Fundraising ideas, both inspirational and motivational that will have the collection plates jingling with joy.

7 Power Principles For Effective Short-Term Missions

There is currently unprecedented growth and enthusiasm for short-term mission trips and programs. The appeal of these trips and their benefits to those going is clear. However, the benefits to those hosting these groups are not always as clear and short-term trips are not without their critics, Some people see short-term trips as counterproductive – Read More »

candle fundraiser success

7 Steps to a Successful Candle Fundraiser

So you have decided to sell candles for your fundraiser? Although candles are a popular and highly profitable product as well as easy to sell, it is important to develop a plan for your candle fundraiser in order to experience maximum success.

A Fundraiser for Youth Groups can be Exciting and Fun

Churches, just like every other kind of organization, are feeling the economic crunch. This carries right on down through the youth group, who sometimes end up having to make more cuts and sacrifices than anyone else. So when it comes time to organize a fundraiser for youth groups in order to keep things running smoothly, Read More »

A Guide To Choosing The Right Summer Camp

When it comes to thinking about how your church’s youth group will spend those long hot days of summer parents and leaders often consider summer church camp as an option. Well here’s a guide to help you choose the best summer camp for your kids. Are All Camps Created Equal? When it comes to summer Read More »

A Guide to Hershey Fundraising

You may think that Hershey fundraising is some of the most automatic and easy fundraisings out there, and that’s certainly true. But so many fundraising teams don’t take full advantage of all the ways they can use Hershey fundraising to their advantage, and that results in lower sales and profits than what they could have Read More »

A Hershey Fundraiser Fills in the Blanks

If you are interested in running a chocolate fundraiser for your school, sports team, charity group, or even church youth group, there are a lot of reasons why a Hershey fundraiser is the way to go. People respond to brand name items they recognize and have experience with, and Hershey is just about one of Read More »

magazine fundraiser

A Magazine Subscriptions Fundraiser Simply Works

So many groups out there are trying too hard to make their fundraising efforts unusual or different in some way. While it’s fun to change things up a little from time to time, in the end, you want to give your supporters the things they want to buy, and many times that means sticking to Read More »

A Plan for Creating the Best Church Fundraisers

If you are out there looking for the best church fundraisers, you may find it quite a challenging experience. There’s more to the best fundraising ideas than just going out there and selling things, and church fundraisers can often be complex, especially if you are trying to organize a large group of people for a Read More »

ABC Fundraising Ideas 101

If this is the first time you are in charge of fundraising then you should learn the ABC's of fundraising ideas. So consider this article ABC Fundraising Ideas 101: A. The first thing to do before even beginning the process is to determine if your group members are motivated to do a fundraiser in the first place.

Best Fundraising Ideas for Church

All the Best Fundraising Ideas for Church

Whether you have had a small church trying to raise a moderate amount of money or a large church with more ambitious monetary goals, you already know that you’re going to need some really strong fundraising ideas for church, and this is exactly where to find them. We have a huge range of fundraising ideas Read More »

An Easy Christian Fundraiser

Picking the right fundraiser can be a difficult task. There are usually one or two things about a fundraiser program that can work against your group; high minimums, shipping fees, ordering in full case quantities, etc. Christian fundraising can prove to be an even bigger challenge, because of the desire to sell a product worth-while Read More »

An Easy Church Fundraiser

Is your church group looking for a simple and successful church fundraiser? Look no further than the Money Savings Card. It is the newest fundraising opportunity, and without a doubt one of the most profitable fundraisers available. What is a Money Savings Card? A Money Savings Card is exactly what it sounds like. It is Read More »

An Event-Based Church Fundraiser Idea

If you are trying to organize a church fundraiser idea, there are so many different ways to go about it. One of the most profitable and rewarding church fundraiser ideas is to have a church fundraiser event, possibly set up as a choir concert, church festival, or other entertaining activity. But one of the mistakes Read More »

Appropriate Youth Ministry Fundraising Ideas

If you have been struggling to find appropriate youth ministry fundraising ideas, you have finally come to the right place. Youth ministries are a special case where fundraising is concerned, because not only do they need to make money to fund their activities and projects, but you want them to have a fundraiser that will be right and good in a Christian context.

Attitude Is Everything with Fundraisers for Youth Group

Your church’s youth group quite literally represents its future. The kids in the church will be adults before you know it, and great experience in the youth group can help ensure that they remain active members of the church straight through their entire lives. But youth groups need money to operate, and the church does Read More »

Best Practices for the Short Term Mission

Introduction The following information on organizing and conducting short term missions programs is derived from The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission is designed to assist organizations in running successful programs. Their motivation in developing these guidelines was that God is glorified in all that your program strives to do. Read More »

Brainstorming Great Church Youth Fundraising Ideas

The youth group at your church probably has a lot of activities planned, and the kids are always thinking up new things that they want to try, and new places they want to go. As one of the adults who help make these things happen, you know that the kids are not really considering just Read More »

Building Foundations – Why The Church Needs Youth Groups

Most churches today are like islands in a stormy sea of distracting pop-culture and competing ideas on faith. If we are to help our young people to withstand the assault our heart’s desire must be for them to know God and truth. We live in a culture where it is far too easy for us Read More »

