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candle fundraiser success

7 Steps to a Successful Candle Fundraiser

So you have decided to sell candles for your fundraiser? Although candles are a popular and highly profitable product as well as easy to sell, it is important to develop a plan for your candle fundraiser in order to experience maximum success.

Softball fundraisers

A Couple of Good Fundraising Ideas for Softball

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of softball fundraising, or this is your first time trying to raise money for your team, one thing is certain – you will need some great fundraising ideas for softball to help get you started. Most times when people do not have the success they hoped for with fundraising, it Read More »

Youth soccer

A Different Kind of Goal: Youth Soccer Fundraising

Youth soccer is one of the most popular sports out there for kids, but of course, as you’re probably aware the cost of keeping a team running is not particularly low. Youth soccer fundraising can really help give your team a much-needed boost of income, and it can help teach the soccer team some really Read More »

A Guide to Hershey Fundraising

You may think that Hershey fundraising is some of the most automatic and easy fundraisings out there, and that’s certainly true. But so many fundraising teams don’t take full advantage of all the ways they can use Hershey fundraising to their advantage, and that results in lower sales and profits than what they could have Read More »

A Hershey Fundraiser Fills in the Blanks

If you are interested in running a chocolate fundraiser for your school, sports team, charity group, or even church youth group, there are a lot of reasons why a Hershey fundraiser is the way to go. People respond to brand name items they recognize and have experience with, and Hershey is just about one of Read More »

magazine fundraiser

A Magazine Subscriptions Fundraiser Simply Works

So many groups out there are trying too hard to make their fundraising efforts unusual or different in some way. While it’s fun to change things up a little from time to time, in the end, you want to give your supporters the things they want to buy, and many times that means sticking to Read More »

A Plan for Organizing School Football Fundraisers

If this is your first time organizing school football fundraisers, you may find it quite a challenging experience. There’s more to school football fundraisers than just going out there and selling things, and football fundraisers can often be complex, especially if you are trying to organize a large group of people for a major effort.


A Quick Guide to High School Sports Fundraising

There’s no getting around it, high school sports are expensive, and usually, this means that they require fundraising. Even the most lightweight sports still have the considerations of equipment and uniforms, not to mention any traveling expenses and entrance fees involved with competing. And the bigger the team, the bigger the expenses, so high school Read More »

ABC Fundraising Ideas 101

If this is the first time you are in charge of fundraising then you should learn the ABC's of fundraising ideas. So consider this article ABC Fundraising Ideas 101: A. The first thing to do before even beginning the process is to determine if your group members are motivated to do a fundraiser in the first place.

Baseball Scratch Cards

Advertising for your Baseball Fundraiser

A baseball fundraiser is useless if nobody knows what is happening. Advertising for your fundraiser is very important. The days of door-to-door sales are not only long-gone but also a dangerous option for young children. So what can your team do to let everyone know that you are having a fundraiser? Posters – Although it Read More »

All Different Types of Fundraising Ideas for Sport Teams

Sports teams are some of the easiest groups to get fundraising ideas for. Sports players are passionate and energetic, which makes them natural salespeople. It’s just as well, too, because with the economy being the way it is, funding for sports teams is not what it used to be, and this is why it’s important.

All the Best Softball Fundraiser Ideas

Schools also have very well attended softball games, and kids and adults seem to agree that it's a great team sport to play. So given that it's so popular, you might be frustrated if you're looking for good softball fundraising ideas and coming up dry. It can be difficult to find fundraisers specific to softball, but we can certainly help you out in that regard.

All the Details of Fundraising for Soccer Teams

If this is your first time trying to organize fundraising for soccer teams, you may be a bit worried about all the responsibilities involved and the pressure that's on your shoulders. Soccer fundraising is not difficult, but it does take a bit of planning and organization in order to make your fundraiser as successful as possible.

An Easy Football Fundraiser

Easy Fundraising Ideas is located in Georgia. More specifically, in the Atlanta area, in other words, we understand football. More than that, we understand the importance of a successful football fundraiser.

Annual Tennis Fundraising Plan

If your tennis team is in need of money, you could just go out and choose any fundraiser that looks good and go with that. You might even make a decent amount of profit that way. But if you’d like to think of things in the longer term, like how you could set your team Read More »

Baseball Fundraiser Homerun Derby

Baseball Fundraiser Homerun Derby

One of our favorite baseball-themed fundraising ideas is to host a  Homerun Derby. It's a community crowd-pleaser with huge potential to raise money for your cause.  A baseball Fundraiser Homerun Derby is an obvious choice if you are raising money for a team. It can also be a huge success when utilized for other charities.  Choose Little Leaguer's or batters from the local adult teams to participate as the Big Hitters.

