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candle fundraiser success

7 Steps to a Successful Candle Fundraiser

So you have decided to sell candles for your fundraiser? Although candles are a popular and highly profitable product as well as easy to sell, it is important to develop a plan for your candle fundraiser in order to experience maximum success.

A Classic Marching Band Fundraiser

Marching band is one of those things that has been around forever. And for as long as it has been there, so has the annual marching band fundraiser. These two things really go hand in hand, and that’s why it makes perfect sense to many longstanding marching bands to do a more classic, traditional marching band Read More »

A Plan for School Band Fundraisers

If this is your first time organizing school band fundraisers, you may find it quite a challenging experience. There’s more to school fundraisers than just going out there and selling things, and band fundraisers can often get complicated, especially if you are trying to organize a large group of students. Therefore, it is of utmost Read More »

ABC Fundraising Ideas 101

If this is the first time you are in charge of fundraising then you should learn the ABC's of fundraising ideas. So consider this article ABC Fundraising Ideas 101: A. The first thing to do before even beginning the process is to determine if your group members are motivated to do a fundraiser in the first place.

Actually Enjoy Your Marching Band Fundraiser

You may not realize it, but your marching band fundraiser has the potential to be great fun. Sure, at the moment it may seem like it’s nothing but anxiety and stress – after all, the marching band is looking up to you as a fundraiser organizer to ensure they have enough funds to buy the Read More »

All Kinds of Choral Groups Can Benefit from Choir Fundraising

Choirs come in all shapes and sizes, but they’ve all got one thing in common: they need money to operate. Choir fundraising is one of the fundamental aspects of being in a choir, because, without choir fundraising, the money for things like uniforms and travel would simply not be there. Choir fundraising works well for Read More »

Bands Hosting Green Fundraisers

High School marching bands have some of the most pressing needs for fundraising of any group out there. Their costs to operate are enormous. With every band member needing a uniform, and an instrument, and the spiraling costs associated with travel, a High School Band can have the operating costs of a decent-sized business. Recently, Read More »

Battle of the Bands Fundraiser

Battle of the Bands Fundraiser

One of the most exciting money-making ideas is a Battle of the Bands Fundraiser. Live music is a huge draw for most people, giving you a broad audience, which translates to money for your cause. Once you have a venue and date, the most important part of a Battle of the Bands fundraiser is – Read More »

Band Scratch Cards

Being Responsible about School Bands Fundraising

When you are trying to choose activities for school bands fundraising, it’s not all just about the profit and the bottom line. Children are, of course, very impressionable, and you want to do your best to choose school bands fundraising ideas that are in line with the values you want to instill in them. Luckily, Read More »

Best Band Fundraiser Around

Best Band Fundraiser Around

Band director Tenell Moore shares his passion for music every day with students in New Orleans. And even though funds are sometimes tight, he’s able to achieve his goal with what he calls The Best Band Fundraiser Around. For a number of years, Mr. Moore has hosted a Journey of Faith Candle fundraiser at the beginning of school to offer scholarships that offset band fees at ReNEW SciTech Academy.

Choir Fundraisers That Really Work

Choirs have a unique opportunity for fundraising due to the nature of the organization. Because the choir is centered around performance, it’s a great idea to have a fundraising evening in which people can pay a donation in exchange for seeing the choir perform. But what many choirs don’t realize is that there is tremendous Read More »

Choir Fundraising Basics

Choir fundraising and choral group fundraising does not mean you need to find a music-themed fundraiser. If your choir group, choral group or singing group needs money for travel, sheet music, equipment, uniforms or teaching expenses, there are plenty of choir fundraising ideas available to you. Choirs Need High Profits Most choirs would like to Read More »

Children's Choir

Choir Fundraising Ideas to Help You Reach Your Goals

Choirs can be part of a church, associated with a school, or even independently operated, but regardless, they all share one thing – they need for income. Running a choir is not free, and even if your choir does not wear robes or uniforms, there’s still the costs of performing to consider, such as sheet Read More »

Choosing the Right Orchestra Fundraiser

Part of the skill involved in successful fundraising is being able to get the right orchestra fundraiser for both the students and their supporters. Kids have certain fundraisers that they always like to do, but you have to think about what your supporters would most likely be interested in buying if you want your sales numbers to be high.