Catholic Church Fundraiser Ideas

When the time comes to start considering some Catholic church fundraiser ideas for activities, trips, or building new church facilities, you may not know how to begin. So many Catholic churches these days rely on church fundraiser ideas to stay afloat, so you’re going to have to come up with really solid fundraiser ideas sooner Read More »

Catholic Church Youth Fundraiser

Trying to come up with a creative idea to raise money for your youth? Here are some ideas that you can use as a Catholic Church Youth fundraiser. They don’t have to be specifically for Catholic youth, but my experience has proven successful in this particular area. There are ideas that require minimal effort and some Read More »

Catholic School

Catholic School Fundraising Ideas That Work

If you are part of a catholic school and are interested in having a catholic school fundraising event here are few options that could help to raise the much-needed money. Schools can rarely go wrong by having a cookie dough fundraiser. Here the students and teachers would sell cookie dough using a free order form Read More »

Choices for Church Fundraiser Events

If you want to raise a lot of money for your church all in one day, church fundraiser events can be a great idea. Church fundraisers are a great opportunity to get all your supporters in one place at one time, and then, of course, you can benefit from their enthusiasm and generosity toward your Read More »

Choosing a Church Fundraising Campaign

If the finances at your church are such that you are considering a church fundraising campaign, it’s likely that you’re mostly thinking about which church fundraising campaigns are available for your kind of group, and how you should go about choosing the church fundraising campaign that’s right for you. There are quite a lot of Read More »

Choosing a Maximum Profit Church Fund Raising Ideas

When the time comes to start thinking of church fundraising ideas, clearly the thing you're most concerned with is making a decent profit for whatever the church needs.

Choosing the Right Catholic School Fundraiser

The type of fundraiser you choose should be determined by the size and abilities of your members. Use the following suggestions to help your catholic school find a fundraiser that works: Large Schools of Groups – A fundraising group with lots of members is very lucky. You can choose almost any type of catholic school Read More »

Choosing the Right Fundraiser for Church

As your church grows and develops, you will need to be looking for new and better ways to set up a fundraiser for the church. This can stress you out if you don’t really know what sort of fundraiser for the church, you should be considering. Obviously you want the best fundraising idea for your Read More »

Choosing the Right Pew Manufacturer

The sanctuary is the most important part of the church and every detail in it should be designed to add to the atmosphere, personality, and mission of the church. One of the most important elements in the sanctuary is the manufacture and arrangement of the pews. Here are five pointers on picking and installing the Read More »

Choosing the Right Youth Fundraiser

A youth fundraiser can quickly become a fact of life for just about any child. Schools, church youth groups, sports, and arts activities all rely on fundraising to make up for gaps in their budgets. A youth fundraiser can help all sorts of clubs and groups operating smoothly, and these days that sort of help Read More »

Choosing Youth Fundraising Ideas

If you are involved with some sort of children’s activity – be it a youth group, a sports team, or any other kind of team or club – at some point, you will have to come up with youth fundraising ideas. So many of these activities are helpful to your child’s development, and of course, Read More »

Christian Fundraising

At Easy Fundraising Ideas, we feel like a Christian fundraising program should not only help your religious group raise money but should also be glorifying to God. We have a number of Christian fundraising ideas that meet those criteria that we think you will really like. The first Christian fundraiser that we recommend for many church groups Read More »

Christian Fundraising Idea

Christian Fundraising Ideas

Churches and faith-based schools often come to us asking for good Christian fundraising ideas. Whether they are looking for mission trip fundraisers, school fundraisers or fundraising ideas for other needs, we always suggest they consider a candle fundraiser. This candle fundraiser offers a wonderful selection of options.

Christian Fundraising Ideas

Churches and faith-based schools often come to us asking for good Christian fundraising ideas. Whether they are looking for mission trip fundraisers, school fundraisers, or fundraising ideas for other needs, we always suggest they consider the following products. These are three distinctly different approaches to meeting your needs. We are sure one would be the Read More »

Christian Youth Fundraising that Really Works

Getting involved with Christian youth fundraising may seem daunting, but it’s actually one of the most rewarding types of fundraising out there. The youth group is the future of your church, and they’re also likely to be the most energetic and enthusiastic members of your congregation. With these factors on your side, the process of Read More »

Church Banners – A Beautiful Reminder to Praise God

Church banners are a visible reminder of God’s love and grace, inspiring people to worship God. A church can adapt their banners to the particular style of the congregation and to what would encourage and give joy to them most. In Psalm 15:13, the Bible says, “A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance.” Our church Read More »

Church Building Fundraising

It is really an amazing thing when God is so working in a church that it has a definite and clear need to grow. Whether you are a small church that has been meetings in homes or in a rented space, or you are at a medium church that needs to add a children’s area, Read More »

Church Camps Make All The Difference

These days’ parents have a wide range of choices when it comes to summer camp activities for children. Your kids can go to camps focused on soccer, swimming, singing, dancing, horseback riding, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H and more. Why Send Your Kids To Church Camp? One of the main reasons you should consider church Read More »

Church Cookbook Fundraising Ideas

Personalized church cookbook fundraising and custom fundraising cookbooks, in general, are a great way for your group to make the money it needs. It is not uncommon for churches, schools, civic organizations, and other large non-profits to report profits of a thousand to ten thousand dollars every time they hold a cookbook fundraiser. So, why Read More »

