You’ll be pitching from a mound of money with our baseball fundraisers that hit your profits out of the park.

7 Steps to a Successful Candle Fundraiser

So you have decided to sell candles for your fundraiser? Although candles are a popular and highly profitable product as well as easy to sell, it is important to develop a plan for your candle fundraiser in order to experience maximum success. 1. Decide what scents you want to offer. Many candle companies offer over Read More »

A Simple Baseball Fundraising Idea

For many baseball leagues throughout the country, fundraising is part of the registration process. Many have figured out a great way to incorporate it seamlessly into signing up their players. For many candy fundraising is just a natural. Here’s what some of the biggest leagues do: Well before their actual registration dates, they let potential Read More »

Baseball Scratch Cards

Advertising for your Baseball Fundraiser

A baseball fundraiser is useless if nobody knows what is happening. Advertising for your fundraiser is very important. The days of door-to-door sales are not only long-gone but also a dangerous option for young children. So what can your team do to let everyone know that you are having a fundraiser? Posters – Although it Read More »

Baseball Fundraiser

Are you looking for a baseball fundraiser? We suggest you use baseball scratch-off cards for a grand slam of a baseball fundraiser! Here is great information for your baseball team and program to have a great sports year not worrying about funds. Scratch cards are perfect for all sports teams, especially school teams. Baseball teams and Read More »

Baseball Fundraiser Homerun Derby

One of our favorite baseball-themed fundraising ideas is to host a  Homerun Derby. It’s a community crowd-pleaser with huge potential to raise money for your cause.  A baseball Fundraiser Homerun Derby is an obvious choice if you are raising money for a team. It can also be a huge success when utilized for other charities.  Read More »

Baseball Fundraisers for the Whole Year

There may only be one baseball season per year, but there are lots of different fundraisers available for your team to try during the off-season. Spring: Baseball fundraisers are most popular in the spring. The best choice for most teams has become the flower bulb or Go Green fundraisers. Both of these programs are pre-sell Read More »

Baseball Fundraising Ideas

Baseball Fundraising

Baseball Fundraising is as common as hot dogs, baseball gloves and sunflower seeds. Only thing is that most people hate to even think about baseball fundraisers. Why is that? For some baseball leagues, associations and teams, baseball fundraising has become as dull as watching the grass grow in the outfield. They do the same old thing every Read More »

Baseball Fundraising Ideas for High School Teams

Has baseball season become synonymous with fundraising season for your team? If so, then you are probably in the market for some new and improved baseball fundraising ideas. For the best results start with something that you know you are good at playing baseball. Set up a free clinic for kids in the area. You Read More »

College Fundraising Ideas for a Baseball Team

If you are a member of a college baseball team, a booster club supporting a college baseball team, or just need to raise money for a college baseball team, we would strongly suggest you consider one of two fundraising ideas. The best idea for raising a lot of money quickly without spending a lot of Read More »

Great New Fundraiser for the Baseball Fund

One of the hardest parts of fundraising is finding the right program. Teams looking for a new baseball fundraiser often run into the same problems, the minimums are too high, the product is too expensive, it is the wrong season for the fundraiser, etc. Fortunately there is a new fundraiser available that solves most problems Read More »

Have Fun with your Little League Fundraiser

You may not know it yet, but your little league fundraiser is going to be great fun. Sure, at the moment it may seem like it’s nothing but anxiety and stress – after all, the little league team is looking up to you as a fundraiser organizer to ensure they have enough funds to buy Read More »

Having Fun with Little League Fundraising

Fun may not be the first thing you think of when you consider all the aspects of little league fundraising. After all, your main goal is just to make as much money as possible for the team, right? Well, yes, there is that, but there is more to little league fundraising than just the financial Read More »

Making Baseball Fundraising Fun Again

School is tough. Homework is hard. Parents are out of touch. Then there is baseball. Being a teenager is hard. It can be a chore to get excited about something when everything else seems to be going against you. Sports is not just an activity, it can be an escape. Adding fundraising to the game Read More »

Positive Attitudes toward Youth Baseball Fundraising

Youth baseball teams used to be so simple. Things were less involved, less expensive, and getting the money together for things like uniforms was usually not very much trouble at all. These days, with the cost of even youth sports being through the roof, and the economy being what it is, the money doesn’t always Read More »

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The Psychological Aspects of Little League Fundraisers

Being on the little league team can be one of the most rewarding and memorable times in a young child’s life. For many children, little league is their first experience with a team sport, and thus it is important for them to come out of the little league with a positive feeling of what teamwork Read More »