Main Street Sweet Shoppe Candy Fundraising

Main Street Sweet Shoppe

The Main Street Sweet Shop has reinvigorated candy fundraising. It has exciting new products, and people love the 1 case minimum. This fundraiser comes with free shipping and has high-profit percentages.  Plus, gummy bears and sour gummies keep people ordering more!

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Baseball Scratch Card

Baseball Scratch Cards

Baseball scratch cards are one of our most profitable baseball fundraisers.  With eye-catching graphics and a simple premise, this fundraiser serves up a money-making shut out.   We will imprint your team name at no additional cost and each card can make up to 90% profit.

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Football scratch cards

Football Scratch Cards

Football scratch cards are an easy way for players to huddle up $100 each in a relatively short period of time. Whether you are raising money for a team or a league, football scratch cards work well for all sizes of teams or leagues. We will imprint your team name at no additional cost and each card can make up to 90% profit.

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Soccer Scratch Card Fundraiser

Soccer Scratch Cards Kick in the Cash

Soccer scratch cards make it easy to see your fundraising progress, one little dot at a time! And those little dots mean big profits.  Each card raises $100. You can earn up to a 90% profit margin. We imprint your team or league name free of charge on each card. Have a ball with a soccer scratch card  fundraiser!

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Cheerleading scratch card

Cheerleading Scratch Cards

Cheerleading scratch cards are an obvious choice for a cheerleading fundraiser. With their natural outgoing personalities, cheerleaders are champs at encouraging others to go for the win! Meaning they can easily cheer people on to donate money to their team. Each cheerleading scratch card raises $100 and shipping is free.

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Wrestling scratch card

Wrestling Scratch Cards

Wrestling fundraising is quite often reflective of its sport and more of an individual project. But scratch card fundraising is a terrific way for either teams or individual wrestlers to meet their financial needs.  Each scratch card raises $100 and can be imprinted with up to three lines of custom text to customize your card.

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