Church Fundraiser Dinners

Church on Sunday is not free! What do I mean by that? Next time you go to church, look around. The lights are on, the floors are vacuumed, the bathrooms are clean and best yet, the building you are in is standing. All this does not happen without money. True, churches are a non-profit organization, Read More »

Church Fundraisers

Easy Fundraising Ideas is very excited to announce one of our newest fundraising programs that are perfect for churches. We feel like church fundraisers should do more than just raise money and, once you see this program, we think you will agree. Our Go Green fundraising programs offer your church a fundraising program with a Read More »

Church Scratch Cards

Church Fundraisers That Work

If you’ve been trying to think of church fundraisers that work, it’s likely that your top concern is how much profit you can make, and how quickly you can make it. There are many roads to the same destination, but if you’re looking for some church fundraising ideas that work, here are some great choices. Read More »

Church Fundraising

Is there any more clear sign of the work of God in this world than when a church is growing and needs to expand to a new building? What about when there is an overwhelming need to serve in the community and help the less fortunate or downtrodden? And what about the spreading of God’s Read More »

Church fundraisers

Church Fundraising Activities

Church fundraising activities are varied. They can fund many things such as missionary expeditions, camps, youth activities, children?s religious education, church-type loans and bills, church building repairs and so on. However, there are no limits to the type of activities available. One of the first church fundraising activities is the letter, starting with requests for Read More »

Church Fundraising Can Be Exciting and Fun

We all know what the economy is like these days, and even churches are feeling the crunch from this and need to do something to help themselves out. If your church needs something like new facilities, refurbishment, or even money to go on a trip, you will have to find some way to come up with that money.

Church Fundraising Companies Can Really Help You

Since you are obviously starting to put together your church fundraising activity, you must be curious about what sort of church fundraising companies are out there, and what they have to offer you in terms of products and expertise. Especially if this is your first experience on the organizing side of church fundraising ideas, you Read More »

Church Fundraising for Rookies

Are you trying to purchase a new projection screen for the sanctuary? Fund some scholarships for children’s camp? Does it help pay for a new coat of paint in the classrooms? Have you ever done church fundraising before? If you have big goals and little experience then you are in the right place. Church fundraisers Read More »

Church Fundraising Ideas

Easy Fundraising Ideas is proud to be home to so many fantastic church fundraising ideas. We have programs that offer profits up to 93% and programs with 1 item minimum order levels both of which are designed to help your church raise as much money as possible as quickly as possible. Because we have so Read More »

Churches Can Always Benefit from Churches Fundraising

Churches may be large or small, but regardless, they all need money to stay afloat. Churches fundraising is one of the things that people involved with the church have to get used to because, with it, so many aspects of the church just wouldn’t be possible. Church fundraising is a great idea for all sorts Read More »

Coming Up with a Maximum Profit Church Fundraising Idea

When your church needs extra money and you want to start thinking of a church fundraising idea, clearly the thing you’re most concerned with is profit and how quickly you can reach the goal you have set for yourself. There are many paths to coming up with a church fundraising idea, and once you get Read More »

Coming Up with Christian Fundraising Ideas

As you start to think about organizing some Christian fundraising ideas for your church’s youth group or choir, or just for helping out the church with some extra cash, it can be difficult to know how to start. So many Christian groups rely on fundraisers these days, and basically that means that you just have Read More »

Coming Up with Fundraiser Ideas for Church

Regardless of whether you have a small church trying to raise a moderate amount of money or a larger church with more ambitious financial goals, you are certainly going to need some good fundraiser ideas for church, and that’s an area we can help with. We have a huge range of fundraiser ideas for a Read More »

Coming Up with Fundraiser Ideas for Church

Regardless of whether you have a small church trying to raise a moderate amount of money or a larger church with more ambitious financial goals, you are certainly going to need some good fundraiser ideas for church, and that’s an area we can help with. We have a huge range of fundraiser ideas for a Read More »

Coming Up with Good Church Fundraising Activities

When you get to the point that you want to start thinking about church fundraising activities for your choir, youth group, or facilities fund, you may find that you really don’t know how to get going. But of course, you’re going to have to learn how to come up with some good church fundraising activities Read More »

Coming Up with Good Fundraiser Ideas for Church Youth

If you are in charge of organizing the fundraising activity for your church’s youth group – for their trip or any other activity where fundraising is required – you may be wondering just how you’re going to go about doing this. Of course, church youth fundraising doesn’t organize itself, but it’s probably not as difficult Read More »

Coming Up with Good Fundraisers for a Church

If your church is in need of money for one thing or another, you’re going to have to think of some good fundraising ideas for a church. It doesn’t matter if you are doing this for the first time or if you’re a seasoned veteran of fundraising, you still need to have a look through Read More »

Church Scratch Cards

Coming Up with Good Fundraising Ideas for a Church

If your church or youth group is having trouble coming up with good fundraising ideas, we’re here to help. Not only do we have ample experience helping churches and Christian groups achieve their fundraising goals, but we also have the fundraising ideas to help your church have the most successful fundraiser ever. Food is always Read More »

Coming Up with Great Church Fundraiser Ideas

As the time approaches that you want to start thinking up some great church fundraiser ideas for your choir, youth group, or to raise money for new facilities if you’re less experienced than most you may not know where to begin. Since the church relies on your fundraising efforts to help fulfill its goals and Read More »

