Elementary School

Learn the ABC’s and 123’s of elementary school fundraising and earn more than gold stars for your gang. 
Creative School Fundraising Ideas

A Full Range of School Carnival Fundraiser Opportunities

The annual school carnival is a tradition that most schools have had going for years or even decades. The school carnival gives kids a lot of pleasant memories of their school and is one of the year’s most beloved events. But of course, there is the other side of the school carnival: fundraising. The practical Read More »

A Great Fundraising Idea: School Fundraiser Magazines

If you are looking for a good idea for a school fundraiser, magazines can certainly be a great place to start. There are so many different kinds of school fundraisers out there, but magazines are just one of those things that people really love to buy. Can you remember ever being in a home or Read More »

A Guide to Hershey Fundraising

You may think that Hershey fundraising is some of the most automatic and easy fundraisings out there, and that’s certainly true. But so many fundraising teams don’t take full advantage of all the ways they can use Hershey fundraising to their advantage, and that results in lower sales and profits than what they could have Read More »

A Hershey Fundraiser Fills in the Blanks

If you are interested in running a chocolate fundraiser for your school, sports team, charity group, or even church youth group, there are a lot of reasons why a Hershey fundraiser is the way to go. People respond to brand name items they recognize and have experience with, and Hershey is just about one of Read More »

A Magazine Subscriptions Fundraiser Simply Works

So many groups out there are trying too hard to make their fundraising efforts unusual or different in some way. While it’s fun to change things up a little from time to time, in the end, you want to give your supporters the things they want to buy, and many times that means sticking to Read More »

ABC Fundraising Ideas 101

If this is the first time you are in charge of fundraising then you should learn the ABC's of fundraising ideas. So consider this article ABC Fundraising Ideas 101: A. The first thing to do before even beginning the process is to determine if your group members are motivated to do a fundraiser in the first place.

Advertise Elementary School Fundraisers in Newsletters

Are you in charge of your elementary school newsletters? Are your elementary school newsletters a chore to write and a bore to read? The following are some steps that will help you in preparing your newsletter. You first need to determine the purpose of your newsletter. Newsletters are good tools for: Advertising your Elementary School Read More »

Advertise Your Fundraisers on Elementary School PTO Websites

The Internet is a great way to show information about your organization and if you are going to have an elementary school PTO website, there are a number of things that you should include. First and foremost it should include some information about the school that the PTO is associated with. Of course, you should Read More »

Affordable School Fundraising Ideas

When you are planning a fundraiser for your local school, it is not always possible to splash out on expensive events such as carnivals. After all, isn’t the whole point of a fundraiser to make money, not to spend it? The school probably has enough financial problems in the current economy, so it is very Read More »

Approaching Kindergarten Fundraising in the Right Way

Kindergarten is one of the most memorable and important years in a young child’s education. It’s a year full of fun and excitement, of trying new things and making new friends. But in order for your child’s kindergarten year to be everything, it can be, of course, the kindergarten class needs access to a constant Read More »

Benefits of a school fundraiser

Benefits of a School Fundraiser

What is the top priority is for your school’s fundraiser? The obvious answer is: to make money. Extra funds can help supplement budgets and promote extracurricular activities. It’s true, you do want to make as much money as possible with your school’s fundraiser.  However, there are more benefits of a school fundraiser than simply raising Read More »

Candy Sales for School Fundraising - No Cost Upfront

Candy Sales for School Fundraising – No Cost Upfront

Candy bar sales for school fundraising, no cost upfront, sounds like a fundraising dream come true. Finally, a way for schools to fund raise successfully with no risk of lost profits due to unsold products. We apologize for bursting your bubble; that, our friends, is a fantasy.

Choosing a school fundraising company

Choosing a School Fundraising Company

There are three main types of fundraisers; DIY, donation-based, or selling products. DIY fundraisers are events like bake sales or shoe drives, where volunteers and supporters supply (baked goods) or collect (shoes) the "products" that are exchanged for money. Donation-based fundraising utilizes an online platform to gather donations. Selling products is where choosing a trusted school fundraising company enters into the process. Consider the three "P"s when choosing a school fundraising company: Profit, Product Selection, and Personal Attention.

