Whether it’s fast or slow, our softball fundraising pitches will give your team a financial home run.
candle fundraiser success

7 Steps to a Successful Candle Fundraiser

So you have decided to sell candles for your fundraiser? Although candles are a popular and highly profitable product as well as easy to sell, it is important to develop a plan for your candle fundraiser in order to experience maximum success.

Softball fundraisers

A Couple of Good Fundraising Ideas for Softball

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of softball fundraising, or this is your first time trying to raise money for your team, one thing is certain – you will need some great fundraising ideas for softball to help get you started. Most times when people do not have the success they hoped for with fundraising, it Read More »

All the Best Softball Fundraiser Ideas

Schools also have very well attended softball games, and kids and adults seem to agree that it's a great team sport to play. So given that it's so popular, you might be frustrated if you're looking for good softball fundraising ideas and coming up dry. It can be difficult to find fundraisers specific to softball, but we can certainly help you out in that regard.

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Fundraising Ideas for Softball Teams

All around the country, people are discovering what great fun it is to play softball. The benefits of being on a softball team are many – friendly competition, physical fitness, and working as part of a team. Part of that team feeling, however, involves being able to purchase the things the team needs – equipment, Read More »

Getting Your Softball Fundraisers Organized the Right Way

If you are setting out on the task to offset some of your softball team’s costs, obviously softball fundraisers are a clear winner. The problem is, if you don’t have a lot of experience with organizing a fundraising effort, the idea of having all that responsibility can be a little bit overwhelming. After all, the team is Read More »

How a Softball Fundraiser Can Help Your Team

If you play softball or have someone in your family who does, then you already know just how expensive things can get. Uniforms, bats, and equipment are just the basic things that the players need, but if the team is involved competitively, even on a local level, then the costs multiply very quickly. Travel is Read More »

Planning Out Great Fundraisers for Softball

Fundraisers for softball are becoming more and more of a necessity for today’s teams and leagues, as the cost of playing softball rises every season, and teams have to find a way to meet those costs. If you have been put in charge of running your team’s softball fundraiser but have little experience with raising money, Read More »

Put the Fun in Fundraising for Softball

More and more people are trying to incorporate sports into their lives as a way to keep active and fit, and softball is a great way to do that, especially if your free time happens to be evenings and weekends. But softball, just like any team sport, doesn’t come for free – if you want Read More »

Softball Scratch Cards

Scratch Card Softball Fundraiser Ideas

If you are part of a softball team that is trying to get money in to cover new uniforms, upgraded equipment, or even just basic expenses, you have probably already come to the conclusion that a fundraiser is a way to go. Indeed, softball fundraisers are one of the most effective ways for softball teams to Read More »

Scratch Cards as a Softball Team Fundraiser

Looking for a great softball team fundraiser? You’ve come to the right place. You’ve probably discovered that there are plenty of baseball fundraisers out there, but specific softball fundraising ideas can be difficult to come by. You want something that reflects you and your team, and shows everyone what you’re all about. Not only do we have a great Read More »

Softball Fundraisers

Are you looking for softball fundraisers? We specialize in softball fundraising ideas! Playing softball can be an expensive proposition. If you don’t play softball you probably have no idea how expensive new bats and other equipment can be. If you want to be competitive, you need to make sure you have the best equipment. Here are Read More »

Softball Fundraising Idea

A customer called the other day and told us they were having a hard time coming up with a great softball fundraising idea. They had looked at a bunch of fundraising websites but didn’t find anything specific to softball teams, leagues or players. He had found sites with great baseball fundraising ideas and most all other sports, Read More »

Softball fundraisers

Softball Fundraising Scratch Cards

Do you play for a softball team that needs to make money for uniforms, equipment, or travel? There are lots of softball fundraising options available, but one stands out above all the others. Have you considered softball team scratch off fundraisers? Why do we highly recommend Softball Team Scratch Off Fundraisers? They are extremely profitable and simple Read More »

Softball Fundraising: Stay Positive

Softball is one of the most popular sports out there, and kids love to feel like they’re part of a team. But any kind of sport can get expensive quickly, and softball has its share of equipment, travel expenses, and of course uniforms. Softball fundraising can be a great way to help your team get all Read More »

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Softball Team Fundraisers

You may dread the idea of softball team fundraisers, but unfortunately, they are a fact of life for most teams these days. The costs of participating in a softball league go up every year, and that’s not even including team-specific necessities like replacing broken equipment and updating those old, tired uniforms. Add in incidental costs Read More »

softball tournament fundraiser

Softball Tournament Fundraiser

Undoubtedly softball tournaments are fun and help many folks to be active and participate in sports, but it’s not as simple as it seems. A common problem that several sports combat these days is managing the costs involved, and softball tournaments are no exceptions. The obvious costs include paying umpires, renting venues, arranging commuting facilities Read More »