Activity Book Set Up Fee


Introducing our NEW activity book fundraiser.  An easy to use 100% online fundraiser.  Simply sign-up and let us help you do the rest.  Earn 50% profit!

Embarking on an endeavor to offer new and innovative products for fun and effective fundraising efforts we have created our activity book and coloring book fundraiser. Bursting with creativity and educational value, these books promise hours of entertainment for children of all ages. Featuring captivating illustrations and a plethora of engaging activities, from mazes to word searches, the activity book sparks curiosity and fosters cognitive development. Meanwhile, the coloring book offers a canvas for artistic expression, allowing imaginations to run wild with vibrant hues. As supporters purchase these delightful books, they not only contribute to your fundraising efforts but also invest in the joy and enrichment of young minds. It’s a win-win initiative, blending philanthropy with fun and learning, all bound within the pages of these charming books.

  • Activity Book bundles retail for $15.
  • You Earn 50% Profit!

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