Choosing Good Fundraisers for School

Whether your school group is looking to raise funds for uniforms, supplies, travel expenses, or anything else, no doubt you are looking around this site because you need some good fundraisers for the school. You’re certainly not alone – in today’s economic climate, most schools are in the position now that they rely on fundraisers Read More »

Choosing School Fundraising Programs

As that time of year rolls around that you want to begin considering school fundraising programs, it’s likely that you’re mostly thinking about which school fundraising programs are available for your kind of group, and how you should go about choosing the school fundraising program that’s right for you. There are quite a lot of Read More »

Choosing the Best Fundraiser for School

With the current economic conditions and budgets being in a dismal state, schools are turning more and more to the idea of fundraiser activities to help supplement income. If you are in charge of organizing the fundraiser for the school, you might be feeling overwhelmed if you don’t know what sort of fundraiser for school Read More »

Choosing the Best School Fundraiser

Choosing the Best School Fundraiser

When you start the process of choosing the best school fundraiser, the dominant thought is, “This needs to be successful.” Firstly because your group needs the funds; secondly, there is a lot of time and energy put into organizing and executing a fundraiser. The result must be worth everyone’s while.

Choosing the Most Simple School Fundraisers

We’ve all seen it before: the school-wide fundraising effort that involves lots of orders, shuffling of money, dealing with shipping and delivery… and of course the paperwork. Although a complex school fundraiser can work well for certain situations, there are a lot of things for which more simple school fundraisers are more than adequate. Not Read More »

Choosing the Right School Fundraiser Products

When you’re in the planning and organizing stages of your school fundraiser, there are a lot of things to think about. There’s the size of your group (which you may be worried about if your group is particularly small or large), the amount of money you need to make with your school fundraiser, and the Read More »

Coming Up with Easy School Fundraisers

So it’s your turn to be in charge of the school fundraiser this year, is it? That’s not a problem, we’ve got you covered. You’re probably feeling a bit confused about all the choices available to you, and all you really want is a way to come up with an easy school fundraiser that your Read More »

Cookie Dough School Fundraiser

Cookie Dough School Fundraiser

These days I would suggest that there is no better way for a school to raise money than to hold a Cookie Dough School Fundraiser. Cookie dough fundraisers make a lot of sense because you are offering a product people expect to purchase from a fundraising group and that can be offered at a competitive price that does not seem to be overpriced.

Cookie Dough School Fundraiser

A cookie dough school fundraiser can and should become an annual event. In fact, we help hundreds of groups that hold cookie dough fundraisers every year that make the money they need year after year. It only makes fundraising sense for a school to sell cookie dough at the same time every year.

Creative School Fundraising Ideas

Creative School Fundraising Ideas

Here’s a list of top picks for Creative School Fundraising Ideas Arts and Crafts Fair – Have students create masterpieces and auction them off. Put paintings, sculptures, jewelry, or anything handmade by students up for bid. Bonus – It’s easy to host this event virtually! TikTok Dance Challenge – Create a simple dance and get Read More »

Best Fundraising Ideas

Creative School Fundraising Ideas to Try Out

If you have been tasked with organizing a school fundraiser, you may be wondering about the best idea that will make your school fundraiser a real success – an idea that will be remembered fondly by all of the current students at your school, and be talked about by faculty members and students for years Read More »

Different Fundraisers for Schools

If you have recently been placed in the position of organizing fundraisers for schools, it is very likely that you are wondering what kinds of fundraisers are available for schools, and which of those would be most appropriate for your school in particular. You’ll also need to know what sorts of fundraisers for schools will Read More »

Elementary School Fundraisers Can Be Easy

If you have ever been in charge of an elementary school fundraiser, then you know that it feels slightly like being the director of controlled chaos; elementary school fundraising is not for the faint of heart. But that doesn’t have to be the case you can plan, execute, and finish a successful fundraiser at your Read More »

Elementary School Fundraisers that Really Work

If you are getting involved as the organizer of your elementary school fundraiser, this may be your first chance to go through the processes involved with fundraising, and the challenges of running successful elementary school fundraising ideas. Putting together your fundraiser is not all that difficult, and with some helpful hints and tips, you can Read More »

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas that Work

When you’re searching for elementary school fundraising ideas, consider the following: The ideas that work are ones that are thought out. You can?t just decide to do a fundraiser on a whim; especially with you are working with students. Find a fundraiser that fits your students or the school as a whole. Consider the age Read More »

Fantastic Fundraising Ideas for Schools

When it comes time to get the annual school fundraiser going, you may be getting excited about organizing some good fundraising ideas for schools, but perhaps you’re short of tips on where to start. To top everything off, you may be getting conflicting opinions from others who have come up with fundraising ideas for schools Read More »

Fantastic Ideas for a School Fundraiser

If it’s getting to be that time when you need to start getting the school fundraiser underway, obviously you’re going to need some good ideas for a school fundraiser, but coming up with smart ideas can be the hardest part of the process, and you may not even know where to begin. If you have Read More »

New School Fundraising Ideas

Finding New School Fundraising Ideas

Finding new school fundraising ideas can seem like a full-time job. Everyone wants to come up with something different and exciting. While an original, innovative concept is wonderful, you don’t always have to reinvent the fundraising wheel. There are ways to find fundraising ideas that are new to you and your crew. A little research Read More »