Baseball Fundraising Ideas for High School Teams

Has baseball season become synonymous with fundraising season for your team? If so, then you are probably in the market for some new and improved baseball fundraising ideas. For the best results start with something that you know you are good at playing baseball. Set up a free clinic for kids in the area. You Read More »

Basics for Basketball Team Fundraising

Raising money for a basketball team can be a challenge; especially if your team is comprised of students. There are a million other things they are doing, and fundraising is not usually at the top of their list.

Basketball Fundraiser

Whether it is a basketball tournament fundraiser or for other purposes, you should always take a few moments to go over some basic fundraising questions before planning your actual event or choosing the best-suited product to sell.

Basketball Fundraisers Are Old School

For those who compete, primarily in the youth organizations and throughout the schools, there is a cost associated with playing the game. For this reason, in many cases, basketball fundraising is not only a means of raising money but also a necessity to keep the game going.

Basketball Fundraisers by Season

The success of a fundraiser is often dependent on two things ? How motivated your team is to the program, and timing. You can have a great program, with lots of enthusiasm and dedication, but still, fail. Timing is everything with fundraising.

Basketball Fundraising Ideas

Go to just about any school gym on basketball days and you will see plenty of people ready to see a good game. From the smallest kids to the top high school basketball program, you will find fans, family, friends, and onlookers attending the game. Smart teams take advantage of that audience.

Basketball Fundraising Scratch Cards

Basketball Fundraising Scratch Cards

You may have help scratch card fundraisers in the past for other groups or you may have never heard about fundraising with scratch-off cards. But if you are now involved with a basketball team or group then you should consider Basketball Fundraising Scratch Cards the next time you need to raise money. These particular scratch cards are Read More »

Basketball Game Fundraisers

When your basketball team is ready to start a fundraiser consider doing something you are already good at basketball. Try having a scrimmage. Invite your fans to come to watch a scrimmage and get a sneak peek of the season ahead.

Beefing Up the Budget with School Sports Fundraising

School sports are the way that many kids develop skills they cannot get in the classroom. School sports keep kids fit, away from the television and the games console, and teach them things like self-esteem and teamwork. There may come a time, however, when your school sports team faces funding issues that the school cannot Read More »

Booster Club Fundraiser

Booster Club Football Fundraiser

A booster club football fundraiser can be an annual event that helps raise money for the many needs of the football team. Of course, you can hold various fundraisers during the school year but many booster clubs opt for the annual event.

Booster Club

Booster Club Fundraising

Booster clubs and fundraising for sports booster clubs are synonymous with each other. In fact, most of these clubs are created to hold booster club fundraisers first and to act as a support group in other areas second. Why is fundraising so important? Because funding for sports teams and other school clubs is being cut more Read More »

Booster Club Start Up Includes Fundraising

There is one thing that is universal for all teams and clubs around the world: they always need something else. Maybe a professional baseball team needs a new pitcher, maybe a choir group needs new dresses, or maybe a peewee football team needs new pads. Whatever it is, teams always need something. That is why Read More »

Booster Fund: How to Keep it Full

The booster club fund comes and goes in waves. But your budget does not have to come and go. There are great booster club fundraising ideas for each season, and with a little planning, you can have a full budget all year long. Fall: Doing a fundraiser around the time that school starts are all Read More »

Bowling Fundraising Ideas

Whether you are a bowling league organizer who is trying to cover costs, a team captain who wants everyone to have a uniform or an individual player who needs a new ball or new shoes, at some point, it will occur to you to come up with some bowling fundraising ideas. Fundraisers are a great way Read More »

Brainstorming Some Great Football Fundraiser Ideas

Coming up with the perfect football fundraiser ideas may sound like it’s no big deal, but when you get right down to it, the practice can be a bit more involved than it appears to be.

Choices with Youth Football Fundraising

Young football players are some of the most focused and energetic people around. If you have any experience at all working with youth football teams, then you already know how passionate they can be about what they do, and how they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Choosing a Fun and Popular Swim Team Fundraiser

Swim team fundraisers can be done in a variety of ways. You don’t always have to do the same thing every time. You may have been involved in previous fundraisers where the kids took brochures home and around the neighborhood, selling their wares to all kinds of people from all walks of life. That works Read More »

Choosing a Good Lacrosse Fundraiser

Lacrosse has always been the underdog of sports, but in recent years it has been gaining more and more popularity. It’s great to encourage students who want to take up lacrosse as a sport, as it’s a great way to keep fit and helps foster the spirit of teamwork within the context of friendly competition. Read More »

swimming fundraiser

Choosing an Appropriate Swimming Fundraiser

A swimming fundraiser is a very rewarding and enlightening experience, and in some ways can be a lot easier to manage than other fundraisers. The special thing about swimmers is that they are highly focused and dedicated athletes, and because their sport has elements of both teamwork and individual ambition, swimming tends to attract athletes who enjoy Read More »

Choosing the Best Volleyball Fundraising Idea

If your volleyball team is looking for a new volleyball fundraising opportunity, make sure you consider the following information as you choose a fundraising program.

