Booster Clubs

Give your booster club funds a booster shot.  Don’t worry. Our ideas are highly effective and completely painless.

A Booster Fundraiser that Works!

Booster club fundraising is getting a boost itself with the newest fundraising program available? Money savings cards. Money savings cards are sold just like pizza cards. Your group purchases the cards upfront and sells each one for $10, keeping the profits. Unlike the pizza cards, there is no work to do prior to ordering the Read More »

Booster Club Fundraiser

Booster Club Football Fundraiser

A booster club football fundraiser can be an annual event that helps raise money for the many needs of the football team. Of course, you can hold various fundraisers during the school year but many booster clubs opt for the annual event.

Booster Club

Booster Club Fundraising

Booster clubs and fundraising for sports booster clubs are synonymous with each other. In fact, most of these clubs are created to hold booster club fundraisers first and to act as a support group in other areas second. Why is fundraising so important? Because funding for sports teams and other school clubs is being cut more Read More »

Booster Club Start Up Includes Fundraising

There is one thing that is universal for all teams and clubs around the world: they always need something else. Maybe a professional baseball team needs a new pitcher, maybe a choir group needs new dresses, or maybe a peewee football team needs new pads. Whatever it is, teams always need something. That is why Read More »

Booster Fund: How to Keep it Full

The booster club fund comes and goes in waves. But your budget does not have to come and go. There are great booster club fundraising ideas for each season, and with a little planning, you can have a full budget all year long. Fall: Doing a fundraiser around the time that school starts are all Read More »

Candy is a Good Booster Club Fundraising Idea

If you are looking for a booster club fundraising idea, you should consider selling candy. Here’s why: Product fundraising is about a two and a half billion dollar industry. Depending on which estimates you rely on, candy fundraising makes up about one third or $800,000,000 each and every year. You have to admit it is hard to argue Read More »

Direct-Sell Booster Club Fundraisers

Are people still buying your seat stomp-out-the-enemy cushions, your school-spirit pom-poms, or your stick-it-to-the-opponents plastic megaphones? No? Well, color me surprised?? The economy is in bad shape right now, and people are not willing to hand over their money unless they know exactly what they are getting in return, even for a booster club fundraiser. Read More »

New ideas

Getting Fresh New Booster Fundraising Ideas

As you probably already are well aware, booster clubs are constantly on the lookout for new and improved ways to raise money for the team or club that they support. Fundraising ideas are a dime a dozen, but when fundraising is your main reason for existing (as is the case with many booster clubs), you Read More »

Getting Help with Booster Fundraising

Booster fundraising is some of the most dedicated fundraisings out there. In fact, many booster clubs are formed for the sole purpose of raising money for the group they represent. This puts a lot of pressure on you when organizing a fundraising activity, because if fundraising is the whole point of the booster club, then Read More »

Getting It Right with Band Boosters Fundraising

The school band is a fantastic institution for kids and their development. Participating in the band teaches students valuable skills, helps them build self-confidence, and shows them the benefits of working within a team. Schools are doing their best to support their bands, but of course, the expenses involved with the band can quickly get Read More »

Great Booster Club Fundraising Idea

Sports teams are some of the most fervent and active fundraising groups. Like it, love it, or absolutely hate it, fundraising is as much a part of team sports as referees and orange slices at halftime. For a large number of teams, mostly at the high school and junior high school levels, booster clubs have Read More »

My Thoughts on Booster Club Fundraisers

The dollar amount for the financing given for school athletics is an ever-decreasing amount. Over the years the amount of money given to school districts by the states for such things as their football program, baseball program, basketball program, volleyball, or softball program, has decreased by an alarming number. By no means is this the Read More »

Organizing a Successful Band Booster Fundraiser

It’s a great feeling to be a part of a successful band booster fundraiser, and enjoy helping the band out. It’s an entirely different thing, however, to be organizing the band fundraiser yourself, and to have all the pressure on your shoulders to make it as successful as possible. A successful band booster fundraiser does Read More »

Organizing Band Booster Fundraisers

The high school band is one of the best extracurricular activities out there. Aside from music skills, kids learn discipline, self-confidence, and teamwork. But the state of school funding in the current economic situation means that band booster fundraisers are going to be necessary for most school bands, as the schools themselves cannot take up Read More »

Booster Club Fundraiser

Pre-Sell Booster Club Fundraising

The booster club is always busy. Those who disagree are obviously not involved! Between meetings, practices, games and all the things in between it hardly seems possible to add another chore to the list but there is one necessary activity that plagues the booster club each years fundraising. Doing a booster club fundraiser is an Read More »

Student Alumni Association Fundraiser

If a student alumni association fundraiser is in store for you, there are a few things to keep in mind, especially if this is your first go at hosting a fundraiser. The first thing is to make sure it is for a good cause. If others do not feel anything towards what the money is being raised for, the fundraiser is likely to fail.

The Challenges of Band Booster Fundraising

When you start to organize band booster fundraising, there are many challenges ahead of you, but the rewards are just as great as the difficulties. As head of the band fundraising effort, it is your job to work around all the complexities of the project, but don’t worry – it’s not as much of a Read More »

Tips for a Successful Booster Club Fundraiser

For many booster club fundraising is stressful. The best thing to do is just take a step back and a deep breath. I would like to suggest that for a successful fundraiser you start off by having a fundraiser meeting. This will ensure that everyone is educated about the fundraiser. If possible involve everyone who Read More »