Finding Quality School Fundraising Products

There are a lot of organizational and logistical aspects to school fundraising, but all the organizational skills in the world won’t make a bit of difference without decent school fundraising products. You’re probably searching online for the best places with the widest range of school fundraising products, and you’ve come to the right place, as Read More »

For Successful Fundraising, Schools Lead the Way

When it comes to fundraising, schools pretty much set the standard for how to do things. Especially in these days where the economy is rough, fundraising helps schools fill the gap between what their budget provides, and what the school’s clubs and groups need to survive. In most schools, fundraising is already a way of Read More »

Fundraiser Ideas for Schools

There are many different fundraiser ideas for schools. Here are a few tips on how to identify the best school fundraising ideas for your particular school. 1. Determine the number of students that will participate. There are many different fundraiser ideas for schools and the fact of the matter is that some are better suited for Read More »

Fundraising for Elementary Schools: How to Choose?

As you may already know, fundraising for elementary schools is not all that difficult. People love contributing to anything that will help kids, and if you add the children’s own excitement into the equation, you can see how elementary school fundraising can easily snowball into a big success. The hardest part is selecting a fundraiser Read More »

Fundraising for School

Fundraising for school can sometimes be the difference-maker in the quality of education children in America receive these days. The fact of the matter is that school districts can simply not afford programs and equipment that not too many years ago had been taken for granted. Fundraising for school and school groups has become a huge Read More »

Fundraising Idea for Schools

You just joined the PTA and you need a fundraising idea for schools. School fundraisers are necessary even though many people and parents complain that the local school is always fundraising. But the fact of the matter is that the money raised through school fundraisers goes to pay for things that might not be afforded Read More »

Fundraising in Schools: Where to Begin

Whether you realize it yet or not, fundraising in schools is not really all that difficult. Communities enjoy helping out schools and anything having to do with educating children, and if you take into account the energy and joy the children bring into it themselves, obviously fundraising in schools have a huge potential for success. Read More »

Getting Children Involved with Elementary School Fundraising

If you are thinking about raising some money for your elementary school, you may decide to plan some sort of elementary school fundraising event. Whether you are a teacher at the school, or the principal, or possibly even a parent who just wants to get involved and support a good cause, elementary school fundraising is Read More »

Getting Started with Private School Fundraisers

Organizing private school fundraisers is not as difficult as you think. Sure, you may be stressed out about it at the moment, but that’s just because you haven’t figured out what you’re doing yet, and you don’t know all the ins and outs of private school fundraisers. We’re here to help you out with that, Read More »

Gift Baskets for School Fundraisers

We had never heard of that option but a group recently told us about their experience doing just that. One of the student’s mothers worked for an importer. She was the one that presented the idea to the school as a PTO fundraiser. She told the board that she could get them wholesale prices on Read More »

Great Fundraisers for Schools

No matter whether your school needs money for equipment, supplies, or to help support its sports teams or clubs, you’ve probably ended up here because you need to come up with some great fundraisers for schools. School fundraisers pretty much set the bar for fundraising in general, because so many schools are in need of Read More »

Great Tips for Elementary School Fundraising

#1 – Keep it simple. –If you are working with young children then you will need to find a fundraiser that will be easy for them to explain. Find a program with limited prices, and if possible, one that they can sell directly. The less interaction they have to do with the customers is usually, Read More »

Green Fundraising for Your Class Fundraiser

When a large group of people, such as a high senior class, come together to have a class fundraiser, there are a number of criteria that must be met before choosing the right fundraiser for the group. You have to make sure that the product line you pick is broad enough to appeal to a wide Read More »

Class Reunion Fundraiser

Having Some Fun with School Fundraiser Programs

Maybe you’re in charge of a large school group trying to raise a lot of money, or maybe you’re just a small club who needs some extra cash for equipment. Either way, you’ve come here because you’re looking for school fundraiser programs, something that will help you reach all of your goals this year. Luckily, Read More »

Having Success with a School Magazine Fundraiser

If your school group is looking for a fun and easy way to make some extra money for expenses, equipment, or travel costs, a school magazine fundraiser is certainly an effective way to go. Even in this age of digital information, the popularity of magazines hasn’t diminished, and in fact, it’s difficult to think of Read More »

Head Down the Road to Success with School Fundraiser Discount Cards

School fundraisers range from the very simple to the moderately complicated. If you have a small group, you have the additional concern of needing a school fundraiser with relatively high profits, and of course, you want to keep everything as simple as possible. With something like school fundraiser discount cards, you get the best of both worlds, Read More »

Holding a Sponsored Fundraiser for Schools

Sometimes the school just doesn’t have enough money in its annual budget to pay for upgrades like school gym equipment and new library books. You would be surprised at how quickly the school’s budget gets eaten up by things like general maintenance, that there just isn’t enough to cater for every school department’s needs. You Read More »