Coming Up with Great Church Fundraiser Ideas

If you have been put in a position of organizing the fundraiser for your church’s youth group, choir, or even the church itself, the idea can be a bit overwhelming at first. A church fundraiser does need your help, however, in order to be a success, and it’s not as much work as you think Read More »

Coming Up with Unique Fundraising Ideas for Church

Things can get complicated quickly if you’re one of the organizers who have to come up with unique fundraising ideas for church. Many church groups rely entirely on fundraising for the bulk of their income, so having some unique fundraising ideas for a church is essential. What’s the trick to finding unique fundraising ideas for Read More »

Coming Up with Youth Group Fundraiser Ideas

Youth group fundraiser ideas seem like they would be a breeze to come up with, but often when you actually sit down to tackle your plans, you come up dry. It can be difficult to try to guess which fundraisers would work best for your youth group, and of course, you also want to come Read More »

Creating Momentum for Youth Group Fundraising

Youth group fundraising is a necessary part of keeping your church’s youth group alive and running, but that doesn’t mean it all has to be centered around seriousness and the need for money. Not only can your youth group fundraising activity but fun, but indeed it should be made as fun as possible in order Read More »

Designing a Church Fundraiser Flyer

If you are in the midst of organizing a church fundraiser dinner, festival, show, or other events, you have to think about ways to get the word out about what you’re doing. Good attendance is critical for any fundraising event, so you want to make sure that you get as many people there as you Read More »

Different Types of Fundraisers for Churches

Although your church’s budget may provide for the basic needs of running the church, without money to grow on you won’t be able to expand the church’s facilities or fund extra activities. Many congregations have responded by taking charge of themselves and organizing fundraisers for churches. Fundraisers can provide much-needed extra money for the church, Read More »

Different Types of Youth Ministry Fundraisers

The youth ministry is, without a doubt, the future of your church. Kids in the youth ministry are some of the most active and enthusiastic members of the congregation, and they’re the ones with the most ideas for projects and activities. But all things cost money, and that’s where youth ministry fundraisers come in. But Read More »

Easy Church Fundraisers Ideas

When the time comes around that you’re ready to think about some church fundraiser ideas for the youth group, choir, or for funding new church facilities, you may not know where to start. So many churches these days rely on church fundraisers to stay afloat, so you’re going to have to come up with brilliant Read More »

Effective Fundraisers for Church Youth Groups

It doesn’t matter if your church youth group needs money for a trip, an activity they want to do, or even new facilities for meetings, no doubt you’re here because you need to come up with some great fundraising ideas for church youth groups. Church youth group fundraisers are popular because so many church youth Read More »

Extra Benefits for a Church Fundraiser

Ask anyone what the number one goal is is for a church fundraiser, and the answer will be obvious: to make money, to bring in funds that the church needs to supplement its current budget. And it’s true, you do want to make as much money as possible for a church fundraiser, that’s for sure. Read More »

Figuring Out Christian Youth Fundraisers

Christian youth fundraisers can be as rewarding as they are profitable. If it is your turn to organize, it’s up to you to figure out just where that profit is going to come from, and how you’re going to go about doing things. If you have never organized a fundraiser before, you may be feeling Read More »

Finding the Best Christian Fundraisers

If you need to find some decent Christian fundraisers to help your church or other Christian groups, look no further. We have a variety of products and activities to choose from, and you will be pleased to know that every one of them is appropriate for upholding the standards of your faith. All you have Read More »

Fundraisers for Church Youth Groups

Organizing fundraisers for church youth groups is not all that difficult, even though it involves some initial work with planning things out. People love to help out any organization that benefits children, and when you add the charming personalities of kids into the equation, it’s not hard to see where the potential is with fundraisers Read More »

Fundraising for Church Building Efforts

Every church has a certain amount of activities, events, and services it hosts, and of course, the church needs the facilities to keep up with the action. If you’re lucky enough to be in a church that is growing, fundraising for church building projects is probably going to be a necessity. Church buildings don’t come Read More »

Fundraising for Churches Made Fun and Simple

Are you concerned about how to organize the fundraising for your church? If you need some help, we’re here to rescue you. Getting yourself prepared for a church fundraiser is easier than you think it is, but sometimes the apprehension of not knowing how do do it can make you feel nervous about trying. We Read More »

Fundraising Ideas for Christian Events

If you are organizing an event for your church or other Christian groups, then you’ll probably be thinking about all the ways in which you can make the most of what you’re doing. Fundraising ideas for Christian events aren’t just limited to ticket prices – in order to maximize your profits and do the most Read More »

Fundraising Ideas for Church Groups

If you play an active role in your church and its social groups, you have probably already been involved with fundraising ideas for church groups. But if you are now on the organizational side of fundraising for church groups, you might find that the way you want go about setting things up is a little Read More »

Getting A Youth Group Started In Your Church

Many churches struggle with the question of how to get a youth group started. Their goals are admirable – they want to bring young people together in a program that is mutually edifying to learn about and reinforce their faith. They also won’t provide an environment that can act as a counterbalance to the often Read More »

Getting Organized for Easy Church Fundraising

If the job of organizing the church fundraising effort this time around has gone to you, then it’s your job to make sure that everyone is reasonably pleased with the fundraising, and that the fundraiser is a success. Obviously your highest priority is bringing in money for the church, but there’s more to it than Read More »