Choosing the Right Team Fundraiser

When it comes down to it, playing sports is all about teamwork. You have to work together to reach a common goal. Fundraising works the same way. It takes everyone, working together as a team, to raise the money you need for various things uniforms, equipment, travel expenses, etc. Just like the members, a team Read More »

Choosing the Right Tennis Fundraiser

Choosing a tennis fundraiser can be a little bit complicated. A lot has to do with exactly how big the group is. If you have a large tennis team at your school, you may choose a completely different fundraiser than if you are trying to raise money for a small team, or even an individual player. Choosing Read More »

sports teams

Coming Up with Useful Fundraising Ideas for Sport

When you need to start thinking about fundraising ideas for sport, you may quickly learn that you don’t really know where to start. But of course, you’re going to have to figure out how to come up with some good fundraising ideas for sport at some point if your team, like so many others these Read More »

Concerns when Fundraising for Sports

If you are right in the middle of planning some fundraising for sports, you’ve probably gotten to the point where you are trying to figure out which fundraising activity you should be doing. How on earth do you choose the right one for your group? There is, as it turns out, no definitively correct way Read More »

Considerations to Keep in Mind with Youth Sport Fundraising

As you search for ideas for youth sports fundraising, of course, you are aware that profit is not your only concern. Kids absorb ideas and values from everything they do, and so you want your youth sports fundraising activity to be in line with the values you would most want them to have. There are Read More »

Deciding to Do a Traditional Sport Fundraiser

Everyone who gets put in charge of organizing a sports fundraiser goes through a phase where they want to be original, innovative, and doing something that no one else has thought of before. That's fine, there's nothing wrong with breaking new ground, but remember that your chief goal is to raise money for the team, and often the best way to do that is to take a formula that has worked well in the past and to stick with it.

Deciding which Sport Fundraising Ideas Will Work for You

If you have been involved with sports and sports players before now, you’re already aware of how motivated and energetic these people can be, and how badly they want to reach their goals. Sadly, schools these days do not always have the funding available to give athletes everything they need to succeed at the highest Read More »

Different Kinds of Sports Team Fundraising Ideas

Coming up with fundraising ideas for your sports team will be more fun than you think, just because fundraising for a sports team is one of the easiest kinds of fundraising to do. Sports players are naturally motivated and enthusiastic people, and their friendliness comes through when they are out there giving their sales pitches. Read More »

Different Types of Fundraisers for Teams

If you have suddenly found yourself in the business of planning fundraisers for teams, you may be wondering about all the different types of fundraisers available to you. Also, how do you know which fundraisers will work well for your team? There are many different “right” ways to organize a fundraiser, so as long as Read More »

Different Types of Sports Teams Fundraising

Sports players are some of the best salespeople out there. They are motivated and energetic, and they have a great attitude about what they love to do. Unfortunately these days, funding for sports teams is not as great as it could be. This is where sports teams fundraising comes in, bridging the gap between what Read More »

Easiest Sports Team Fundraiser

Anyone involved in sports understands that your teamwork is as much at work off the field as it is during the game. The ways that you work together as a team while you are not playing has a great effect on the way you work together while the clock is running. Group projects are a Read More »

youth soccer

Easy Fundraising Ideas for Kids Sports Teams

These days, we need to spend more effort than ever encouraging children to participate in sports. It's not like it used to be, where exercise was the default activity for kids who weren't in school. Now there is ever-increasing competition from computers, television, and game consoles, and when you can convince your kids to get out of the house, it's nothing short of a miracle.

Track Fundraiser

Excellent Fundraisers for Sports Teams

Sports teams are some of the easiest groups to organize fundraisers for, as sports players are naturally enthusiastic and energetic people. With the right fundraisers for sports teams, you can really help your group reach its financial goals, as well as strengthening that ever-important team spirit. There are so many excellent fundraisers out there for Read More »

Fast Fundraising for Sports

You are involved with a sports team or sports program and you need to make some money to pay for equipment or a sports camp or coaching. What is the first thought that comes to your mind? I need some fast fundraising for sports!

Finding the Perfect Gymnastics Fundraiser

If you are in charge of a gymnastics team or a private studio that is in need of a funding boost, hosting a gymnastics fundraiser is one of the best ideas out there, and it sure beats stressing out and panicking about where the necessary money is going to come from.