Holding Successful School Fundraisers

Sometimes it can a very stressful job to arrange successful school fundraisers, especially when you may be unclear about how to plan such an effort. You’ll need to go through budgeting issues, print out flyers and signs to put up around your school, get other teachers and students on board to rally together and promote Read More »

Holding Your First Schools Fundraiser

The idea of holding your first school’s fundraiser can be rather daunting. Whether you are a faculty member at an elementary school, middle school, or high school, it makes no difference in the fears and concerns you may have when planning out your fundraiser for the first time. But with some careful consideration of the Read More »

Hosting a Rock Band Fundraiser for Your School

It’s no secret that kids love playing Rock Band, and a lot of them are really good at it! If they’re going to be playing those kinds of games anyway, then it makes sense to use that to your advantage when planning your school fundraiser. Holding a Rock Band fundraiser at your school can be Read More »

How to Choose a School Fundraising Company

If this is your first time in an organizational position with school fundraising, then obviously one of your first tasks is to start looking for a school fundraising company and try to find out which ones can offer you exactly what you’re looking for both in product ranges and customer service. There are lots of Read More »

How to Come Up with a Fantastic School Fundraising Idea

It’s likely that the reason you’re here is that you want to think of a great school fundraising idea, but you’re not entirely certain where to start. Maybe you’ve heard all sorts of advice and pointers from people who have organized school fundraisers in the past, and rather than clarifying things, you’re just more confused Read More »

How to Get Organized with Fundraising for Schools

Perhaps you already know that fundraising for schools is not that difficult, even though it involves some setup work and organizing. The bottom line is, people, love to help out anything involved with education, and when you add the charming personalities of kids into the equation, it’s not hard to see where the potential is Read More »

How to Get Started with a Free School Fundraiser

If you are organizing a fundraiser for a school group that is in desperate need of money, you might be disappointed to find that a lot of fundraisers expect you to buy products upfront. This can be stressful if you don’t have an existing budget to work from – the whole point of the school Read More »

How to Have the Best School Fundraisers

When most people think about school fundraisers, they usually imagine a bake sale or selling chocolate in boxes to their friends and family. And there is a good reason for this. The truth is, the resources that are needed to pull off the best school fundraisers haven’t changed over the years. Something that isn’t broken Read More »

How to Organize a School Art Fundraiser

People think of school fundraisers as being there to help things like sports teams and cheerleaders, but the reality is that in these economic times, a school fundraiser can help any group that needs additional support beyond what the school’s funding can provide. Art departments, in particular, need things like supplies and equipment, and a Read More »

How to Organize a Successful School Fundraiser

It’s one thing to be involved in a successful school fundraiser and feel the pride and excitement that go along with that. It’s an entirely different thing, however, to be organizing the fundraiser and has all the pressure on your shoulders to make it as successful as possible. A successful school fundraiser does take some Read More »

How to Put Together an Easy School Fundraiser for a Small Group

Many times school fundraisers are major projects, involving a large effort and huge amounts of products. There are a lot of things to worry about with school fundraisers like these – organizing, ordering, and distributing can all be huge operations, not to mention the hassles involved if anything goes wrong. Sometimes you don’t need to Read More »

How to Raise Money with School Fundraising Products

When your school is in need of some extra funding to help in the upgrading of school equipment or books, you may find that holding a school fundraiser is the best way to go. The school’s budget probably doesn’t allow for hiring out huge events like carnivals and fairground rides, so you may need a Read More »

How to Select Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

As you may already be aware, although elementary school fundraising is not a walk in the park, it’s not rocket science, either. After all, people do love to help children, especially when it concerns the quality of their education, and if you have an excited group of elementary school kids as well, then you know Read More »

How to Set Up Cheap School Fundraisers

The ironic thing about many school fundraisers is, your school group or club needs to make money, but often the amount of money that you would need to invest in the fundraiser itself exceeds what your group has available. This can be frustrating, and the desire to find cheap school fundraisers can have you looking Read More »

How to Start a Private School Fundraiser

The first step in private school fundraising is to choose a fundraiser. It sounds simple, but this is often the hardest part. You want to pick a fundraising program that complements both your group and those who will be participating as buyers. For instance, you may think that coffee is a ridiculous item for school-age Read More »

Ideas for Free School Fundraisers

If your school group doesn’t really have enough funds on hand to pay upfront for a school fundraiser, then obviously you’ll be wanting to look at some free school fundraisers. The way these fundraisers work is that we send out product brochures to you free of charge, along with all the order forms you’ll need Read More »

Making the Most of Elementary School Fundraising

Fundraising for elementary schools can be one of the most rewarding types of fundraising. Anything that will go directly to help children is always of great benefit, and elementary school fundraising is one of the things that the community really likes to get involved in. Elementary school fundraising is not difficult, but there are a Read More »

Making the Most of Your School Spirit Fundraiser

A school spirit fundraiser has a wonderful feature built right into it, in that you've got some of the most outgoing, enthusiastic, and, well, spirited kids on your sales team. They are natural salespeople, and they are one of the major keys to making the most of your school spirit fundraiser.

