can find a way to get the Cub Read More »

Teaching Thriftiness through Boy Scout Fundraising

“A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.” Though we might not be able to help much with being clean or brave, we can certainly help out a scout who is looking for ways to be thrifty. Doing fundraising throughout the year can help your boy scouts Read More »

Eagle Scout

Use Famous Eagle Scouts As Fundraising Motivators

Boy Scout Fundraisers usually work well because of the quality of the scouts and the leaders who volunteer. But if you need to motivate your scouts before your scout fundraiser starts then you might want to tell them all about the great men who predated them and became Eagle Scouts. A common definition for an Read More »