Fun Sport Team Fundraising Ideas

If you are getting ready to organize some fundraising for your sports team, you might panic if you’re having trouble coming up with sports team fundraising ideas. Well, don’t worry, because we have an entire range of sports team fundraising ideas that can get you started, and you are certain to find one that you Read More »

Fundraising for Teams is Not as Hard as You Think

Are you panicking about organizing the fundraising for your team? It’s okay, we’re here to help. Fundraising for teams is not as hard as you think, but sometimes the anxiety of not knowing what you’re doing can get the better of you. Luckily, we have a lot of experience with fundraising for teams, and after Read More »

Fundraising Ideas for Sports Team Financial Success

In this unstable economic climate, sports teams are feeling the financial crunch just like everyone else, and sports teams in schools are often some of the first extra-curricular activities to get cut from the budget when times become hard. Given this, when you’re trying to come up with fundraising ideas for sports team efforts, there can be a lot of pressure on you to get the formula right.

Get Excited about Gymnastics Fundraising

Gymnastics is a fantastic sport for young children to get into. It helps them work both individually and within a team while promoting physical fitness, flexibility, and developing excellent coordination and motor skills. So if they show an interest in gymnastics, obviously you want to encourage that as much as you can, but then the fees start creeping in.

Get the Ball Rolling with Golf Fundraisers

If you are a golfer doing your best to struggle through financially, things can look bleak if you are part of a small team, or even on your own. Not only is golf one of the most expensive sports you can get involved with, but it’s also rarely if ever about big teams, and because Read More »

Getting Excited about Your Rugby Fundraiser

People who play rugby are there to have fun and enjoy the sport, but they’re also very much in it to win it. Rugby players are dedicated athletes who know what it means to give it their all. When the financial need strikes, it may be necessary to host a rugby fundraiser to get the team Read More »

New ideas

Getting Fresh New Booster Fundraising Ideas

As you probably already are well aware, booster clubs are constantly on the lookout for new and improved ways to raise money for the team or club that they support. Fundraising ideas are a dime a dozen, but when fundraising is your main reason for existing (as is the case with many booster clubs), you Read More »

Getting into Fundraising for Youth Sports

Youth sports are certainly all about fun and friendly competition, but that fun comes at a price, and the price seems to skyrocket every year. Uniforms, equipment, and travel expenses are surely not what they used to be, so these days, more and more teams are turning to fundraise for youth sports as a way Read More »

Getting Started on the Right Foot with Your Sports Club Fundraiser

If you have been put in charge of your sports club’s fundraiser this year, then you must surely be anxious to learn just how much money you can make, and how long it will take you to make it. You also want the team to enjoy the sports fundraiser you choose for them so that Read More »

Golf Fundraiser for Non-Profit Groups

A great warm-weather fundraising event is a golf fundraiser. Hosting your own golf tournament is actually fairly easy and if done right, you can raise a significant amount of money. Here are some tips for maximizing your golf fundraising results. Obviously, the bigger the crowd, the better you’ll do with your tournament. Promote with quality posters Read More »

Golf Fundraiser Ideas to Give You Hope

Golf is one of those sports where it can be frustrating sometimes how little attention is paid to it. Big team sports like football and basketball get all the noise and commotion of pep rallies and cheerleaders; golfers are often on their own, or only within the context of a small team, and that can Read More »

Golf Fundraising for High School Teams

Golf teams are usually small, and as school sports go, they don’t get as much attention as things like football and basketball. The frustration with this is that golf is so much more expensive to play than most of the more high-profile sports, and yet golf teams often get left with little or no budget Read More »

Golf Fundraising Ideas

I am really surprised that you don’t see more high school golf teams exploring different Golf Fundraisers. Sports fundraising is one of the largest segments within the product fundraising industry. There are in fact very few sports organizations that do not rely on fundraising for much or part of their operating budget. Golf is one of Read More »

Great Team Fundraising Ideas

Team fundraising can be a very fun and rewarding part of being on a team. But, to make your fundraising efforts as successful and worry-free as possible, you really need to find the right sports team fundraiser for your team. But how exactly do you go about finding the right fundraiser for your team? Well, Read More »

Gymnastics Fundraisers Can Be Fun

If you are in the process of getting your gymnastics team’s fundraiser organized, you might be worried about how well the kids will take to it. After all, in order for this to work and be a success, you have to have them on board, as they are an integral part of the entire process. Read More »

Gymnastics Fundraisers that Work for both Kids and Adults

The kids may be more interested in doing a candy fundraiser, whereas the adults may have different ideas all together, and maybe hoping for products that appeal more to adults. The solution to this is choosing gymnastics fundraisers that appeal to a wide range of ages, that is not age-specific.

Gymnastics Fundraising Ideas

Gymnastics Fundraising Ideas

Gymnastics is a popular sport that many young people want to get involved in. And who can blame them - it's fun, it builds fitness, and it helps teach teamwork in conjunction with self-discipline. As with many sports, there are all sorts of costs involved with gymnastics. These expenses can add up quickly. However, with the right gymnastics fundraising ideas, you can really make up for what your budget lacks, and give yourself a little peace of mind.