Coming Up with Good Fundraising Ideas for Bands

It’s that time of year again when the school band is in full swing, which means you’re going to have to think of some good fundraising ideas for bands. It doesn’t matter if you are doing this for the first time or the millionth time, you still need to have a look through a variety Read More »

Coming Up with Useful Youth Fundraising Ideas

If you are in charge of organizing the fundraising activity for your child’s sports team, church youth group, or any other activity where fundraising is required, you may be wondering just how you’re going to go about doing this. Of course, youth fundraising doesn’t organize itself, but it’s probably not as difficult as you think. Read More »

Considerations when Fundraising for Music

If you are attempting to organize some fundraising for music, you are probably now at the point where you have to select a fundraiser. But which activity or product will work best for your group? This is the part of the process that takes some thought and research, but if you do some quality work Read More »

Different Types of Band Fundraising Groups

Band fundraising is all about raising money for a purpose in a hassle-free manner. For example, if you love kids and are fond of music too, then you can go in for band fundraising to generate money for worthy causes that involve children. Fundraising ideas can be successful only if you go about it in Read More »

Effective Marching Band Fundraisers

Choosing the right marching band fundraisers can be difficult. There is the size of the band to think about, how much you can expect them to stay organized, and how well you think they’ll cope with things like taking orders and collecting money. You also want to consider your target market, your supporters, and what sorts of Read More »

New ideas

Getting Fresh New Booster Fundraising Ideas

As you probably already are well aware, booster clubs are constantly on the lookout for new and improved ways to raise money for the team or club that they support. Fundraising ideas are a dime a dozen, but when fundraising is your main reason for existing (as is the case with many booster clubs), you Read More »

Getting Help with Booster Fundraising

Booster fundraising is some of the most dedicated fundraisings out there. In fact, many booster clubs are formed for the sole purpose of raising money for the group they represent. This puts a lot of pressure on you when organizing a fundraising activity, because if fundraising is the whole point of the booster club, then Read More »

Getting It Right with Band Boosters Fundraising

The school band is a fantastic institution for kids and their development. Participating in the band teaches students valuable skills, helps them build self-confidence, and shows them the benefits of working within a team. Schools are doing their best to support their bands, but of course, the expenses involved with the band can quickly get Read More »

Having Fun with High School Band Fundraisers

If you can approach things the right way, high school band fundraisers can really be great fun. It may start out seeming like it’s nothing but a hassle, simply because the school band is counting on the fundraising effort to ensure they have enough money to buy the things they need. And the high school Read More »

Helping Out the Marching Band with Band Fundraising

Getting kids into the school marching band is a fantastic idea on so many levels. Participating in the marching band keeps kids off the sofa, gets them involved in learning more than one valuable skill, and makes them part of a team effort. Schools are doing their best to support their marching bands, but of Read More »

High-Profit Fundraising Ideas for Band

As the cost of participating in the school band keeps going up, and school funding for music and arts programs keeps going down, the importance of school band fundraising grows every year. When it comes time to think of some great fundraising ideas for the band, of course, you want to consider the band’s monetary Read More »

How to Decide Among Band Fundraiser Ideas

As you may already know, coming up with band fundraiser ideas is not the easiest thing to do, but there are some advantages. After all, people love to help children, especially when it concerns things involving their education, and if you have an excited group of school band members working with you as well, then Read More »

Marching Band Fundraising Ideas

How to Prepare School Bands for Fundraisers

Because of the way the economy is going, and the poor funding that many schools are receiving for their extracurricular activities, there is more and more need for fundraisers for school bands. However, not only are kids often resistant to the need for fundraising, and if they’re already unhappy about the state of their uniforms Read More »

Ideas for a Choir Fundraising concert

The church choir is one of the most important facets of the church, as services without music would simply not be the same. But in order to operate adequately, the choir needs some basic supplies and equipment – robes, sheet music, hymnals, and even travel expenses, if they are lucky enough to be competing. The Read More »

Keeping on Top of High School Band Fundraising

Participating in the high school band can be one of the best experiences for high school students. High school band builds confidence, self-esteem, and pride in teamwork, and these are all the same qualities you’ll need for organizing high school band fundraising. You may worry that so many high school sports bands rely on high Read More »

Learning from a High School Band Fundraiser

A high school band fundraiser is a fantastic way to accomplish several goals at once. Not only can you get some much-needed money in to help keep the band performing at a high standard, but you can also use your high school fundraiser to teach important lessons about focus, commitment, and teamwork. What better way Read More »

Looking for Unique Band Fundraising Ideas?

If you are one of the people that helps organize school band fundraising efforts, you’ve probably seen and done just about all the band fundraising ideas out there. You’re tired of selling candy, and you’d like to move on to something new that hasn’t been done a million times before. But how do you come Read More »

Making the Most of Your High School Band Fundraiser

So it’s that time of year again… time for the high school band fundraiser. No matter how many times you go through this, somehow it always feels like you want to do things a little bit differently next time. There’s not one particular secret to making the most of your high school band fundraiser, but Read More »

Marching Band Fundraiser

Band fundraising has become such a critical part of high school life as school budgets and programs feel the ax of budget cuts. Now, band fundraisers are the only way many of the musical programs stay in existence.

