Bring that warm cozy glow to your fundraising events with illuminating ideas to light up your candle fundraiser.

7 Steps to a Successful Candle Fundraiser

So you have decided to sell candles for your fundraiser? Although candles are a popular and highly profitable product as well as easy to sell, it is important to develop a plan for your candle fundraiser in order to experience maximum success. 1. Decide what scents you want to offer. Many candle companies offer over Read More »

Best Band Fundraiser Around

Best Band Fundraiser Around

Band director Tenell Moore shares his passion for music every day with students in New Orleans. And even though funds are sometimes tight, he’s able to achieve his goal with what he calls The Best Band Fundraiser Around. For a number of years, Mr. Moore has hosted a Journey of Faith Candle fundraiser at the Read More »

Candle Fundraiser Forms

When you book a candle fundraiser with Easy Fundraising Idea we will send you free Candle Fundraiser Forms. In fact, we will send you a complete packet of information that provides all of the sales information you need to get your candle fundraiser started including: 1. A free candle brochure showing all of the products available in the program Read More »

Candle Fundraising Simply Works Well

Candle fundraising can be a great alternative to snack-based fundraising products. A lot of people feel uncomfortable with selling things like chocolate or fundraising cookie dough, just because of health concerns, but none of that is a problem with candles. We have beautiful and inspirational candle fundraising ideas that can suit just about every group, and whether you’re Read More »

Candles Fundraising for all Seasons

Candles fundraising is another fast-growing trend in fundraising ideas. It can be used by church groups, schools, daycares, sports teams, youth groups, and many other non-profit groups. In fact, it is a popular fundraising idea for the fall and winter, when longer nights are given an ambiance and warmth with candles, especially scented ones. Candle fundraising Read More »

Consider Candle Fundraising

Many groups looking for a great fundraiser are coming up short with new restrictions that have been placed on the type of items you are now allowed (or not allowed) to sell. Many organizations are placing heavy restrictions on food items in an effort to keep customers healthier. But there is no reason to give Read More »

Dealing with Candle Fundraiser Forms

If you have decided to do a candle fundraiser, you were probably drawn to it for quite a few reasons. First of all, of course the products are beautiful, and they’ll be very popular among your supporters. There’s also the benefit that these are pre-sale fundraisers, so you don’t have to put any money down upfront. The Read More »

Fundraiser Candles

Have you considered holding a Candle Fundraiser? If you haven’t researched candle fundraising let me give you some facts that will help you decide if a candle fundraiser is right for you or your group. Candle fundraisers are really good for any group. They are especially good for groups that sell to friends and family because most people burn candles Read More »

Fundraisers with Candles Are Fun and Easy

If you are looking for easy and interesting fundraisers, candles must certainly be on your shortlist of ideas you’re considering. So many people love to burn candles in their home or office, to give the room a pleasing fragrance. We offer a variety of fundraiser featuring beautiful, long-lasting candles that your supporters will love. Which candles fundraiser you Read More »

flower fundraiser

Fundraising Candles Can Be the Answer

If you are looking for a fundraiser that can get your group to their financial goals, you might have already thought about candy bars, magazines, or any number of other classic fundraising ideas. But have you considered doing something involving fundraising candles? On the surface, it might not seem like the most obvious choice, but think Read More »

Fundraising with Candles is Interesting and Profitable

Looking for a great fundraiser that won’t bore you to death? Tired of all the sweet snacks, ready for something different? Fundraising with candles is the perfect alternative for groups who want a beautiful, interesting, and eco-friendly fundraiser for their group. Our fundraising candles are fragrant, attractively packaged, and will be extremely popular with your supporters. Getting the Read More »

Getting Started with a Soy Candle Fundraiser

So many people these days are looking to do a soy candle fundraiser, and it’s easy to see why, too. Soy candles fit right in with an eco-friendly outlook, and they’re still as fragrant, beautiful, and long-lasting as ever. A soy candle fundraiser can help fill in all your fundraising blanks and can help you get to Read More »

Have Great Success with Fundraiser Candles

Fundraiser candles are beautiful, they’re substantial, and when you hold one in your hand, there’s no doubt about the quality. But what worries some fundraising teams about a product so heavy is the shipping costs. Some groups may even try to avoid candle fundraisers for that very reason – because they don’t think they will be able Read More »