Heading the Right Direction with Sports Club Fundraising

If your job is to organize your sports club fundraising effort for this year, then obviously your chief concern is figuring out how much profit you can make, and in what time frame. You also want people to be happy with the sports fundraising activity you choose so that they can put their best effort Read More »


Helping Out the Team with Sports Fundraising

Sports teams in schools are a fantastic idea on so many levels. Participating in a sport keeps kids off the sofa, gets them involved in school spirit, and helps to teach them wonderful values like teamwork and physical fitness. Schools are doing their best to support sports, but of course, the expenses involved with sports Read More »

Helping Out with a School Sports Fundraiser

We usually think of classrooms as the main places where kids learn, but the lessons they get from their extra-curricular activities are invaluable, as well. Sports in particular help kids keep physically fit and teach them about teamwork and how to keep a healthy competitive spirit. Unfortunately, these things come at a price, as most Read More »

fundraising ideas for dance teams

High School Fundraising Ideas for Dance Teams

We have the most profitable fundraising ideas for dance teams in the market today.  Let us help you find the solution to achieve your fundraising goals. You made it!  Fundraiser ideas for Dance Teams Joining the dance team is a wonderful opportunity that can also be daunting for some families.  After all, dance is one Read More »

High School Sports Fundraisers: The Mental Game

Participating in a high school sports team can be one of the best experiences for students. High school sports build confidence, motivation, and a drive to succeed, and these are all the same qualities you’ll need for organizing high school sports fundraisers. You may worry that so many high school sports teams rely on high Read More »


High-Profit Sports Fundraising Ideas

As the cost of participating in sports keeps going up, and school funding for sports keeps going down, the importance of sports fundraising grows every year. When it comes time to think of some great sports fundraising ideas, of course, you want to think about your goals and the profit it will take to reach Read More »

Hockey Fundraising for the Uninitiated

You knew the day would come eventually: your child’s hockey team needs to run a fundraiser to make up for the inevitable gaps in the budget. Hockey is such an expensive sport to be involved in – with all the equipment, uniforms, skates, fees, and travel expenses, very few teams at all manage to get Read More »

Hockey Fundraising Ideas

It’s the moment every parent dreads: your child has come home wanting to join an activity that involves buying expensive equipment and paying lots of fees. Of course, you want your kids to be able to follow their interests, especially if physical fitness is involved, but when your child wants to play a sport like Read More »

Hockey Fundraising Tips

Here are some hockey fundraising tips: 1. Decide on which type of hockey fundraiser you are going to have. Fundraisers include selling products, offering services or holding special events. One of the easiest ways to raise money for a hockey fundraiser is to sell products that everyone wants. 2. Products that offer your team or school logo Read More »

Golf Fundraisers

Hosting a Golf Fundraising Event

If your non-profit group needs a way to get a significant amount of money in all at once, one of the most efficient ways to do that is with a one or two-day event. Sports events are particularly popular these days, and if you are hosting your event in the spring or summer, you can Read More »

Track Fundraiser

How to Choose Among School Sport Fundraisers

If you have been around school sports for any length of time, you know how energetic the players can be, and how passionate they are about their goals. These are traits you can really use to your advantage if you are trying to organize school sport fundraisers. With decent school sport fundraiser ideas, not only Read More »

How to Choose Between Sport Fundraiser Ideas

If you have any sort of experience with sports teams, you already know how motivated and passionate the sports players are, and how much they want to reach their goals. If you are trying to organize some sport fundraiser ideas, you’re already at an advantage, because the personalities of sports players will really work in Read More »

How to Get Organized with Fundraising for High School Sports

Maybe you already know that fundraising for high school sports is not so hard, even though it involves some setup work and organizing. The truth is simple: people love to help out anything involved with sports and kids, and when you add in the enthusiasm and motivation of the team players, it’s not hard to Read More »

How to Have a Fun Gymnastics Fundraiser

Sure, fundraising is about making money, there's no doubt about that. But when young kids are involved, you don't want them to get bogged down with financial information they likely won't really understand, anyway. Mostly, you want them to go out and have fun, and come back with a positive idea about what a gymnastics fundraiser is like.

How to Pick a Good Sports Fundraiser

School sports breed a very special kind of kid. They are motivated, focused, and driven by their goals. These are all traits we want to support and encourage, and yet funding for extracurricular activities goes down every year. A sports fundraiser can really help a lot toward making up for what the school budget cannot Read More »

Ice Skating Fundraiser

There are very few children out there who have the talent, self-discipline, and fortunate circumstances to pursue ice skating seriously. For many families, "fortunate circumstances" means money, and if you're struggling to keep up with the expenses incurred by having an ice skater in the family, you may have to look for other options in order to keep going.