Getting Started with a Fundraiser at Church

A fundraiser at church is a more complicated process than it may seem on the surface. Sure, there is the part where you go out and sell things, which comes pretty much after everything else, but well before you ever get to that point, there is quite a lot of planning and organization to be Read More »

Getting Started with Free Church Fundraising

If you are organizing church fundraising for a church or church group that is a little short of cash, you might be worried to find that a lot of church fundraising ideas expect you to buy products upfront. This can be stressful if you don’t have an existing budget to work from – the whole Read More »

Go Green with Church Plant Fundraising

It seems like these days, pretty much everyone is trying to get their lives to be a little bit greener. People are recycling, cutting down on energy wastage, and trying to reduce their carbon footprint. In fact, there’s a kind of mania going on right now about going green, and if you are in the Read More »

Having a Responsible Church Fundraising Policy

Fundraising is one of those areas where people are often confused about what is acceptable and what is not. While church fundraising is not uncommon, it does fall outside the range of most people’s everyday activities, so it is helpful to draw up some sort of document, a kind of church fundraising policy, that will Read More »

Having Fun And Learning – Tips For Your Church Youth Group

There is any number of age-appropriate fun activities you might consider for your church youth group – the trick is figuring out how to incorporate learning into these events and planning ahead to make them a success. Facing an upcoming youth group meeting without a planned activity or agenda can make even the most seasoned Read More »

Having Some Fun with Church Fundraising Campaigns

Maybe you’re in charge of a church youth group trying to raise money for a trip, or maybe the church just needs a little extra cash for incidentals. Whatever the case, you’ve come here because you’re looking for church fundraising campaigns, something that will help you reach all of your goals. Luckily, there are all Read More »

High-Profit Church Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

The importance of church youth group fundraising grows every year, as youth groups expand to host a wide range of activities that require equipment, supplies, or travel. When it comes time to think of some great church fundraising ideas, of course, you want to think about your goals and the profit it will take to Read More »

How to Create Unique Church Fundraisers

If this is not your first time participating in the organization of church fundraisers, you’re probably bored sick with all the ideas you’ve done in the past, and you know how they all start to seem like after a while. So this time around, why not make a real effort to dig your group out Read More »

How to Get Started with Free Church Fundraising Ideas

When your church is in dire need of income, you might be disheartened to discover that a lot of church fundraising ideas expect you to buy products upfront. This can cause a lot of anxiety if you don’t have that sort of money to work with – the whole point of the church fundraising activity Read More »

How to Organize Church Fundraising Programs

It’s one thing to be involved in church fundraising programs, and feel the excitement and joy that go along with that. It’s an entirely different thing, however, to be in charge of organizing the fundraiser yourself, and have all the pressure on your shoulders to make it as successful as possible. Church fundraising programs do Read More »

How to Organize Successful Church Fundraising

It’s one thing to be involved in successful church fundraising and feel the pride and excitement of being a part of it. It’s an entirely different thing, however, to be organizing the fundraising effort yourself, and to have all the pressure on your shoulders to make it as successful as possible. Successful church fundraisers do Read More »

How to Organize the Best Church Fundraisers

If you want to organize the best church fundraisers out there, it can be kind of overwhelming at first, the amount of information you need to take in, and the level of work that needs to be done. The best fundraising ideas are actually not that hard to put together, but you will have to Read More »

How to Plan a Church Fundraiser

Is your church looking for a way to raise money for a new parking lot or nursery? Maybe your church is looking to send a group of kids on a mission trip. Whatever it is that your church is planning on doing; it usually costs a lot of money. The best way to raise that Read More »

How to Select Ideas for Church Fundraisers

Running church fundraisers is not as difficult as many people make it out to be. Churches have a lot of support from the communities they serve, and with the right group of people to go out and look for help, you’ve got a recipe for success. So now all you need are some great church Read More »

How to Write a Church Fundraising Letter

If you are trying to organize a church fundraising effort, you can attack the problem from several angles at once. First, there are product-based church fundraising ideas, things you can sell after church and in the community to try to bring in some money. You might also think about scheduling a church event to which Read More »

Ideas for Church Youth Fundraising

Of course, you want to think of a great church youth fundraising idea, but maybe you’re at a loss as to how to get started. You might have gotten all kinds of pointers already from various sources, but when advice starts to be conflicting, you can end up more confused than ever. Church fundraising does Read More »

Ideas For Free Church Fundraisers

Ideas For Free Church Fundraisers

If your church doesn't really have enough extra funds on hand to pay in advance for a church fundraiser, then obviously you'll be wanting to look at some free church fundraisers.

Is Your Child Ready for Summer Church Camp?

How do you know if your children Are Ready For Summer Camp? Every child is different but for many kids expressing an interest in summer church camp begins after they hear their friends at church talking about the fun they had or are anticipating or have heard it mentioned in their youth group or Sunday Read More »

Is Your Youth Group Succeeding?