Making Your Yearbook Fundraiser Easy

Making Your Yearbook Fundraiser Easy

It can be very stressful to think about everything you have to do if this is your first time with the job of organizing a yearbook fundraiser. You may be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of fundraising ideas out there when all you really want is for someone to point you in the right direction with an easy yearbook fundraiser you can use to reach your monetary goals.

Elementary school fundraisers

Maximizing Your Opportunity with an Elementary School Fundraiser

An elementary school fundraiser is very possibly one of the most rewarding types of fundraisers out there. Anytime you are doing something that will directly impact the educational experience of children, you should feel proud of that work and enthusiastic about it. The larger community enjoys getting involved, as well, and that can make the Read More »

Maximizing Your School Fundraiser Sales

It is often said that the key to having a successful school fundraiser is a good organization, and that is certainly true. When you start out thinking about school fundraiser sales, the first step is to clearly identify your monetary goals, and figure out just what amount of school fundraiser sales will be necessary to Read More »

Maximum Profit School Fundraising Ideas

When the time of year comes around (as it always does) to start thinking of school fundraising ideas, clearly the thing you’re most concerned with is profit and how quickly you can reach the goal you have set for yourself. There are many paths to school fundraising, but if you get the right school fundraising Read More »

Ideas for school fundraising events

More Ideas for School Fundraising Events

You are hosting a fundraising event for your school. Congratulations! Events like carnivals, walk-a-thons, and chili cook-offs not only have earning power but are great for getting the community involved with your school. Here we have additional ideas for your school fundraising event to make the most of your captive audience, who are ready, willing, Read More »

Musical Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Music Fundraising Ideas for School Groups

It’s no secret that when budgets get cut at educational institutions, usually it’s the arts that are the first to go. But parents and teachers know these programs are more than just extracurricular fun – they help children develop important skills, both practical and social, that facilitate them to become more well-adjusted and well-rounded people. Read More »

New School Fundraising Ideas

I would imagine that, if you really sat down and thought about it, you would be hard-pressed to find any youth group, of any kind, that does not participate in some kind of fundraising program. From school fundraisers to sports team fundraisers to church fundraisers, it seems like every kid is out trying to sell something. Read More »

Organizing a Paper School Fundraiser

Admittedly when you think of school fundraisers, visions of candy bars, cookie dough, or other such products come to mind. This can lead to worries about the hassle of having products to carry around everywhere. But it doesn’t have to be like that – there are various types of paper-based school fundraisers out there, that Read More »

Organizing a School Calendar Fundraiser

If fall is the time that your school does most of its fundraising activities, it would be a very smart idea to consider a school calendar fundraiser. Calendars are very popular items anytime from about Halloween onward, and during the end of the Thanksgiving season, people are really starting to think not only about the Read More »

Organizing a School Fundraiser

Today’s schools have a very comprehensive set of extra-curricular activities, and some schools have more than a hundred different types of sports, clubs, and other activities aimed at helping students to become more well-rounded individuals. However, the money is not always there in the budget to support these clubs, so this means at some point Read More »

Organizing that Back to School Fundraiser

When the kids head back to school in the fall, the realities of the school’s funding situation will hit home, and this is likely to affect your kids directly, whether they participate in sports, music, or other clubs or activities. The smart thing to do is to take some time during the last month of Read More »

Picking a Good School Fundraiser

A school fundraiser is a normal part of the school year for kids in any grade. Elementary, middle, and high schools across the land rely on school fundraisers to get much-needed extra money to provide for things the school budget can’t handle. A school fundraiser can really help keep the school’s extra-curricular clubs and groups Read More »

Planning a school fundraiser

Planning a School Fundraiser

“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.” Dwight D. Eisenhower. For most of us, planning a  school fundraiser is an additional event in our already busy lives. Truly, a well-devised plan can make the most of your time when extra hours are in short supply, . First and foremost, start planning Read More »

Planning a School Fundraiser

Hosting a school fundraiser can be daunting work. It requires a lot of organization and time to pull off a truly successful event. Providing everything goes well, though, and you are able to reach your financial target, the payoff will be well worth your efforts. The first thing to consider about planning a school fundraiser Read More »

