Ready? Okay! Raise money for cheerleading in the most spirited way. Your team will flip for these fundraising tricks.
candle fundraiser success

7 Steps to a Successful Candle Fundraiser

So you have decided to sell candles for your fundraiser? Although candles are a popular and highly profitable product as well as easy to sell, it is important to develop a plan for your candle fundraiser in order to experience maximum success.

Cheerleading Bows

Are you looking for that one thing that can give your squad the edge? Well look no further, cheerleading hair bows are here! There are so many types of hair bows in every size, shape, and color that you can match any outfit perfectly.

Cheerleading Camp

A cheerleading camp can play a major role in the highly competitive world of cheerleading. Teams from around the nation compete every year for national championships. With cheerleading camps being so important, a future camper needs to know what to expect.

Cheerleading Camps

To sleep or not to sleep, to eat or not to eat, to attend cheerleading camp or not? To play video games or not to play video games and the list could go on and on! These are a few questions that nearly every student asks themselves throughout the summer.

Cheerleading Megaphones

Cheerleading has come a long way since and now you can hear the cheerleaders in every corner of the stands thanks in large part to megaphones. Those long tubular objects have become synonymous with cheerleading.

Cheerleading Pyramids

The competitive world of cheerleading continues to get more and more demanding. The days of the simple stunts and chants are long gone.

Cheerleading Shoes

Cheerleading is a sport and just as in football you have football cleats, in baseball you have baseball cleats and in track you have spikes; in cheerleading, you have cheerleading shoes.

Cheerleading Stretches

Cheerleading stretches and a complete warm-up period are key to preventing tight muscles, strains, and even more serious injury.

Choosing the Right Fundraiser for Cheerleading

Cheerleading becomes more and more popular every year as a sport, but unfortunately, the cost of running a cheerleading squad also goes higher and higher every year.

Competitive Cheerleading as a Sport

In 2003, the University of Maryland became the first Division I NCAA institution to recognize competitive cheerleading as a varsity sport. And what does that mean exactly? It means these athletes have the same benefits as other campus athletes.

Discount Cheerleading Uniforms

For the most part, every person who participates in a sport wears a uniform. Cheerleaders are no different.

Great Ideas for Cheerleader Fundraising

Economic times are tough right now, and cheerleaders are in just as tight a situation as any other school activity or club. If you have a cheerleader in your family, you’ve probably already been introduced to the world of cheerleader fundraising, because it is quite an expensive sport.

Learn Cheerleading | So You Want to Learn to Be a Cheerleader

Join the thousands of boys and girls, men and women who want to learn cheerleading. Cheerleading is not as easy as it looks. Learning to be a cheerleader takes a lot of hard work, hours of practice, and dedication by the cheerleader and also their family and friends.

Making the Most of Your Cheerleader Fundraiser

Yes, that time is coming around again – your cheerleader’s fundraiser is nearly here. If you are already experienced with cheerleaders fundraisers and have done this before, you likely learned a lot from previous years, and this time you’re determined to spice things up a bit.

Making the Most of your Cheerleading Fundraiser

You're probably already well aware that cheerleading fundraisers are a fact of life for most squads. Cheerleading is not the world's most inexpensive sport by a long shot. Someone has to pay for those uniforms and travel expenses.

Newest Cheerleading Fundraiser

Is your squad tired of doing the same fundraiser over and over, each year? Well there is a new cheerleading fundraiser available that will help you raise lots of money for new uniforms, travel fees, and any other type of expense you might face.

Nike Cheerleading Shoes

Nike cheerleading shoes look good and they meet the needs of this vigorous activity. You should not only think about your cheerleading shoes as part of your attire, but think of them as a piece of your cheerleading gear.

The History of Cheerleading | Cheerleading’s Early History

The history of cheerleading goes as far back as the late 1880s. The first organized, recorded yell was performed at a pep rally.

The History of Competitive Cheerleading

It is the estimation of this author that it is truly impossible to separate the initiation of competitive cheerleading from the origination of cheerleading in and of itself. The birth of cheering was centered on a competitive event and therefore cheering itself was competitive from the beginning.

UCA Cheer Camps

For most cheerleaders, cheering is for football games, pep rallies, and the thanksgiving parades. But for the more competitive, it is much more than that.