Inspirational Golf Fundraising Ideas

If you are on a golf team or even playing as an individual, then you know how hard the practical aspects can get. For one thing, golf is an expensive sport, there’s no doubt about that. Clubs cost a fortune, and all the travel and fees you have to pay for can easily get out Read More »

Keep the Team Going with School Sport Fundraising

Of course, we always like to encourage our children when they show an interest in sports. School sports are a great way for them to stay fit, which can be somewhat of a struggle these days, and as well they learn teamwork and the power of a positive attitude. Unfortunately, school sports cost quite a Read More »

Swimming Fundraisers

Keep the Team Going with Swimming Fundraisers

It’s important to encourage kids who take an interest in sports, and swimming is one of the best and most effective ways to keep fit. Swimming is also a great sport for social conditioning because it teaches the value of independent effort to work toward a team accomplishment. But the problem is that school swimming Read More »

Keep Your Team Going with a Sports Team Fundraiser

It’s a great idea to encourage kids who want to participate in sports. First of all, they learn a lot about pride and teamwork. Secondly, they are far more likely to remain physically fit than their peers, which these days is something to be proud of. However, the cost of being on a sports team Read More »

Learning about Different Gymnastics Fundraising Ideas

If you are involved with a gymnastics squad that is facing some financial trouble, or even if you’re doing okay but would like to raise some money for a trip to a competition, a gymnastics fundraiser can be the answer to your prayers.

Making the Most of a Swim Fundraiser

Swimmers do not have the easiest job when it comes to funding for school sports. Swimming is not as high profile as football or basketball, and the swim team tends to be smaller, as well. Sometimes, it’s even individual swimmers that need the financial help, and that can be even more of a challenge if Read More »

Maximizing Profit with Sports Fundraising Events

When you become involved with organizing sports fundraising events, you create a fantastic opportunity to raise money for the team and help bridge any gaps in their funding. Of course, you want to make the most of your sports fundraising events, and you want to make as much profit as possible, so we’re here to Read More »


Maximum Profit High School Sports Fundraising Ideas

When it gets to be that time to start thinking of high school sports fundraising ideas, obviously the most pressing concern is to make as much money as possible and to reach that goal as quickly and as easily as you can. There are all kinds of ways to run a sports fundraising effort, but Read More »

Sports Fundaising Ideas

New and Different Sports Fundraisers

If you are quite experienced at sports fundraisers, then you already know how boring they can get after a while. So now that it’s your turn to take charge of the sports fundraisers in your school, you probably want to try something new and different. Many sports fundraisers stay the same year after year because Read More »

Organizing a Successful Bowling Fundraiser

Whether you are playing for a league or a school team, bowling is full of costs, every time you think you have it under control, there’s something else to buy. The cost of equipment and fees gets higher and higher every year, and yet the budget somehow never seems to rise to meet it. If Read More »

Organizing Responsible Youth Sports Fundraising

When you are trying to choose activities for youth sports fundraising, it’s not all just about the profit and the bottom line. Children are, of course, very impressionable, and you want to do your best to choose youth sports fundraising activities that are in line with the values you want to instill in them. Luckily, Read More »

Organizing Your College Sports Fundraising Effort

If you are involved in sports at your college, you may have come across the sobering reality that funding is not what it used to be for most schools and most sports. This means that being on a college sports team probably involves you having to organize a college sports fundraising effort. If you want Read More »

Organizing Youth Sports Fundraisers

Two of the things you have on your side with youth sports fundraisers are that people love sports, and people love to help anything that will support children. So use these things to your advantage, as a way to keep morale high and the fundraising team motivated. As for the practical aspects, you’ll need to Read More »

Picking the Right Fundraiser for Sports

Sports teams are really rewarding to organize fundraisers for, and fundraisers for sports are really enjoyable. A fundraiser for sports is special because the people involved with it are athletes. Athletes are naturally driven toward their goals, and they are enthusiastic and motivated about achieving them. You can expect a lot of energy surrounding your Read More »

Planning Ahead for Youth Sports Fundraising

If you have ever had a youth sports fundraising before now, you already know what mayhem it can become, and how quickly everyone can get all tangled up in confusion. Everyone has their own ideas about what to do, and their own opinions about what the experience should be like. But if you’re the boss Read More »

Planning Fundraising in Sports

Fundraising in sports may appear to be just about getting in some funds to cover the shortages in your team’s funding budget, but the truth is that there’s a lot more to fundraising in sports than that. There is also a lot of organizing and planning that needs to be done in order to get Read More »

Planning your Sport Fundraising Effort

Sports fundraising is not all about the main event – there is a lot of organizing and planning that goes on before the kids even set out to start selling their products. There’s also some maintenance work that needs to be done during the sports fundraising, like keeping track of the orders and payments. If Read More »