Planning Ahead for Easy School Fundraising

If the task of organizing the school fundraising effort this year has gone to you, then it’s your job to make sure that everyone is reasonably happy and that the fundraiser goes well. Sure, your number one priority is bringing in money for the school, but there’s more to it than that. You want people Read More »

Class Fundraising

Private School Fundraisers by Season

To everything, there is a season including fundraiser! Check out the list below to find the best time for your next private school fundraising. Fall: During the fall there are lots of options. Any of the pre-sell fundraisers are available such as cookie dough, candles, flowers, Go Green, candy, or calendars. The important thing to Read More »

Private School Fundraising

Is your child’s school looking for a new private school fundraiser? A program that will not have the hassle that others bring to fundraising? There is a new fundraiser available that successfully avoids all the pitfalls of other fundraising programs. Money savings cards are the newest fundraising program. A money savings card is exactly what Read More »

Private School Fundraising Discount Cards

Getting an education from a private school comes with certain benefits. Children, in most cases, get more hands-on experience in the classroom, as well as closer attention from teachers. The mainstream fads and overall culture of the public school system are avoided, and there is a broad exposure to more educational activities. Unfortunately, there is Read More »

Private School Fundraising Ideas

Choosing the right program for your private school fundraiser can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. There are so many great fundraisers how do you pick just one? The best way to decide which fundraiser is to look at the type of group you have, and go from there. Whole School: If the program Read More »

Product Fundraisers for Schools

So you’ve decided that the best way to bring some extra funding to your school is by planning and overseeing a school fundraiser. That’s great. But how do you know which kind of fundraisers for schools will be the best choice to bring in all of your the money required to reach your financial goals? Read More »

Projects for Homeschool Fundraising

Homeschooling is on the rise and is becoming more and more popular every day. A lot of parents who want to homeschool do not want to let something like money stand in the way of providing their children with this type of education, and that is understandable, but the fact remains that homeschooling can get Read More »

Promoting a school fundraiser

Promoting a School Fundraiser

Would you throw a party without inviting people to your shindig? Fundraising is the same way. You are hosting an event, and people will want to participate. Promoting a school fundraiser is all about letting folks know about it and welcoming them in! A simple and effective way to promote your school fundraiser is through Read More »

Psychology and School Fundraisers

Psychology and School Fundraisers

Do you think psychology and school fundraisers are an unlikely pair? That’s understandable, especially if this is your first involvement with a school fundraiser. We like to talk about the 3 “P”s of fundraising: Profit, Product Selection, and Personal  Attention. But there is an important 4th: Psychology. Having the right mindset, from the outset, can Read More »

Publicize Your School Fundraiser

If you want to be as successful as possible you should publicize your school fundraiser using all the resources available to you. First, contact your local newspapers and radio stations. You would be surprised at how often they will consider doing public service, feel-good kind of stories. They might actually be grateful if you have Read More »

Ready to Hold a School Fundraiser?

We help more schools throughout the country with school fundraising ideas. We would like to help your group as well. We offer all of the most proven fundraising ideas like cookie dough fundraisers, candy fundraisers and more. But more importantly is the time and care we offer each school that comes to us. Here are Read More »

School Annual Fundraisers

There are no groups more likely to hold an annual fundraiser than a school. In fact, more often than not schools try to hold the same fundraiser at the same time of year every single year. There is a lot to be said for the school annual fundraisers. There are a few reasons schools do Read More »

School Fundraiser Items: Deciphering Your Choices

A school fundraiser is just a fact of life. No matter whether you are dealing with an elementary school, middle school, or high school, at some point one of the groups in your school (or indeed the entire school itself) is going to require a way to get the money that goes beyond what the Read More »

School Fundraising Deadlines

School Fundraising Deadlines

Setting your school fundraising deadline is something you should think about before starting your fundraiser. We are referring to determining the last day for accepting orders and sticking it to it. There are many reasons people do not enforce their school fundraising deadlines. The most obvious is that they want their fundraiser to raise as Read More »

School Fundraising Does Not Have to Be Hard

School fundraising does not have to be hard. There are several simple fundraisers that a school group can do - both large and small groups that will benefit your budget. Here are some suggestions I thought might be helpful.