Having Fun with a Fundraising Candle Idea

When you talk to past organizers about how their fundraisers have gone, in general, you tend to hear stories about how stressful it all is, and how complicated it can get if you don’t keep on top of everything you’re doing. While it’s certainly true that fundraising can get a bit hectic at times, you can Read More »

How a Candle Fundraiser Brochure Works

Some groups shy away from the idea of a candle fundraiser, simply because they find the idea intimidating. They worry about having to lug candles around out in the field, or the horrors of shipping such a heavy product. There are a lot of misconceptions about how candle fundraisers are run, and that’s why it’s beneficial Read More »

How to Promote Your Candle Fundraiser

There is no way to guarantee that you will have a successful candle fundraiser. There are just too many factors that go into the sales of a candle fundraising program that is out of your hands. But, there are a number of things that you can do that will seriously help your chances of having a terrific Read More »

New Candle Fundraising Ideas

Whether you have tried selling candles for a fundraiser before or not you should consider different candle fundraising ideas that are now available. The candle fundraising industry has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. Many companies that were successful in selling retail or even wholesale candles found they could not make money selling in the fundraising arena. There Read More »

Selecting Beautiful Candles for Fundraising

So many groups these days are choosing candles for fundraising, simply because candles are beautiful and useful in so many ways. Your supporters will love all the different varieties of beautiful and fragrant candles we have to offer, and your group will really enjoy the profits. Candles fundraising may seem like an idea that requires a lot Read More »

Selling Candles as a Mission Trip Fundraiser

When you are planning a mission trip fundraiser, there is no greater theme for what you are doing than “Journey of Faith.” This applies to the mission trip, of course, but also to the fundraising that comes before it, as you are putting your trust in God that all will go well for the trip preparations and that Read More »

Soy Candle Fundraising for Enjoyment and Profit

Soy candle fundraising is one of the most popular types of fundraising out there right now. So many groups are looking for eco-friendly fundraisers to help them support their cause, and soy candles are the perfect way to run both a green fundraiser and a popular one at the same time. Our beautiful, fragrant soy candles are always a Read More »

The Best Candle Fundraisers

Candle fundraising has been a staple in the fundraising industry for years. But I received an interesting phone call from one of our candle suppliers earlier this year that really spoke volumes about candle fundraisers. The owner of the company, which has been making fundraising candles for more than 25 years, said his costs were rising so quickly he Read More »

The Best Value Candle Fundraisers

So many groups these days are going with candle fundraisers for their annual fundraising idea. You can get candle fundraisers with pretty much any fundraising company, but you have to be careful about things like profit margins and shipping charges. We have two great candle fundraising ideas that can work for teams of different sizes, and for all kinds Read More »

What To Look For In a Candle Fundraiser

Candle fundraisers are very popular options for groups looking for a fundraising program that is highly profitable with easy to sell products that do not need to be frozen. They work great no matter what time of year you need to raise money because unlike some other fundraisers, like chocolate sales, you do not need to worry about your Read More »

Why a Candle Fundraiser Makes Sense

With all the wildly popular fundraisers out there like chocolate and snacks, you may wonder why you would even consider something like candles for your fundraising team. The truth is, a candle fundraiser can be just as successful as any food-based fundraiser, and it may work better for some teams that are concerned about the implications of selling sugary Read More »

Why a Soy Candles Fundraiser Works So Well

These days, more and more people are leaning toward the green lifestyle. The responsibility of taking care of our planet has fallen on our shoulders, and that is being increasingly reflected in our shopping habits. If you are trying to think of fundraising ideas for your group that will be popular with your supporters, a soy candles fundraiser can Read More »

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

You’ve decided you might want to hold a Candle Fundraiser to raise money for your group but you don’t know which program to choose. One of the programs people talk about is Yankee Candle Fundraising. While Yankee makes a terrific product we believe a Yankee Candle Fundraiser is not the best way to raise money. We believe we Read More »

Earth candle fundraiser

Yankee Candle Fundraising

Easy Fundraising Ideas and Yankee Candle Fundraising has helped thousands of groups every year with candle fundraisers. Unfortunately, in June of 2020, Yankee Candle discontinued its fundraising program. The official statement on the Yankee Candle Fundraising website reads: “In light of the impact that COVID-19 is having on our Fundraising business, we have made the difficult Read More »