Preformed Cookie Dough Tennis Fundraisers

If the tennis team at your school is larger than most, that’s generally a really good thing. To have so many kids interested in competition and physical fitness is a promising trend, and of course, we all want to encourage it. However, there is a downside – a larger team means larger costs, and it’s Read More »

Music Scratch Card Image

Scratch Cards as a Golf Fundraiser

There’s no doubt that golf is one of the most expensive sports there is. Before you can even get started, there are clubs to think about, fees to pay, and travel expenses. A golf fundraiser can be a difficult idea to face, often because many golfers are on their own, without the benefit of a fundraising team to help Read More »

Scratch Cards? Perfect for Sports Team Fundraising

Does your team need a great sports team fundraiser? Are you really too busy to do much of anything? Then try scratch cards problem solved. Scratch card fundraisers are the easiest and most profitable fundraiser available. If your team needs a little extra money for equipment, fees, whatever has snuck up on you then scratch cards are Read More »

Selling Hot Dogs for a Sports League Fundraiser

Selling Hot Dogs for a Sports League Fundraiser

Does a hot dog stand work for fundraising? You betcha! If you are a sports league that has a concession stand, a high school group with access to electricity, or any other resourceful group, you might want to consider selling hot dogs for a sports league fundraiser.  Having a hot dog at a sporting event Read More »

Fundraising and Social Distancing

Social Distancing Fundraising Ideas

With so many things up in the air these days,  we are hoping this helps you nail down safe social distancing fundraising ideas, while still having fun. Fundraising has traditionally been a hands-on, face to face experience. It’s a different world now, so we have to get out of that old box and into our Read More »

Christian School Fundraising

Sports Fundraiser Ideas to Help You Reach Your Goals

It makes no difference if you are a small group trying to raise a moderate amount of funds for your sports team, or if you belong to a much larger group that needs a large amount of money, the problem is still this: you have to find some sports fundraiser ideas that will help you Read More »

Sports Team Fundraiser Ideas to Maximize Profits

As the costs of running your sports team keep rising, and funding for sports teams keeps falling, sports team fundraisers become more and more important every season.

Varsity fundraiser

Staying Excited about High School Sports Fundraising

Are you worried about your high school sports fundraising effort? Don’t worry, help is on the way. High school sports fundraising is not as difficult as everyone would have you believe, but of course, the anticipation is always worse than the actual event. Once you get past some initial hurdles, though, high school sports fundraising Read More »

swim team fundraiser

Swim Team Fundraisers Can Be Fun

A lot of times, the word “fundraiser” fills people with dread. They imagine a lot of stress and headaches, the chaos of a group of people who all have differing opinions, and general mayhem. But just because past fundraisers you’ve been involved with have been like that, doesn’t mean all of them to have to Read More »

Swim team fundraising

Swim Team Fundraising Ideas

Swim team fundraising ideas are something we love to assist with. Why? Swimming is undoubtedly one of the best physical activities for maintaining overall fitness. It also fuses all the prime parameters of teamwork and dedication with achievement. Thus, we can rightly conclude the swim team to be one of the best sports for youths. Read More »

Tackling Your First Sports Fundraising Effort

If your child is involved in school sports, of course at some point you will have to participate in sports fundraising, and you may even have to be in charge of organizing it. This can be a little bit scary if you’re new to sports fundraising and don’t really know what to do. But fundraising Read More »

Team Fundraisers

It cost a lot of money to participate in sports these days. Whether you play football, baseball, soccer, basketball or any other sport, you need money for uniforms, equipment, travel, and other expenses. Easy Fundraising Ideas has fundraisers perfect for sports groups of all types and sizes. Please click here to request a free fundraising Read More »

Tennis Fundraising Ideas

Tennis may not get as much attention as other high school sports like football or basketball, but nonetheless it’s an important sport, and a great way for kids to keep in shape, build self-esteem, and learn the benefits of healthy competition. But playing tennis is not free, and it can seem more difficult to raise Read More »

cross country fundraising

The Challenges of Cross Country Fundraising

Cross country is an important sport, but like any physical activity, there are some costs involved. Cross country runners tend to be in it for the competition, but competitions involve travel, and traveling involves money. Aside from travel expenses, there are often entry fees as well, and of course, you need to keep the runners Read More »

Swimming fundraising 

The Challenges of Swimming Fundraising

Swimming fundraising can be an uphill battle sometimes. Aside from the fact that swimming does not get the same attention as football or basketball, swim teams are generally much smaller. In addition, many people may not understand what the point of swimming fundraising is since it does not require “equipment” in the same way that other Read More »

The Different Types of School Sports Fundraisers

If you have been involved with the school sports scene for any decent amount of time, you have already experienced how energetic and passionate the players are, and how focused they can get when they have a goal they want to reach. Being positive and energetic is part of their personalities, and this is something Read More »

The Perfect Volleyball Fundraiser

Is your volleyball team looking for a great, easy, fool-proof volleyball fundraiser? Look no further.