What Is a Mature Christian Youth? Well, recently a ground-breaking first-of-its-kind study of Christian youth groups was conducted by Luther Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Center for Ministry Development shed some light on that question. The study sought to identify congregations that consistently establish faith as a vital factor in the lives of Read More »

Keeping a Good Attitude about Church Fundraising Projects

Historically, church fundraising projects were something that existed solely as an extra activity, as fundraisers were just there to give the church some extra help with income. But these days, with things being the way they are with the economy, many churches are relying more heavily on church fundraising projects to help build or refurbish Read More »

Keeping a Good Attitude with Church Group Fundraising

It used to be that church group fundraising was just supplemental, that fundraisers were done as extra activities to boost the church group’s other sources of income. With the economy in the state that it is in, however, you may find that your church group now relies on church fundraising more than ever for its Read More »

Keeping It Fun with Youth Group Fundraisers

Nowadays, youth group fundraisers are pretty much a requirement, and will certainly be necessary if the kids want to do anything aside from just hanging out in the church hall.? That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to push the monetary aspects of fundraising onto the kids, and in fact, the opposite can be more Read More »

Keeping the Catholic School Fund Full

Is your child’s school looking for a new catholic school fundraiser? A program that will not have the hassle others bring to fundraising? There is a new fundraiser available that successfully avoids all the pitfalls of other fundraising programs. Money savings cards are the newest fundraising program. A money savings card is exactly what it Read More »

Launching a Successful Christian Fundraiser

With the economy, the way it is, many churches and Christian groups need to use fundraisers in order to pay for the things the community needs. Even things like Bibles and hymnals are not inexpensive to buy, and a Christian fundraiser is a fantastic way to bring in extra money for these things. It’s a Read More »

Looking at Church Fundraisers in a Different Way

Your church is one of the most important places in your community. You attend services there, everyone gets together there, the youth group uses it as a meeting place, and any number of activities and club functions happen there. In fact, the church is such an important part of our lives that we want to do whatever we can to help out when the church is in need.

Making Christian Fundraiser Ideas Easy

You’ve probably seen a lot of Christian fundraisers where the main goal is to raise a significant amount of money for the church. Church buildings are astronomically expensive, and an effort like that can span many months and become very complex. But sometimes you don’t need something that complicated – many Christian groups out there Read More »

Making the Most of Fundraisers for Youth Groups

If your church is planning on sending the kids on a trip or helping them out with some fun activity, then you will have to start thinking of some great fundraisers for youth groups. If you are the kind of person who gets involved with the organization of fundraisers every year, then you probably already Read More »

Maximizing Church Building Fundraising

If you need to do something to get funds in to expand the facilities at your church, inviting people for an event is a great idea, so they can personally see what facilities you have now, and what the church building fundraising is going to purchase. When you are trying to get ideas together for Read More »

Maximizing Your Church Youth Group Fundraiser

If it’s time for a church youth group trip or activity, then it’s time for a church youth group fundraiser. If you have been through this a few times before already, you probably feel like you learned something from the previous church youth group fundraiser efforts. There’s no magic secret to making your church youth Read More »

Methodist Church Fundraiser

The Methodist Church is known for its community service outreach. If there is a need in their local area, the church can be counted on for manpower and aid. However, sometimes those needs require financial resources, not in the church budget and that starts the Methodist Church fundraiser planning session. Church fundraisers are certainly no Read More »

Organizing a Catholic Church Fundraising Event

If you are organizing a Catholic church fundraising effort, you probably have no idea of the full scale of possibilities available. One of the best choices is to have some sort of Catholic church fundraising event, possibly some kind of talent show, or maybe a church carnival. But you must not make the mistake of Read More »

Organizing a Church Cookbook Fundraiser

If you are looking for a good way to raise money for your church as well as bring the community together in the spirit of cooperation, organizing a church cookbook fundraiser is certainly a fantastic way to do both. A church cookbook fundraiser is an activity that can really help get everyone’s creativity flowing, and Read More »

Organizing Appropriate Church Youth Fundraiser Ideas

If you are looking for appropriate church youth fundraiser ideas, your search is over. Church fundraisers have additional concerns over other fundraisers because aside from all the regular goals of making money and supporting the youth group, you also want the kids to be involved in an activity that magnifies the glory of God. You Read More »

Organizing Christian Fundraising

If you have been involved with Christian fundraising efforts in the past, then you’re already familiar with the excitement and joy that goes along with being a part of such a rewarding venture. But when it’s your turn to do the organizing yourself, the tables can turn, and what was once thought of as something Read More »

Organizing Church Fundraisers that Are Successful

Organizing church fundraisers that do well is often an eye-opening experience for first-timers. It’s more than just the fundraising itself – there’s also a lot of planning that leads up to the main activity, and church fundraisers that have a lot of people involved can get quite complicated. This means that organization is important, so Read More »

Organizing Fundraisers for Church Youth Groups

Fundraisers for church youth groups are becoming a fact of life these days. The kids get really involved and motivated about their youth group, and as a result, most youth groups have increasingly ambitious goals and projects every year. At the same time, the cost of running the youth group continues to increase almost constantly. Read More »

Organizing Fundraising Ideas for Church Youth

Church youth groups have a special place in the education of Christian children. Youth group is where kids learn a lot of their social skills, confidence, and self-esteem. The youth group also helps them become more well-rounded people in their faith. Youth groups are important to within the context of the church, but given the Read More »

Plan Out Fundraising for Christian Groups

When trying to organize fundraising for Christian groups, at some point you’ll need to know what sort of fundraisers you should be looking at. How do you know which is the right one for your group? There is no right-and-wrong absolute formula for selecting the right kind of fundraiser – all you need to do Read More »