Marching Band Fundraising Ideas

Marching Band Fundraising Ideas

Why are marching band fundraising ideas so important? Can you deny it when I say marching band fundraising is a fact of life, no matter the age or size of the group? At one point or another, bands need extra funds to supplement what the school budget provides. Everything ranging from music books, uniforms, instruments, Read More »

Marching Band Fundraising that Works for Everyone

If you have a kid in the marching band, then you’re probably already familiar with marching band fundraising. There is a wide range of marching band fundraising ideas out there, and I’m sure you’ve already encountered quite a few of them as a marching band supporter. A lot of the success of marching band fundraising Read More »

Mastering the Art of Fundraisers for Band

The school band has had a special role in a child’s school experience. Extracurricular activities are where kids learn a lot about their social skills, confidence, and self-esteem, and the band also gives them a chance to have fun and play music in the process. The band is important to the players and to the Read More »

Musical Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Music Fundraising Ideas for School Groups

It’s no secret that when budgets get cut at educational institutions, usually it’s the arts that are the first to go. But parents and teachers know these programs are more than just extracurricular fun – they help children develop important skills, both practical and social, that facilitate them to become more well-adjusted and well-rounded people. Read More »

Organizing a Successful Band Booster Fundraiser

It’s a great feeling to be a part of a successful band booster fundraiser, and enjoy helping the band out. It’s an entirely different thing, however, to be organizing the band fundraiser yourself, and to have all the pressure on your shoulders to make it as successful as possible. A successful band booster fundraiser does Read More »

Organizing Band Booster Fundraisers

The high school band is one of the best extracurricular activities out there. Aside from music skills, kids learn discipline, self-confidence, and teamwork. But the state of school funding in the current economic situation means that band booster fundraisers are going to be necessary for most school bands, as the schools themselves cannot take up Read More »

Organizing Orchestra Fundraisers

Having kids in the orchestra is great fun, both for them and for you. Children and teens who participate in music programs learn a lot about self-discipline, confidence, and teamwork, and you get to enjoy the results of them honing their musical skills. But, of course, when schools start initiating budget cuts, which they always Read More »

Plan for Success with Music Fundraisers

If you have been a part of music fundraisers before, then you already know how great it feels at the end when you know your fundraising team has done the best it can, and you can rejoice in the pride of that accomplishment. But if it is your turn now to step up and actually Read More »

Planning a Music Fundraising Effort

Music fundraising is not just about the sales part of the effort. Before you even get anywhere near that point, you will have to do a lot of planning and organizing – getting things together, deciding what you are aiming for, and making a concise and complete plan to achieve your goals. If you want Read More »

Planning Exciting Marching Band Fundraisers

If you have already had some experience with organizing marching band fundraisers, then you probably know that things can get a bit predictable as the years go by. Now that you are the one actually organizing the marching band fundraisers, you might be thinking about ways that you can make things a little more interesting. Read More »

Musical Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Planning your Fundraising for Band

Perhaps you already know that fundraising for a band is not that difficult, even though it involves some setup work and organizing. The bottom line is, people, love to help out any cause where kids are involved, and then think about how energetic and passionate they are, it’s not hard to see where the potential Read More »

Musical Fundraising Ideas for School

Psychology and Band Fundraisers

The school band is one of those activities that can help shape the lives of young people. They will learn important skills, develop self-confidence, and learn to work in a team. When they get older, they will look back on their time in the school band as some of the best days of their childhoods. Read More »

Raising Band Funds in a Recession

If your high school marching band was anything like mine, you probably experienced some times of low funds. The band is not always at the top of the priority list on a high school budget?it gets lost below football, basketball, baseball, and textbooks. But that does not make it less important (well maybe a little Read More »

Best Band Fundraiser Around

Rising to the Challenge of a School Band Fundraiser

School band can, of course, be a lot of fun and a great educational experience, but if someone in your family is in the band, then you also know that it does take a lot out of your wallet. School band has a number of expenses involved with it that have to come from somewhere Read More »

School Band Fundraisers for Fun and Profit

School band fundraisers are pretty much a necessity these days, what with budget cuts and lack of funds causing many extracurricular programs to shut down. So it’s important that you get the most out of your school band fundraiser, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, as well. In fact, the more fun you Read More »

School Band Fundraising is Fun!

We all know what the economy is like these days, and even schools are feeling the crunch as budgets are shaved down to almost nothing. As you know, extracurricular activities are always first to go, but the school band is such an important part of the students’ educational development that you definitely want to see Read More »

Smart and Simple Marching Band Fundraising Ideas

Marching bands vary greatly from school to school. Some bands are of modest size, whereas others are absolutely huge. Either way, if your band runs into financial issues and the school is not in a position to help you to the extent you need, you'll have to do something to help yourselves.