Things to Think About when Fundraising for Sport

If you are getting your fundraising for sports activities underway, obviously one of the main concerns on your mind is which fundraising activity you should be doing. With all the fundraising for sports activities out there, how should you know which one will work best for you and your team? The good news is that Read More »

Thinking About High School Sports Fundraising

School sports fundraising is great because it gets all of the school’s students (and possibly even teachers) involved in fundraising whilst also promoting good health.

Tips for Team Fundraisers

If you are trying to do a fundraiser for your team during the most hectic season there is a good chance that you are having a hard time. Doing a team fundraiser can be tiring as it is, but if you add tons of events on top of that, it can seem next to impossible. Read More »

Useful Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams

If you are worried about what kind of fundraising ideas for sports teams there are out there, don’t get too stressed out about it. Regardless of what kind of fundraising ideas you have, sports teams are some of the easiest groups to organize for, as the players are quite passionate people who aren’t afraid to Read More »

Using Golf Fundraising Events to Boost Income

Sports fundraisers are a great way to bring money in for any non-profit organization, and golf fundraising events are particularly fun if you think you can spark local interest, and you are planning on running your fundraiser when the weather tends to be nice. Golf fundraiser events do take a lot of hard work and planning, though, but Read More »

Using Pizza Cards for Bowling Fundraising

League bowling is not a cheap sport, and if you are part of a team, or helping to organize the league, then you know there are a lot of extra costs, as well. Uniforms are expensive, traveling isn’t free, and there are fees and other costs to think about. A bowling fundraising activity can be a great Read More »

Volleyball Fundraising

Looking for a volleyball fundraiser? We have lots of volleyball fundraising ideas! Here are some of our best products for your team and some suggestions on how to make them work whether you are selling individually, as a team, or even league-wide.

We Can Help You Find Fundraiser Ideas for Sports

If you are involved with some kind of sports team, it is very likely that you are looking for some fundraiser ideas to help your sports team. The good news is that fundraiser ideas for sports are almost the same thing as fundraiser ideas in general, as so many school sports are struggling under the Read More »

What are some Fundraising Ideas for Teams to do?

We often get asked about fundraising ideas for teams and which ones are the best and which ones are the easiest and which one raise the most money, etc. etc. What people, most of whom are in the same shoes that you are looking for a sports team fundraisers – are looking for is a one Read More »

What Are the Best School Sports Fundraising Ideas?

If you are in charge of this year’s school sports fundraising, your main concern is probably getting the most profit out of your efforts. You want your school fundraising to be successful, so what is the best way of choosing school sports fundraising ideas that will work the best for you? In reality, there are Read More »

What Are the Best Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas?

Every year, at least once, the sports teams at your school will be running annual fundraisers. School budgets rarely provide for everything that sports teams need to survive and thrive, so fundraising is an important element to keep everything moving along smoothly. But if you’re one of the people helping to organize things this year, Read More »

Your Choices with Sport Fundraisers

Kids who are involved with sports create a lot of advantages for themselves. They commit to a certain level of physical fitness, they are devoted to teamwork, and they usually end up with a decent amount of self-esteem and a good attitude to boot. These are passionate people with goals and dreams, and this is Read More »

Your First Gymnastics Fundraising Effort

If your child is involved with gymnastics, or if you are coaching a children's gymnastic team, there may be a time when you have to host a fundraiser in order to get the money the team needs for travel, competing, or perhaps just upgrading old equipment.

Your First Youth Sports Fundraiser

If you have a child who is starting to get involved with sports teams at school, you can have a lot of mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s great for kids to have all the physical activities they can handle, and if they learn the value of teamwork and friendly competition along the way, Read More »

Your High School Sports Fundraiser: How to Start Planning

Your high school sports fundraiser is not just about the fundraiser itself, it’s also about all the planning and organizing leading up to the starting line, and of course all the organizational stuff that has to be done afterward, as well. The good, solid organization is the key to having your high school sports fundraising Read More »

Tennis Fundraiser

Your Next Tennis Fundraiser

Here some suggestions for your next Tennis Fundraiser: If you are part of a school tennis team and you hold tournaments you should set up tables at the tournament and hold a candy fundraiser. There are lots of different candy options to consider. The most common option is to sell candy bars but that is not Read More »

Youth Hockey Fundraiser

Kids love to get involved with team sports, which is great because we always try to encourage any activity that builds physical fitness and fosters a spirit of teamwork. But when your child comes home and says they’ve decided they want to play hockey… it can make your heart sink a little if you’re on Read More »

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Youth Sports Fundraising Ideas

Kids like to get involved in sports, which is fantastic. The more they can get out and active, the better, and sports teach them important things like teamwork and the value of friendly competition. But sports can be expensive so it is important to have some great fundraising ideas in your back pocket.