Mission Trip planning

Planning Ahead for Church Fundraising

With the economy being the way it is, many groups from all walks of life have had to turn to fundraise to get the money they need into their budgets. Church fundraising is particularly common because of course, the cash necessary to fund new facilities, mission trips, and upgraded equipment has to come from somewhere. Read More »

Popular Christian Fundraising Ideas

If you are looking for some Christian fundraising ideas to help your church or other Christian groups, look no further. We have a variety of Christian fundraising ideas available, and you will be pleased to know that every one of them is appropriate for upholding the standards of your Christian faith. All you have to Read More »

Popular Church Fundraising Ideas

If you need some church fundraising ideas to help you raise money for mission trips, the youth group, or anything else, you’ve come to the right place. We have a whole host of church fundraising ideas ready to go, and the best part is that each of them is more than appropriate within the context Read More »

Popular Fundraising Ideas for Church

If you are looking for some fundraising ideas for a church to help your youth group, choir, or maybe just to help the church get new equipment or facilities, you have come to the right place. We have a variety of fundraising ideas for a church to choose from, and you will be happy to Read More »

Profitable Fundraising Ideas for Church Youth

Church youth groups and organizations are increasingly relying on funding these days to make sure they can do all the activities and projects they have planned. Fundraising ideas for church youth groups range from the small and simple to the large and complex, but how do you know which ones will bring the most profit Read More »

Putting Together a Set of Church Fundraising Policies

If you have a sizeable fundraising team, or if the personnel of your fundraising team changes every time you have a fundraiser, you may have an issue with the consistency of behavior. Most people who participate in a fundraising activity don’t actually know much about what is acceptable and what is not, so it can Read More »

Putting Together Small Church Fundraisers

When a church needs something like a new church hall or refurbishment of an existing building, the funds required can be astronomical. Many church fundraising groups are accustomed to large efforts that bring in lots of money, but what if you’re just looking for a more moderate amount to fund a church trip, set up Read More »

Reap All the Benefits of Christian Fundraising

If you’re looking for a rewarding experience, you can’t go wrong with Christian fundraising. It’s a great way to get out into the community that the church serves, bond with the other members of your congregation, and make money for the church while you’re at it. Christian fundraising is one of the best ways to Read More »

Starting Off on the Right Foot with Church Fundraisers

These days, church fundraisers are an essential part of most churches, and will certainly help keep your church and all its wonderful aspects afloat. But just because money is necessary to keep the church running, doesn’t mean that church fundraisers have to be so focused on cash and what will happen if you don’t get Read More »

Staying on Top of a Church Youth Fundraiser

It sounds corny, but the youth really are the future of the church, and so you want to do everything you can to make sure that they have everything they need to develop in their Christian faith. Many youth groups are struggling these days, so having a church youth fundraiser can be just that boost Read More »

Youth Fundraiser

Staying Positive about Church Youth Fundraisers

In the past, the youth of the church didn’t have much to worry about in terms of money – fundraisers were done as extra activities to boost the youth group’s budget, and only when necessary. But with the economy in its current state, the necessity of fundraising has become a pretty much constant thing, and Read More »

The Best Church Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

Church youth group fundraising is nothing less than a necessity these days, and the need for it grows with every passing year. Youth groups are enthusiastic and enjoy a wide range of activities, all of which cost money in terms of supplies, travel, or even equipment.

The Best Types of Fundraising for Youth Groups

Fundraising for youth groups isn’t what it used to be. Back in the day, this was just something that the church did on occasion to fund a yearly trip or pay for something special that the youth group needed. But these days, especially with the economy being what it is at the moment, more and Read More »

The Best Youth Fundraiser Ideas

If you are at the place where you need to start thinking about youth fundraiser ideas for your church, sports team, or art activity, it can be difficult to know how to get the ball rolling. But of course, you will just have to buckle down and do this at some point if your group Read More »

The Growth Of Short Term Missions

Since the 1960’s there has been a rapidly growing movement to mobilize and energize new generations of world-aware Christians to pray, send, and go into the field on short-term missions outreach programs. In the late ’50s groups like Operation Mobilization and Youth With A Mission began to develop outreach missions for young people with as Read More »

The Key to Christian Fundraising

Your Christian organization may be starting the best fundraising program the world has ever seen. You may be raising money for the most worthy cause on earth. But if nobody participates, the fundraiser is a failure. You are left asking yourself where you went wrong; reevaluating your motives and questioning your judgment. The answer? you probably did not advertise.

The Mental Aspects of a Church Fundraiser

As you already know, your church is a vital and essential part of your life and the life of your community. Churches provide so many great services that help people grow together, learn together, and worship God together. If your church is lucky enough to be able to organize things like activities and events and Read More »

The Process of Administering the Purchase of Church Property

Although church expansion and purchase of more property may not be in your church’s agenda, the time will come someday when it will be necessary. Will you be ready and know what to do? In the following steps, this article will explain, from a church administrator’s perspective, the process involved in such a decision. 1. Read More »

The Psychology of Fundraising for Church

We all know exactly why we need to be fundraising for a church – because, without the money that church fundraising brings in, many activities and groups would be impossible to keep going. The things that go on in the church, both with services and all the other activities that the congregation enjoys together, are Read More »

The Quickest Road to Easy Fundraisers for Church

Sometimes with fundraisers for church, it’s all a huge effort. If you’re fundraising for something like a new building, things can get complicated, and the stress of organizing it all can get the better of you. But what if you’re just organizing for something small, maybe new robes for the choir or extra bibles for Read More »