Smart Ways to Choose Orchestra Fundraising Ideas

Coming up with good orchestra fundraising ideas is no mean feat. Sure, you could just pick whichever fundraiser looks good on the surface and go with that, but chances are you want your fundraiser to go well, which means you need to put a little more thought into it than that. There is a system to choosing Read More »

Staying Positive About a Choir Fundraiser

The church choir may seem like a part of your church that doesn’t really require any money to run. They just stand there and sing, right? No, it’s not as simple as that, and in fact the better your choir is, and the better you want them to be, the more money the church will Read More »

Symphony Orchestra Fundraiser Events

Symphony orchestras are no strangers to fundraising, that’s for certain. Orchestras often struggle to get the funding they need from the local budget, and most orchestras turn to fundraising at one point or another during the performance season. If you are trying to raise money for a symphony orchestra, an event is an obvious choice. Read More »

Taking Control of The Bands Fundraiser at Your School

If you are right in the middle of planning the band’s fundraiser at your school, you’re probably here because you’re to the point where you are trying to figure out which band fundraiser you should be doing. How on earth do you choose the band fundraiser that is right for your group? There really isn’t Read More »

The Basics of Marching Band Fundraising

Marching band fundraising may not be brain surgery, but that doesn’t mean you can just jump into it blindly and expect to get a good result. Marching bands tend to be huge, and organizing a group of people that big is no mean feat. So that means that in order to have a successful marching band Read More »

The Benefits of a Band Fundraiser

Maybe you already have a student in the school marching band, and in that case you already know that a band fundraiser is simply part of that life. The band is not the cheapest thing to be involved with, because instruments and uniforms come at a premium. Schools fund what they can, but these days Read More »

The Best Ideas for Choir Fundraisers

Choir fundraisers are a necessity of church life these days. The choir needs uniforms, books, sheet music, and even travel expenses if they are touring to represent the church. These things don’t come cheaply, but hosting some choir fundraisers can really help boost the income of your church choir and support them by enabling them Read More »

The Challenges of Band Booster Fundraising

When you start to organize band booster fundraising, there are many challenges ahead of you, but the rewards are just as great as the difficulties. As head of the band fundraising effort, it is your job to work around all the complexities of the project, but don’t worry – it’s not as much of a Read More »

The Newest Band Fundraising Idea

The newest band fundraiser available is one that is sure to be a hit! Money Savings Cards are providing a brand new fundraising concept for lots of groups across the nation. They are simple, effective, and will help earn your band lots of extra money. The Money Savings Card fundraiser is exactly what it sounds Read More »

The Pressures of a Music Fundraiser

If you have a young person in your family participating in the school’s music program, then, of course, it’s inevitable that there will be a music fundraiser of some sort in your future. In fact, if you show any enthusiasm at all about the idea, they may even ask you to organize the effort, as Read More »

What You Need to Know about Band Fundraisers

As a student looks ahead at the new band season, there are a few things that he or she knows are inevitable: we MUST practice hard, we MUST practice at often, and we MUST do a fundraiser. It practically goes without saying! Band fundraising is a MUST and hopefully not a bust. If you’re brand Read More »

Which Band Fundraiser Works the Best

When it comes time to start thinking about a band fundraiser (and that time will come soon rather than later, rest assured), a lot of anxiety can be spent agonizing over which band fundraiser to choose. You may be wondering which band fundraiser works the best, but the answer to that depends on several different Read More »

Which Band Fundraising Program Should We Choose?

Whether its marching band or concert season; middle school, high school, or college whatever type of band fundraising is often necessary. You can only ask parents or Band Fans to fork over so much before there is nothing left to give. Band fundraising can be difficult at times, but it doesn’t have to be. Band Read More »

Which School Band Fundraiser Should We Choose?

You’ve probably already figured out that your school band is going to need a fundraiser in order to help supply things like uniforms, sheet music, and other miscellaneous supplies. The band is not the cheapest activity to be involved in, but since it is so helpful to your child’s development, of course, you want to Read More »

Which School Band Fundraising Activity Is the Best?

You probably already know that your school band is going to need a fundraising activity in order to help supply things like uniforms, sheet music, and travel expenses. The school band is not the cheapest activity to be involved in, but since it is so helpful to your child’s development in so many ways, of Read More »

Why Do a Band Fundraiser?

Uniforms, cleaning bills, instrument repairs; sheet music, reeds, and valve oil, the list goes on and on. Having a band is practically synonymous with needing money. There is always something that needs to be bought or repaired, and music doesn’t come cheap. But it’s worth it, right? Hearing not only the music but the teamwork Read More »

Your Advantages with Orchestra Fundraising

Raising money for the school orchestra is an exhausting business. For one thing, the orchestra tends to be larger than other fine arts clubs in the school, so there are a lot of people to organize and pay for. Secondly, the money the orchestra needs is not small, especially if they travel for concerts or Read More »