School Magazine Fundraisers

School magazine fundraisers are a great all-round idea for any school group that needs extra money, from the smallest clubs right on up to the entire student body. If you’re looking for a simple idea that doesn’t take a lot of explanation, magazines are perfect. If you’re looking to avoid the hassle of lots of products coming Read More »

Searching For a School Fundraiser Company

Whether you are supporting a school sports team, arts-related club, or any other kind of extracurricular group, at some point it is likely you will be asked to organize a school fundraiser. Fundraisers are a fact of life for most clubs and groups these days, and with the costs of operating going up and funding Read More »

Senior Class Trips – Start With Freshman Class Fundraisers

It is the end of your senior year in high school, and you are about to leave all of your friends, family, and memories behind. Whether you are going to a faraway college, the military, or are starting a new job, you want to end your high school career with a big bang. That is Read More »

Simple Fundraising Tips

We would like to share some of our basic fundraising tips. You might want to consider these tips before starting your next fundraiser. How Long to Hold a Fundraiser? People ask us all the time, how long they should hold their fundraising programs. Our answer for all fundraisers is simply; two weeks! Here is why we Read More »

Simple School Fundraisers

Simple School Fundraisers

If you have been searching for simple school fundraisers, you’ve probably found a lot of stuff that is exactly the opposite.  If you don’t want to deal with software, catalogs or apps, here are our favorite, straightforward, easy money makers. For a simple school fundraiser that will wow everyone, we suggest a highly effective card-based Read More »

Fundraising and Social Distancing

Social Distancing Fundraising Ideas

With so many things up in the air these days,  we are hoping this helps you nail down safe social distancing fundraising ideas, while still having fun. Fundraising has traditionally been a hands-on, face to face experience. It’s a different world now, so we have to get out of that old box and into our Read More »

Sponsored School Fundraising Events

Holding school fundraising events is a great way to get the students involved in a good cause that will truly benefit your school by bringing in some extra money. You could decide to hold a fundraising event once a year, or even once every semester. There really is no limit, as long as you plan Read More »

Staying Positive about Elementary School Fundraising

In years past, elementary school fundraising was something that was done as an extra activity, since fundraisers were just there to give the school some extra help with income. But these days, with things being the way they are with school funding, many schools are relying more heavily on elementary school fundraising for basic needs Read More »

Stress-free fundraising

Stress Free Fundraising for Schools

Are you worried or anxious because you are in charge of fundraising for your school this year, but don’t really know how to go about it? You can stop worrying!  The good news is that it is possible to have stress-free fundraising for schools. Fundraising with ease is a matter of having decent organizational skills Read More »

Successful Fundraising for School Trips

You have probably been involved with school fundraising efforts in the past, probably more than once if your kids are out of elementary school. But if you are now trying to organize fundraising for school trips, you might find that the way you go about setting things up is a little bit different. Whereas most Read More »

Taking the Plunge with School Catalog Fundraisers

In your quest to keep your school fundraiser as straightforward as possible, you may have thought that the best idea would be to keep it simple and do a direct sale fundraiser. But you could be cheating your group out of the opportunity to go bigger and make even more money by participating in a Read More »

The Benefits of a School Trip Fundraiser

A school trip at the end of the year can be one of the things the kids look forward to the most. If your group or class is planning a big school trip, one of the obvious issues is how the trip will be paid for. Sure, you could ask that each of the parents Read More »

The Challenges of a Kindergarten Fundraiser

People think that kindergarten is simple, that there’s not much to it. They see it as a time when kids do a lot of playing, and not much else. But for those who are involved with the kindergarten classroom every day, you know that’s just not true. Kindergarten is an incredibly enriching experience for young Read More »

The Challenges of Private School Fundraising

When you start to organize private school fundraising, there are many challenges ahead of you, but the rewards are just as great as the difficulties. As head of the private school fundraising effort, it is your job to work around all the complexities of the project, but don’t fret – it’s not as overwhelming as Read More »

The Challenges of Working on School Fundraisers

If all your previous experiences with school fundraisers have only been in a sales role, then you may not fully appreciate yet the complex challenges of working on school fundraisers from the organizational side. Organizing a school fundraiser is an entirely different thing from just participating in one, and many first-time organizers underestimate the stress Read More »

The Classic Idea: School Fundraiser Candy

Love it or loathe it, there’s no denying that one of the best and most popular school fundraisers out there is candy. Whether it’s to your taste or not, school fundraiser candy helps raise huge amounts of money for schools across the country every single year and has been successful in doing so for decades. It is one Read More »

The Organizational Aspects of Fundraisers for School Trips

A lot of times school-wide fundraisers can be huge affairs, where there’s a lot of money to be raised and a lot of people trying to raise it. But what if you have a more moderate goal and a smaller group of people? Fundraisers for school trips, for example, can involve a whole different set Read More »

The Perfect Fundraiser for Elementary School Students

When you are doing a fundraiser with elementary school children it is always good to remember one thing; the easier the better! If you can find a fundraising program that keeps things simple for the seller and is still beneficial for the buyer, then you will have a great fundraiser! The newest fundraiser available does Read More »