The Rewards of Youth Ministry Fundraising

Young people are power and important resource in the church. Youth ministries around the country are doing incredible work not just in local communities, but around the world. In order for the fantastic efforts to continue, however, obviously, funding has to come from somewhere. Even just creating a place for the youth ministry to meet Read More »

Things to Consider with Fundraising in Church

You’re probably looking on the internet because this is your first time being responsible for fundraising in church, and if that’s the case then you must be thinking about what sort of fundraisers you should be considering. Many of your options will depend on how large a group you are working with (i.e. the size Read More »

Things to Think About when Fundraising for a Church

If you are trying to plan some fundraising for a church, you’ve probably gotten to the point where you are trying to figure out which fundraising idea you should be considering. How do you choose the right one for your church? There is, as it turns out, no absolutely correct way to do fundraising for Read More »

Thinking of Good Church Fundraisers

If this is your first time being in an organizational position with church fundraisers and having to come up with good church fundraising ideas, you may be wondering just how you’re going to get through all this. Of course, good fundraisers require some effort on your part, but it’s not going to be as hard Read More »

Thinking of Quality Church Youth Fundraising Ideas

When the time comes that you want to start thinking about some great church youth fundraising ideas for your church’s youth group, you may not know where to begin. But with so many church youth groups relying on fundraising efforts to help them go on retreats and fund activities and functions, at some point, you Read More »

Time to Plan Some Great Fundraisers for Church Youth

Organizing fundraisers for church youth is not a process you should put off until the last minute. A lot of people think that it can’t be all that hard to send the kids out selling things, and it’s not, but that’s not the part you need to be worried about. Before anyone even thinks about Read More »

Tips for Writing Church Fundraiser Letters

If you are trying to raise money for a church goal that requires a substantial amount, there are several ways you could go about it. You could organize some church fundraiser products, such as things you can sell after church or out in the community to try to bring in some money for your church Read More »

Tips for Writing Church Fundraising Letters

If you are in charge of your church fundraising effort, you can go about this from several angles. You can organize some church fundraising products, such as things you can sell after church or out in the community to try to bring in some money for your fundraiser. There’s also the possibility that you could Read More »

Tips for Youth Group Fundraisers

For any youth group fundraiser choosing the right product to sell and creating the right environment for success will help you get the results, you are looking for. Here are a few tips to help improve your fundraising results: State Clearly the Reason Your Youth Group is Raising Money! This may sound basic but many groups Read More »

Top Fundraising Ideas for Youth Groups

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small group of kids trying to raise a little money or a gigantic youth group with huge financial ambitions, you will definitely need to choose the right fundraiser to help them out, and that’s exactly where we enter the picture. We have a huge range of fundraising ideas Read More »

Tradition in Church Youth Group Fundraising

Your church youth group is an important part not only of your church but of the community at large. Youth groups allow kids to have a social and activities outlet that channels their energies into a positive direction and helps them uphold the standards of their faith. If you are trying to come up with Read More »

Using a Church Fundraiser to Teach the Youth Group

A church fundraiser may seem on the surface like it’s mostly about getting money in for the church, but if you get the youth group involved, you can raise your church fundraiser up to a whole new level, and accomplish several wonderful things in the process. Your youth group is comprised of the most energetic Read More »

Using a Youth Group Fundraiser as a Learning Tool

A youth group fundraiser for your church’s youth group is a fantastic way to accomplish several goals at once. Not only can you get some much-needed money to help keep the youth group afloat, but you can also use your youth group fundraiser to teach important lessons about community and teamwork. What better way to Read More »

Using a Youth Group Fundraiser as a Teaching Tool

A youth group fundraiser is obviously primarily a way to make sure that the kids have the funds they need to do the activities they want to do, but as you get the kids more personally involved in the process, other things start happening as well, and everyone who takes part will learn some valuable Read More »

Using Common Sense with Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

If you are the lucky one organizing the fundraising for your church’s youth group, obviously you want to ensure the highest profits possible. But you also want everyone to enjoy participating in the activity you’ve chosen, and to be enthusiastic about their fundraiser. So what exactly do you need to do to find youth group Read More »

Which Easy Church Fundraisers Should We Choose?

You’ve probably already figured out that if you’re trying to raise money for your church, you’re going to need to host a church fundraiser of some sort. The idea of church fundraisers puts many people on edge, but there are really quite a lot of easy fundraisers out there for you. Depending on what you’re Read More »

Working with the Right Church Fundraising Consultants

If now is the time that you have decided to start your church fundraising, and you think you’ll need some help, then you’ll probably be thinking about which church fundraising consultants are available, and what they can offer you in terms of guidance and assistance with your church fundraising effort. You do have choices when Read More »

Writing that All-Important Christian Fundraising Letter

Sometimes, if you only need a moderate amount of money, simple fundraisers like chocolate are enough for your church or Christian group to make the cash it needs. But if you are trying to raise money for something like building refurbishment, or perhaps a new building altogether, then you will need to find a way to come up with a significant amount of cash.

Writing Your Church Fundraiser Letter

In your efforts to run a successful church fundraiser, you can try many different things. First, there are product-based church fundraiser ideas, things you can sell on church grounds, and in the neighborhood to try to raise money. You might also think about scheduling a church event to which you could sell tickets and bring Read More »