The Road to Success with School Fundraiser Chocolate

Long-time organizers of school fundraisers are very familiar with the old standbys. In fact, you yourself have probably had experiences, even from back when you were in school, of the classic school fundraisers like chocolate bars. Given how successful those chocolate bar fundraisers were, it probably won’t surprise you to hear that even now, chocolate Read More »

themed ideas for school fundraisers

Themed Ideas for School Fundraisers

Themed ideas for school fundraising are a fantastic way of rallying interest in your school event.  Themed occasions can increase enthusiasm with students, teachers, parents, and the community. The following themed ideas for school fundraisers should help you to do just that. Why not hold a school fundraiser based on a seasonal holiday? Christmas, Halloween, Read More »

There Are Many Great Ideas for School Fundraisers

It doesn’t matter if you are in charge of a small group and trying to raise a moderate amount of money, or organizing a larger group to help them raise a more significant amount, you are going to need some good ideas for school fundraisers in order to get your effort off the ground. You’ve Read More »

Things to Keep in Mind with Fundraisers for Schools

You may be here because this is your first time in a position of responsibility with fundraisers for schools, and if that’s the case then you’re probably wondering what sort of fundraisers you should be looking at. Many of your options will depend on how large a group you are working with (i.e. the size Read More »

Thinking About Private School Fundraising

Private school fundraising is a great way to get the students at your school involved in a good cause, and at the same time raise money which can go toward upgrades for the school or could simply go as a donation to a local charity. Getting the students involved in private school fundraising will give Read More »

Ideas for school fundraising events

Thinking Up Interesting School Fundraiser Themes

One way to maximize the benefit that you see from your school fundraiser is to run more than one fundraiser at the same time. Although this can complicate things on the organizational side, many groups find that the additional profits they see from having entire school fundraiser themes are well worth the small amount of Read More »

Tips for Elementary School Fundraisers

Your elementary school fundraiser is about to take off, and there are just a few more things to remember, more important than the paperwork and money. The most important thing to remember when doing a fundraiser with children is that the cause is worth it! In the meantime, remember the following tips: Set a goal Read More »

Try One of the Top School Fundraisers: Magazines

Let’s face it, there is really no end of school fundraisers out there. You can do anything from chocolate to flower bulbs to catalogs. But if you’re looking for one of the most versatile school fundraisers, magazines can often be the best choice to cover all your bases. There are magazines to cater to every Read More »

Types of Elementary School Fundraisers

Elementary schools have tons of events that require funding. That’s why finding the right fundraising idea is key! Direct Sales Fundraiser – This is a very common Elementary school fundraiser. Your Elementary School orders an inventory of fundraising products to be sold by your participants. It is referred to as direct sales fundraising since your participants Read More »

Types of Elementary School Fundraisers

Elementary schools have tons of events that require funding. That’s why finding the right fundraising idea is key! Direct Sales Fundraiser – This is a very common Elementary school fundraiser. Your Elementary School orders an inventory of fundraising products to be sold by your participants. It is referred to as direct sales fundraising since your participants Read More »

Using Candy as an In-School Fundraiser

It’s no secret that kids love candy. Many adults do, too, especially when you can offer up brand names like Hershey’s chocolate that everyone can appreciate. But if you are thinking about using candy as an in-school fundraiser, there are some things you’ll need to consider first in terms of practical organization and logistics. Obviously Read More »

Using Common Sense with School Fundraising

If it is your job to organize this year’s school fundraising activity, making the most profit from your fundraiser is obviously your number one concern. You also want everyone to be happy with the fundraiser and for people to have fun with it. So how do you go about choosing a school fundraising activity that Read More »

Walk-A-Thons as School Fundraising Events

School fundraising events are a great way to get people all in one place and motivated about the fundraising effort. There are of course many events that you can schedule as school fundraising events, but one that is popular and has multiple benefits is the walk-a-thon school fundraising event. A walk-a-thon is not only a Read More »

We Can Help You Choose a Candle School Fundraiser

Candles are some of the most popular school fundraisers. When was the last time you were in a home that didn’t have a single candle? People love the light and scents that candles provide in their homes or offices, and a candle school fundraiser can be a great way to make a significant amount of money for your Read More »

What Are Your Choices for a Cookie Dough School Fundraiser?

If you are in the middle of trying to organize your school fundraiser, you’ve probably gotten to the point where  your choices are overwhelming.  What you need is an amazing fundraising idea.  No doubt the idea of a cookie dough school fundraiser will have popped up as one of the possibilities.  It actually an easy and Read More »

Why School Spirit Fundraisers Are the Best

School spirit fundraisers, however, are a great way to help you reach your financial goals, while also spreading a positive message to all the students and teachers that are taking part. School spirit fundraisers encourage everyone involved to unite in supporting the school and remind everyone why the school is so important.

Your Options with School Fundraiser Events

If you want to make a lot of money for your school all in one day, school fundraiser events are the way to go. A school fundraiser event is a great opportunity to get all your supporters in one place at one time, and then, of course, you can benefit from their enthusiasm and generosity Read More »